Metos is Sales Rep for ExOne in Eastern Europe

The independent sales rep of foundry, industrial and mechanical engineering now sells 3D printing equipment and services in the Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia.

The ExOne Company (North Huntingdon, PA), a global provider of three-dimensional printing machines and printed products to industrial customers, has announced that it has appointed Metos vos (Chrudim, Czech Republic) as its independent sales representative in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia for its 3D printing machines and the 3D printing of parts.

Metos specializes in foundry, industrial and mechanical engineering, offering years of experience in partnering with foundries to provide technical advice, intensive support, flexibility and rapid response to serve the needs of customers.

“One of our principal goals is to expand our business on a global level while still maintaining a close, localized connection with our customers,” explained Stefan Tudyka, the head of sales for ExOne GmbH (Augsburg, Germany). “We believe our relationship with Metos embodies that philosophy and allows us to have a strong connection in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia, which is why we are confident in establishing a long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship with Metos.”

The company believes that the expansion of industrial 3D printing into these European regions presents significant opportunities for the growth of its technology and provides meaningful sales potential for its indirect materialization process.

ExOne is a global provider of 3D printing machines and printed products, materials and other services to industrial customers. Its business primarily consists of manufacturing and selling 3D printing machines and printing products to specification for its customers using its in-house 3D printing machines.

The company offers pre-production collaboration and print products for customers through its eight PSCs, which are located in the United States, Germany, Italy and Japan. ExOne builds 3D printing machines at its facilities in the United States and Germany. ExOne also supplies the associated materials, including consumables and replacement parts, and other services, including training and technical support, necessary for purchasers of its machines to print products.