Strausak Grinder Returns to U.S.

With Hank Ecker as the president, one of the oldest names in the CNC tool grinding field returns to the U.S. and marks an important milestone in a long, storied history.  

Strausak AG (Lohn-Ammannsegg, Switzerland) has decided to open a subsidiary in Mundelein, IL and incorporate in the state of Illinois as of July. Hank Ecker, previously the regional sales manager of Rollomatic Inc. in Mundelein, has now assumed the responsibility of Strausak Inc. as its president.

Ecker’s responsibilities will cover all aspects of managing the new subsidiary including machine installations, customer training and grinding demonstrations. The Swiss-based company selected him for this role based on his extensive experience in the CNC tool grinding field both in manufacturing and in sales, his support-oriented sales approach and his strategic mindset. These key qualities are needed to re-establishing the Strausak brand name in North America after a pause of several years.

Rollomatic Holding (LeLanderon, Switzerland) acquired Strausak in 2011. With the R&D, purchasing power and other recourses of Rollomatic, the new and restructured Strausak organization continued the design of innovative precision CNC grinding machines.

Strausak has been well known worldwide for providing CNC tool grinding solutions with unsurpassed precision and flexibility, such as the legendary 5-axis Fleximat. As one of the first users of the renowned NUM control and Numroto tool grinding software, the company knew the necessity of super-flexibility and productivity for grinding specialty cutting tools and for resharpening. The return to the U.S. marks an important milestone in their long history.

Strausak is one of the oldest names in the CNC tool grinding field and already delivered NC-controlled tool grinders in the early 1980s. The company completed the first design and delivery of a production machine for the automated manufacturing of watch parts in 1927.



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