Gripping Technologies Take Center Stage

Ideal end-of-arm tooling for robots used in strong, yet delicate handling of complex and/or fragile parts, RRMG customizable synthetic grippers from Röhm adapt to and envelop workpiece geometries, whether round or prismatic in shape.

In Booth 2053, Röhm Products of America (Lawrenceville, GA) will highlight their broad range of end-of-arm tooling for robots, including a special focus on their new RRMG customizable synthetic grippers for strong, yet delicate work handling. They will also showcase their RPP Parallel grippers and RZP Centric grippers, along with RSP Flex swivel units. The new RRMG grippers generate 30 percent more clamping force for large workpieces than did their predecessor, while providing a gentle touch when needed. Because the gripper jaws are synthetic and free forming, they adapt to and envelop workpiece geometries, whether round or prismatic in shape. Common applications include processing complex and/or fragile parts, such as electronics components, medical catheters and automobile speedometer needles.

An optimized structure with reinforcements for maximum rigidity and long service life enable the RRMG to perform up to 16 million gripping cycles without experiencing wear or requiring maintenance. For maximum process control and automation, users can add optional position monitoring to the RRMG via installable sensors. Available in two sizes with gripping forces of 80 N and 152 N, the RRMG grippers are customizable. These custom grippers are developed around 3D workpiece models provided by customers. Röhm also relies on advanced 3D printing, selective laser sintering and other processes to manufacture many of its end-of-arm work handling products.

Other gripping technologies on display at the show will be the RPP Parallel gripper and the RZP Centric gripper. RPP grippers provide universal gripping of round and angular workpieces with two parallel gripper fingers, while RZP Centric grippers, equipped with three centrically arranged gripper fingers, are optimally suited for universal and self-centering gripping of round workpieces. Visitors to the booth will also discover the benefits of RSP Flex swivel units, specially designed for automated loading and unloading of machine tools, as well as for the fast and precise insertion of components in assembly systems. These units feature an innovative shock absorber concept and infinite variable adjustability in all end positions for smooth and precise swiveling. The modular structure and extensive expansion options make RSP Flex swivel units flexible and reliable.

Röhm Products of America, 5155 Sugarloaf Parkway # K, Lawrenceville, GA 30043, 770-963-8440,



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