Parlec is New Reseller of TDM Systems

TDM data management software enhances the on-line interface with Parlec tool presetters to optimize procedures and secure the transfer of tool data to the machine.

TDM Systems, Inc. (Schaumburg, IL), a leading manufacturer of tool and production equipment management software, has announced the appointment of Parlec, Inc. (Fairport, NY) as a value-added reseller of TDM software in North America.

Parlec, a tool presetter manufacturer and distributor, focuses on four major product areas that include tooling, tapping, boring and presetting. The addition of the TDM Systems tool data management software will enhance the functionality of the on-line interface with the presetter lineup of Parlec.

TDM Systems and Parlec work closely to optimize tool measurement. With the integration of the TDM tool database in the presetting procedures of Parlec, the data of the measured tools are stored with TDM. As a result, TDM Systems and Parlec are experienced system partners for optimized presetting procedures and a secure transfer of tool data to the machine.

“We’re very pleased to announce the cooperative agreement with Parlec. They will be a great partner to our strategic vision in North America, said Dan Speidel, the TDM Systems director of sales in North America.

Matthew Ricotta, Parlec’s director of product marketing added, “The TDM Systems lineup of tool data management systems supports our efforts with our presetting products. Our customers will greatly benefit. TDM Systems is the name in tool data management. We’re glad to be carrying its lineup.”

Parlec will devote a section of its IMTS Booth W-2300 to TDM Systems, which will exhibit in Booth E-3264.



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