Paxton Vierling Steel Acquires Cut-To-Length Line

The steel service center ordered a Heavy Gage Cut-To-Length Line from Red Bud with an adjustable stretcher leveler that produces significantly better length and quality.

Paxton & Vierling Steel Co. (Omaha, NE) recently ordered a 77 in wide by 0.750 in Cut-To-Length Line with a “SUREGRIP®” Adjustable Stretcher Leveler from Red Bud Industries (Red Bud, IL).

The new line can handle coils up to 80,000 lb and also features a 48 ft Stacker. The new hybrid line runs in both start/stop and looping modes. Thicker material is run in start/stop mode, while 5/16 in and lighter material runs in a loop. The loop allows up to 80 percent higher productivity while also allowing the line to produce significantly better length and square-ness tolerances.

The line consists of an In-Line Stage & Load System, Dual Stub Uncoiler, Monitoring System, Heavy Gage Peeler/Breaker, Crop Shear, Dual Roller Levelers, Rotating Brush Dust Collector System, “SUREGRIP” Adjustable Clamp Stretcher Leveler, Heavy Gage Grip Feed System, Ink Jet Printer, Variable Rake Shear, and a Heavy Gage Drop Stacker with End Discharge Rollouts.



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