High Speed, High Precision, High Volume Machining

The Giddings & Lewis V 1000 vertical turning center and Hyundai WIA KF5600 vertical machining center from Hillary Machinery are ideal for job shops requiring high metal removal rates and high precision.

Hillary Machinery, Inc. (Dallas, TX) represents Fives Giddings & Lewis (Fond du Lac, WI) in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. In Booth 1735, they will display the new Giddings & Lewis V 1000 vertical turning center. This new turning center line, with six table sizes from 800 mm to 2,500 mm, is designed specifically for shops seeking a dependable, multi-purpose lathe for pumps, valves, gears, bearings, compressors, wheel hubs, jet engine housings and more. With high metal removal rates and high precision, the V Series lathes offer unmatched standard features and superior value. All V series machines incorporate a hydrostatic ram to maximize rigidity for heavy, chatter-free cutting and improved part finish. The hydrostatic wear-free guides require less maintenance.

“The V Series is engineered to be flexible, reliable and affordable in response to feedback from our job shop customers,” said Pete Beyer, the sales and application director at Fives Giddings & Lewis. “All models have a compact footprint, and there is no requirement for special foundations, so the machine can be easily relocated, if necessary. We encourage shops to compare the capabilities and value of the V Series, and we’re confident these new machines will impress.” The VLock tooling system provides a stiff interface for modular tooling adaptors, long cutting tools and the optional heavy duty right angle milling attachment. “Modular turning tools more than double the taper stiffness at loads up to 1,800 Nm,” added Beyer. “Standard modular tools offer significant savings over proprietary vertical lathe tooling offered on most vertical lathes. Modular tools are also lighter, easier and safer to handle, requiring less time to maintain.”

The V Series is designed and built in Fond du Lac with solid cast iron base construction and versatility offered by optional live spindle attachments and a C-axis table. “By adding the V Series, starting with 800 mm tables, to our existing VTC Series of vertical turning centers, with swings up to 9 m, we are positioned to offer manufacturers the broadest and best range of turning solutions.” said Kevin Lichtenberg, the president of Fives Giddings & Lewis.

Hillary Machinery is also the exclusive dealer in Texas and Oklahoma for Hyundai WIA Machine Tool America (Itasca, IL). On display will be the ultra-rigid Hyundai WIA KF5600 vertical machining center for super accurate, consistent metal cutting performance. The KF5600 comes standard with a 20 hp, 8,000 rpm or 25 hp, 12,000 rpm high-speed direct coupled spindle that is directly driven by the motor (no belts), simplifying the drive system structure, reducing noise and vibration, and lowering heat generation, making this machine ideal for many high value applications. For high speed cutting applications, the KF5600 is available with a built-in spindle drive in the 15,000 and 20,000 rpm models.

With a best-in-class quick tool change time of 3.2 chip-to-chip seconds, the KF5600 reduces idle time and improves productivity, making it ideal for high volume, high precision machining applications. A high degree of production flexibility is achieved in the KF series by offering a 30-tool magazine as standard (40-tool magazine optional). The KF5600C version has 25 in extended Z-axis travel with a max range of 5.9 in to approximately 30.9 in that allows significantly more clearance for longer tools, taller parts, and larger diameter (big bore) rotary tables. With a larger standard selection of tools and a random tool selection method, tool change time is drastically reduced. Key machine highlights include:

  • Hyundai Exclusive ALL-IN-ONE Precision Mold Package enhances mold machining with a 20K spindle as a standard feature, with cutting air blow, auto power off, heat distortion compensation, and an automatic tool measuring device to ensure accurate and consistent high quality surface finishing and contouring.
  • Increased rigidity with linear roller guideways.
  • Extended travel (X/Y/Z) of 43.3 in/22 in/20.5 in.
  • Best-in-class 3.2 second chip-to-chip tool change time.
  • Rapid feed rate (X/Y/Z) of 40/40/36 m/min (1,575/1,575/1,417 ipm)
  • Flexible manufacturing with 30 tools as standard.

Hillary Machinery Inc., 1825 Summit Avenue, Suite 207, Plano, TX 75074, 877-902-3751, Fax: 972-767-3147,



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