OMCO Purchases Weaver & Sons

This acquisition broadens the scope of metal fabrication capabilities of OMCO into the southeastern U.S.

OMCO, (Wickliffe, OH) the largest manufacturer of custom roll formed parts in the United States, has announced the purchase of Weaver & Sons, Inc. (Talladega, AL). This acquisition adds a broad scope of metal fabrication capabilities to OMCO’s already dominant roll forming expertise, while also providing OMCO with a manufacturing presence in the southeastern United States.

Weaver & Sons has established a strong reputation as a high quality manufacturer of precision sheet and plate metal components, as well as a custom and contract metal fabricator. Its customers manufacture products for a wide range of industries including agricultural equipment, aircraft support, forestry, mining, industrial manufacturing, foundries, and others.

According to OMCO president and chief executive officer, Gary Schuster, “We are very excited about all of the new possibilities that this acquisition represents. Weaver & Sons is a high quality metal parts fabricator that will add a new dynamic to our existing selection of industry-leading roll forming and metal processing services. In addition, it provides us with a footprint in the southeastern region of the country which will allow us to better serve current customers in that area as well as expand our base of roll forming business.”

Weaver & Sons was founded in 1945 by George Lynn Weaver, a decorated World War II veteran and prisoner of war who returned home and established the company with his brother Martin D. Weaver Jr. and father Martin D. Weaver Sr.  In 1989, Lynn Weaver’s daughter, Lily and her husband Dyron Overton moved to Talladega to join Weaver & Sons. Lily and Dyron have been the owners and operating managers for most of the past 25 years.

According to Overton, the continuing general manager, “We are very fortunate to have new ownership which brings a bright future and shares some of the same goals of continued growth and stability for the company. It was extremely important to Lily and me for the future of the company be secured for our employees and customers. We are excited about the growth opportunities and the enhanced range of steel fabrications that will be offered to a broader base of customers.”

Founded in 1955, OMCO is the largest custom roll former in the United States. The company develops highly engineered shapes for industries ranging from agriculture and appliances to building products, construction, conveyors, storage systems, transportation and solar.

OMCO has four manufacturing facilities in the United States that represent over 400,000 sq ft of manufacturing space with more than 50 active roll forming mills, over 50 presses, and dozens of other metalworking operations. The company has grown rapidly. A sales increase of 816 percent from 2009 to 2012 has led to recognition of Gary Schuster as Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year®  in 2013 for Northeast Ohio Manufacturers.



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