Advanced Tool Presetting at Unmatched Price Point

The free-standing Elbo Controlli 66B and 68B tool presetters from Koma Precision eliminate the need for adapters and the errors associated with their use.

Elbo Controlli, a worldwide leader in presetting solutions distributed through Koma Precision, Inc. (East Windsor, CT), continues its advancement into the tool management market with a new generation of tool presetters. The newly designed 66B and 68B are tailored specifically to user requirements of a powerful tool measuring system at a price point that no other solution can match.

The new models feature an increased measuring range from 600 mm up to 800 mm on the Z axis, a 15 in TFT touchscreen along with optical autofocus, and a new electronic control. These models have larger capacity to handle bigger and heavier tools. Designed completely to be free-standing on their own integral base, they feature a ground granite and stainless steel construction.

The high precision spindle system is fully interchangeable and utilizes a one-piece cartridge with full mechanical tool clamping that pneumatically draws the tool pull stud into the taper cone) – eliminating the need for adapters and the errors associated with their use.

All axis movements on the 66B and 68B models are servo controlled with absolutely no operator contact with the column. This drastically increases machine accuracy and repeatability over similar machines which incorporate the movement via a manual handle mounted on the column.

Also included is the ToolingUp software package. Working via a DNC system, ToolingUp converts measured tool data into CNC code for direct loading into the machine controller and associated tool offset pages.

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