New Website for Industrial Innovations

The completely revamped website adapts to computer, tablet and mobile phone screen sizes for practical everyday usage by application area, such as metal forming or die casting/forging.

Industrial Innovations (Grandville, MI) has announced the launch of its totally re-designed website that adapts to computer, tablet and mobile phone screen sizes, making it easy to use on any device. The new website presents Industrial Innovations’ offerings by application area such as metal forming or die casting/forging. This approach makes it easy for visitors to quickly access the products they are looking for.

Each product section has images and specifications to help guide users to the right solution for their particular situation. Additionally, automated RFP forms are on the site, making it easy and quick for potential customers to submit a request and receive back a project quotation.

Industrial Innovations is a provider of industrial lubrication and automation systems for operation in metalworking industries including stamping, metal forming, die casting and machining. It is the largest manufacturer of metalworking lubricant proportional/mixers and spray application lubricating systems in the U.S while its Advance Automation product line has a 60-year die-casting and foundry industry heritage.



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