Maximum Speed Without Sacrificing Torque

Direct drive motors from ETEL improve the performance of machining centers, milling/turning machines, rotary tables/milling heads, and multi-spindle and transfer machines.

Continuing its reputation of being a worldwide leader in direct drive technology, ETEL S.A. (Motiers, Switzerland) will exhibit its full range of torque motors at IMTS 2014 in Chicago. Offering four series of direct drive ironcore torque motors, the company boasts one of the most comprehensive ranges of such motors in the industry and will be exhibiting at Booth N-6436.

Useful in many machine tool applications such as machining centers, milling/turning machines, rotary tables/milling heads, and multi-spindle and transfer machines, these patented motor designs can be found in over 20 countries. Within the TMK, TMB, TML and TMM series there are more than 100 models to choose from, allowing almost any relevant requirement to be successfully met.

All of these motors benefit from a patented anti-cogging design along with a compact coil construction enabling an exceptional peak force density in the magnetic gap with minimum torque ripple.

Of the series, the TMB torque motors are one of the most popular torque motors in its range, with a cage for water cooling. TMK motors are a unique type of very high speed torque motors for the most demanding applications. The TML and TMM are cageless variants of the famous TMB design. These variants are well suited when no water cooling is requested.

The company will also present its most advanced model of torque motor, the TMK series, to be shown for the first time in North America at the show. Continuing its reputation of being a worldwide leader in direct drive technology, the TMK motor range boasts a unique electromagnetic design and redefines the concept of torque motors at high speeds without necessitating compromises on other performance criteria.

The TMK series is the result of market demand towards a desire for higher speed rotary motors that still maintain the amount of torque provided in other models, such as the TMB series. Due to its unique rotor design which utilizes buried magnet technology along with field weakening, it is able to rotate with speeds of up to nine times greater than a typical torque motor’s standard working speeds.

And with the buried magnet technology also providing a higher flux concentration, the TMK series motors can produce up to 30 percent more continuous torque compared to traditional torque motors of the same size. Along with that, it uses liquid cooling to increase its continuous torque even further. And with its  patented design minimizing force ripple, the TMK series maintains a high force density while other anti-cogging motor designs sacrifice performance.

Because of its ability to achieve such high speeds, the TMK torque motor series has recently won the Innovation Award in Paris, France at the “Industrie 2014” international industrial fair. The fair’s judges, a team composed of about 20 specialized journalists, stated that “The TMK motor is an innovative product enabling new functions in the area of milling and turning in the machine tool industry that will lead to higher technology end products and lower manufacturing costs.”

TMK torque motors are available in 24 different sizes with six diameters, from 198 mm to 1,050 mm, and four heights to cover a range of continuous torque from 80 Nm to 10,800 Nm. It is also able to reach a maximum peak torque of up to 20,000 Nm.

TMKs are well adapted for high-end machine tool applications and rotary tables in which one needs to combine accurate positioning with very high torque at low speeds. The TMK series is able to achieve this while being able to switch to a dynamic mode reaching very high speeds at lower torque levels.

The TMK also has the option of the IMTHP thermal module that enables users to reduce their amount of safety margins while receiving precise and reliable temperature monitoring. These torque motors are compatible with most CNC controllers.

ETEL is based in Switzerland with exclusive North American distribution through Heidenhain Corporation (Schaumburg, IL). As a leading international supplier of direct drive and motion control components and integrated systems, ETEL supports high tech industry with linear motors, torque motors, positioning stages, and motion controllers/systems.

With over 160 customers in over 20 countries and maintaining the status of having one of the largest market shares for torque motors, the company proves to be a prime example of creating advanced and innovative motor designs.

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