IMTS 2014: Quality Assurance

Here you’ll find the metrology equipment and systems to keep your processes on track and find absolute confidence and security in the quality of your output with equipment that will check the accuracy of your machines – an important step in protecting your investments.

The Acu-Rite MILLPWRG2 CNC, the easiest-to-operate new CNC for vertical knee mills on the market today, will be on display in Booth E-5284.This long-awaited Acu-Rite control for milling machines, a brand of Heidenhain Corporation (Schaumburg, IL), is being noted as “Powerful Easy” and is even more powerful than its well-known MILLPWR predecessor. Using simplified navigation that eliminates multiple menu screens, the MILLPWRG2 has continued the spirit of the original MILLPWR while improving on its wildly popular interface and functionality by maintaining the same programming language and incorporating an all new “Powerful Easy” navigation system.

The G2 also adds new standard features like USB, networking accessibility, solid model graphics and new large 12.1 in high resolution display (1024 x 768). Built on the proven NC Kernel platform, the MILLPWRG2 boasts a 1 GHz processor with 2.5 GB of memory. Other enhancements include expanded tool and datum offsets for the more complicated jobs.

Acu-Rite digital readouts, precision glass scales and CNC controls are manufactured in an ISO 9001-certified facility in Jamestown, NY, and are represented and distributed through parent company Heidenhain in Schaumburg.

At IMTS 2010, Calculated Industries (CI; Carson City, NV) introduced a new handheld calculator specifically designed for machinists. The Machinist Calc® Pro Advanced Machining Math calculator (Model 4087) quickly became a must-have tool in machine shops around the world. In Booth E-5413, CI now introduces The Machinist Calc Pro 2, which provides hundreds of fast, precise machining-specific solutions for face, end and slot milling plus turning, drilling, and boring. This advanced tool has built-in tables for 20 materials, six processes and three tools that will save time and increase productivity.

The MachinistCalc Pro has become a significant part of many machining training programs, including those in the Haas HTEC Network. It is also used at the SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills competitions for CNC Milling, CNC Turning and Precision Machining. Dedicated functions of the Machinist Calc Pro 2 include:

  • Cutting Speed, Spindle Speed (rpm)
  • Feed Rate, Cutting Feed, Feed per Tooth (Chip Load)
  • Bolt Pattern hole layouts
  • Built-in Drill and Thread Size Tables
  • Drill Point Cut Depth solutions
  • Trigonometric and Right triangle solutions
  • Wire Sizes and 3-Wire measurements

To get a hands-on demonstration of the Machinist Calc Pro 2, stop by the booth and ask about special show pricing.

In Booth E-5224, Fagor Automation Corporation (Elk Grove Village, IL) will introduce a new line of Linear Encoders capable of nanometer resolution. Designed for high performance markets, such as precision grinders and the EDM sector, these new products can achieve nanometric measurements directly from the encoder without the need for electronic interpolation. The encoders are an excellent Metrology solution as well. The new encoders provide improved position and speed control that results in a superior surface finish of the manufactured parts and considerably improved smoother machine axes positioning for added machine life.

In addition, the new nanometer encoders have proven to be an excellent solution for high speed linear motors by improving the motors performance in terms of positioning accuracy, repeatability and smoothness due to the acute encoder resolution. These new linear encoders are available in the well-proven G, S and SV series extrusion platforms. The G series is a full sized robust extrusion capable of withstanding even the harshest of environments. The S and SV series utilize a more compact extrusion allowing for proper fitment within applications with limited space. Nanometer Resolution Encoders are available in travels up to 3 m and are subjected to an extensive final accuracy check.

This control test is carried out on a computerized measuring machine equipped with a laser interferometer located inside a climate controlled chamber. The printed result of each individual test is supplied with every Fagor encoder. This allows Fagor Automation to guarantee accuracy on each and every Linear Encoder sold. This new product offering expands an already broad spectrum of Fagor Encoder products that includes a large variety of Linear, Rotary & Angular encoders available in a selectable range of resolutions and accuracy as well as a multitude of protocols including Absolute and Incremental.

Fagor Encoders are also compatible with  most CNC manufacturer’s protocols. The company will also unveil the all new 8060 CNC System designed specifically with the intent of bringing aerospace quality technology to the small and mid-size machines. The Fagor 8060 CNC is equipped with proprietary advanced features necessary for high speed machining, while maintaining the best machining surface finish while providing maximum accuracy.

Combining its performance ability with the Adaptive Real-time Feed & Speed control (ARFS), the CNC analyzes the machining conditions such as spindle load, servo power, tool tip temperature and adapts both the axis feedrate and the spindle speed for maximum machining performance productivity. This reduces cycle time, coupled with a superior part finish. Extended spindle and servo motor life is also accomplished, as well as improved tool utilization. Also equipped with the HSSA (High Speed Surface Accuracy) machining system, the user receives a double benefit of reduced mechanical stress on the machine, thus increasing machine tool lifespan utilizing three different submodes of performance:

  • FAST for providing best performance in high speed machining speeds up to 2,000 ipm.
  • CONTERROR for precise cutting that provides the best surface finish and optimized programmed cutting speeds.
  • SURFACE submode for a calculated perfect balance between speed and surface finish.

The on-board bode diagram tool allows the measurement of the machines frequency response, thus allowing the possibility to actually filter the machine vibrations incurred by the various operating conditions and environment. The 8060 institutes an HSC Dynamic Override feature that allows the user to adjust the override via the mouse or right/left arrow keys. Accessed via a toggle key, the override can be adjusted at anytime during the cycle execution process.

HSC override will dynamically change the axes acceleration and jerk limits in real time by the user to allow for best performance. A variable allows for in-program changes by the operator. Via machine parameter, the OEM can define the range allowed for override to ensure the machine is not compromised. CAD/CAM-generated programs used to design parts commonplace in the aerospace market are large and require a specific CNC system treatment in order to obtain the maximum speed with the desired precision.

The solution implemented by the 8060 CNC system to process CAD/CAM-generated programs consists of the combination of splines and polynomial transitions, as well as the interpretation of the NURB format utilized by CAD/CAM programs. This process helps achieve high feedrate machining while maintaining the accuracy required by all geometries to be machined, thus decreasing cycle execution time substantially. Ethernet communication allows the 8060 to be quickly and easily set-up as another node within the computer network, thus data exchange is fast and easy.

The 8060 also contains the capability of executing a program residing on another PC, through the Ethernet port, thus increasing your shop floor flexibility. All of this technology is combined with the exclusive IIP (Interactive Icon-based Pages) Conversational Programming made popular by the 8055 CNC series. This ICON key-based conversational programming method simplifies programming by allowing the operator to choose the operation based upon an operation associated ICON key. The operator simply enters in the data directly off the blueprint, hence, no prior CNC programming experience is required.

As with prior Fagor CNC systems, the ICON key brings the customer a single graphic assist screen that contains all variables necessary for the operation including finishing pass variables, thus eliminating the need to shuffle through various screen pages to input your machining variable data. Fast and easy operation is accomplished utilizing an easy pop-up browsing operation philosophy ensuring your navigation through the CNC capability is simple and straightforward. Custom browsing is also allowed in which you have the ability to filter the information the operators wish to utilize and hide other non-essential information.

A free PC Simulator is available online for download, thus allowing complete part program creation from any PC workstation. Solid Graphics are standard with all 8060 controls with an option for HD Graphics. Graphics are available in both Simulation and Execution modes and allow for part rotation, zoom capabilities and simultaneous multi-view screens including viewing part cross-sections across various parallel or perpendicular planes. The Graphics mode allows quick and easy definition of the part stock and allows for presetting of the part views to be displayed.

Another advanced feature is the Remote machining control utilizing the “Process Informer” application that allows automatic notification to your phone or email of program stoppage or error during lights-out operations. Additional features include automatic on-board DXF file conversion plus the ability to automatically convert programs generated from older Fagor CNC models to continue to utilize proven programs. You are even allowed to edit in the old format before the on-board conversion to the 8060. The CNC also integrates the complete manual set directly into the CNC and is accessible through various help menus with automatic prompts to the pertinent information.

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