L&N Scotland Achieves ISO Welding Certification

They use weld monitoring and weld failure analysis to influence and develop weld quality inspection processes and welder training.

L&N Scotland Ltd. (Aberdeen, UK), an independent supplier of specialized subsea manufacturing engineering services, has successfully achieved a 98 percent weld pass rate following a 12-month (November 2015-November 2016) strategic quality review where the company has been assessing its existing engineering procedures, operations and associated documentation against quality policies and objectives, including a business objective to achieve a sustained minimum weld pass rate of 92 percent and best-in-class welding practices and process controls.

Utilizing in-house engineers, L&N has developed and qualified project-specific procedures and processes for weld overlay, butt welds and orbital autogenous welds. These processes were created to ensure that the most demanding customer applications, stringent welding requirements and client specifications are achieved. They have also adopted a proactive approach to quality through weld monitoring and weld failure analysis, using results and feedback to directly influence the development of weld quality inspection processes and training given to welding personnel.

These extensive investigations, coupled with a quality management system that is tailored to suit welding operations, has provided L&N with a robust means of monitoring quality levels and delivery performance, in turn allowing them to identify and resolve weld failures and achieve a 98 percent weld pass rate. In addition, their commitment to weld quality has been further demonstrated through their recent accreditation of ISO: 3834-2 (comprehensive quality standard). This unique welding accreditation, awarded this year by Lloyd’s Register, provides certification of the company’s quality management system in relation to best practices of all welding and related activities.

L&N believes that these successes will provide a competitive edge during their 20th year in business by opening up international markets, further enhancing safe and compliant manufacturing, while improving business processes and ensuring the highest standards of weld quality.

“Taking additional measures to ensure the highest standards of quality is imperative to our company development, and this is acknowledged as we continue to achieve impressively high weld pass rates and sought-after accreditations,” said Craig Finnie, their managing director. “These accolades demonstrate the stringent quality levels we adhere to on all projects and the importance placed on satisfying regulatory and industry quality related requirements. In this current climate, our clients are actively searching for higher levels of excellence and assurance to aid with, and enhance, efficient manufacturing and cost-out solutions. As a proactive approach to quality and to further support our clients, we will continue to strategically develop procedures and processes which will be pivotal in the company, delivering manufacturing excellence globally.”

L&N was recently awarded the ‘Best Overall Supplier’ at the GE Oil and Gas European Supplier Day 2016 held at the AECC, Aberdeen. This prestigious award recognizes the best suppliers in their field, whose technical solutions and objectives align with GE Oil and Gas’s current and long- term goals. L&N Scotland currently employs over 40 staff members and has 20 years of professional experience in the oil and gas industry, providing a diverse range of subsea services including welding, fabrication, engineering services and product integration.