Economical Thread Milling Solutions for Deep Holes

Vargus offers the TMSD Vertical tool for small diameter deep-hole thread milling applications and TMSD inserts for American Buttress.

Vargus Ltd. (Nahariya, Israel), a world-leading manufacturer of high-quality thread cutting, grooving and deburring tools for the metals and plastics industries, is proud to present its extended range of TMSD thread milling solutions for deep holes. New tooling solutions include TMSD Vertical for small diameter applications and TMSD inserts for American Buttress (ABUT). These new tools complement the existing TMSD line, providing multi-flute, high productivity and economical solutions for deep-hole thread milling.

This newest addition to this family, the Vertical, provides a new range of 3-flute thread milling tools that ensure faster and more efficient machining of applications with smaller tool cutting diameters and a minimum thread size of M11.5×0.5 (1/2-28 UNEF).

These Vertical inserts feature a single point design and reinforced cutting corner for reduced load on the cutting edges and greatly improved rigidity. Inserts are available in three sizes (7V, 9V, 11V) in VBX and VTX grades for the following profile styles: Partial Profile 60 deg, Partial Profile 55 deg, Trapez and Stub ACME.

A demonstration of the TMSD Vertical for small diameter thread milling.

Toolholders for the Vertical line are available in Weldon Steel Shank and Carbide Cylindrical Shank styles for a tool cutting diameter range of 10.5 mm to 20.8 mm and a tool overhang range of 25 mm to 65 mm. Both toolholder styles feature through-tool cooling for improved chip evacuation and cooling at the cutting corner – essential for deep-hole applications.

This line is also now offering inserts for ABUT as standard stock items that can be ordered from the TMSD catalog. These inserts for ABUT are designed to machine small to large pitch applications, from 16 tpi to 2.5 tpi. TMSD toolholders also have a special design that provides unique support for the non-symmetrical shape of ABUT style inserts.

The inserts for ABUT are available in three styles (5.0 L, 3/8 in L, 5/8 in V) in VBX and VTX grades. Toolholders for ABUT are available in Weldon Steel Shank, Carbide Cylindrical Shank and Shell Mill styles.

Vertical and inserts for ABUT are two of the newest solutions offered from the TMSD line for deep-hole thread milling.  The most up-to-date thread milling products can be found at Vargus GEN  – Vargus’ new online and desktop software program for tool selection and CNC program generation.

At the forefront of the tooling industry for over 50 years, Vargus USA (Janesville, WI) is a member of the NEUMO Ehrenberg Group headquartered in Knittlingen, Germany, comprising 29 companies operating in more than 30 countries. Today the flagship Vardex line is universally recognized as the market leader in thread turning and thread milling applications.

Groovex, launched at EMO 2011, is an innovative and growing line of grooving tools for groove turning, groove milling and micro machining applications for industrial use. The Shaviv line of leading hand-deburring tools rounds out the company’s offerings with professional solutions for finishing metal and plastic components.

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