Superior Tube Invests in ECM Equipment

The Everite Ultracut Electrochemical Tube Cutoff Machine will enhance quality, ensure squaring accuracy and increase plant cutting capacity.

Superior Tube Company (Collegeville, PA), a global leader in the manufacture of small diameter precision tubing for safety critical applications, has invested in the acquisition of a new Everite Ultracut Electrochemical Tube Cutoff Machine for its plant in Pennsylvania.

The new machine offers exceptional versatility in terms of cut setting and has the ability to store a number of recipes for specific cut-to-length products, making the set up process much faster. In addition to improved throughput rates and significant cost reductions, the machine will also ensure enhanced cut quality, including end squareness consistency, and increase the company’s capacity for future growth in its cutting operations.

To complement the new machine, Superior Tube also purchased an added centrifuge filter system together with an improved electrochemical solution with a greatly increased usable life.

Bob Henry, Superior Tube’s president and chief executive officer, commented: “This is an important investment for Superior Tube. ECM (electrochemical machining) is an essential technology for us and in order to deliver its full benefits to our customers – including enhanced product quality, reduced lead times and competitive pricing – we need to be operating with the most advanced equipment. By enhancing our ability to provide value-added services, this is an investment that will help our customers to focus their efforts on what they do best”.



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