FABTECH 2016 Sneak Preview: Welding

The 2016 edition of FABTECH is on track to be one of the largest metal fabrication events ever at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas from November 16-18. This special sneak peek provides technical reviews of some of the equipment, power sources, positioners, systems and accessories that will be exhibited in the Welding Pavilion to help you get a head start on navigating the show floor and managing your time while you’re there.

The Most Compact Push-Pull Robotic Welding Torch in the World
With its compact design and significantly enhanced mechanics, the universal Robacta Drive TPS/i robotic welding torch from Fronius allows shops to utilize robot-aided welding in more applications.

Wireless Communication Control for Head & Tailstock Positioners
The Wireless Communication Control system between head and tail stock from ALM Positioners uses Trusted Wireless 2.0 technology for high reliability, secure transmission and flexible network structures with digital readout display of up to 250 devices.

New Economical Coupon Cutting Machine for Welding Schools
The PCC-1 Pipe Coupon Cutting Machine from Bug-O Systems cuts pipe to a desired length or bevels the edge of a pipe for weld prep.

Simultaneous Workpiece Movement and Weld Nut Feeding
The Upper Electrode Feeder Unit from Dengensha America reduces weld cycle times with faster feed rates and reduced part positioning that better secures each part.

Portable Inverters for Multi-Process, TIG/Stick Welding
ET (ESAB TIG), ES (ESAB Stick) and the Fabricator Series of 3-in-1 MIG/Stick/TIG inverters from ESAB handle a wide range of applications, from first-time welders up to light industrial fabrication, mechanical contractors, farm/ranch, motorsports, maintenance/repair, light construction and continuing technical educational and training facilities.

Enhanced Reamer Integrates with Digital Communications
The TOUGH GUN TT3E Reamer from Tregaskiss reduces integration costs up to $1,200 compared to analog reamers by eliminating the need for an analog switch and reducing cabling requirements within the robotic weld cell.

Filler Metals Address Welding Challenges
Filler metal solutions from Hobart Brothers improve productivity, quality and cost savings in metal fabrication and manufacturing applications.

Welding and Safety Equipment That Increase Profits
These power sources and welding automation solutions from Miller Electric can improve productivity, quality, and increase profits in manufacturing, metal fabrication and construction jobs.

Depressed Center Grinding Wheels Remove More Metal Faster with Less Operator Fatigue
For substantially faster grinding, Norton Quantum3 wheels from Saint-Gobain Abrasives remove almost twice the amount of carbon steel at five minute intervals compared to other competitive wheels.

Metal Finishing Solutions
Files, burs, brushes, grinding and cutting wheels and power tools from PFERD increase operator efficiency, health and safety, and optimize process effectiveness.

Portable Magnetic Drill with Automatic Feed and Reverse
Ideal for steel fabricators, contractors and plant maintenance jobs, the AutoMAB 350 from CS Unitec drills holes up to 1-1/2 in diameter with annular cutters in structural steel and other metals.

Re-Engineered Abrasive Flap Discs Offer Maximum Cut Rates and Extended Life
Vortec Pro abrasive flap discs from Weiler have been re-engineered under the Wolverine family of discs to deliver exceptional value.



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