Reduce Garnet Buildup from Waterjet Cutting

CECOR offers the unique F23-S filter for the SA5-175PT Sump Shark® that removes garnet from accumulating in dead spots that drop-in hose systems miss or that settles too quickly for filtration systems to catch.

CECOR (Verona, WI) announces a special F23-S filter for its powerful SA5-175PT Sump Shark®, specifically for waterjet cutting applications. The modified F23-S filter helps avoid garnet buildup in the catch tank that can be so troublesome.

Continuous filtering systems cannot always keep up with garnet removal alone. Avoid the buildup by using the Shark and F23-S filter for scheduled maintenance to remove the excess garnet. The Shark can remove garnet that accumulates in dead spots that “drop-in” hose systems miss or that settles too quickly for filtration systems to catch.

Once the tank becomes full of garnet it is difficult to clean. Shoveling the sticky garnet can take days, and climbing in and out of large tanks is dangerous for workers. Renting an excavator or hiring a large vacuum truck to pump out is an expensive solution. Avoid having to completely empty the tank for cleaning by using the Sump Shark for scheduled maintenance.

The high-suction SA5-175PT Sump Shark has pump-in/pump-out capability and operates on plant air supply. Air units have no moving parts (for low maintenance) and are simple to operate. The unit has a 175 gal tank with a flush-to-the-bottom cleanout door for easy cleaning. The Shark has suction lift of 26 in Hg (350 in water).

A demonstration of the Sump Shark cleaning a sump tank.

CECOR will exhibit at IMTS 2014 in Chicago in Booth N-6789. See firsthand how powerful Sump Sharks are with live demonstrations. Stop by and meet the team, including their new ownership (under RuMo Group, LLC (Madison, WI)). Come check out their new branding initiative – same quality workmanship and durability, but with a sleek, new look that reflects the company’s commitment to innovation and collaboration to meet customers’ needs. Stop in and “kick the tires” on their incredibly tough but easy to maneuver and dump industrial carts.

Founded in 1955, CECOR designs and manufactures sump cleaners and industrial carts and containers, as well as offers a full line of parts and accessories to support its products. Proudly designed and built in the U.S. at its facility in Verona, CECOR products have global relevance and customer reach. All of these products are durable, featuring quality workmanship at affordable prices with friendly and knowledgeable sales and technical support.

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