Optical Measurement of Small Cylindrical Profiles

The high resolution camera in the VICI MTL 1 from Optical Gaging Products resolves intricate features in small turned medical parts, while its software uses thread analysis, compared radius and chamfer tools to measure small features with simple programming techniques.

VICI MTL 1 systems from Optical Gaging Products (OGP®; Rochester, NY) offer high performance in a practical and compact optical measuring machine. The VICI MTL 1 is specifically designed for fast and easy external dimensional profile measurements of cylindrical parts up to 300 mm long and 60 mm tall. The MTL 1 excels at measurement of parts for the medical manufacturing marketplace, such as dental implants, bone screws, threaded inserts, and valves. The MTL 1’s high resolution camera is capable of resolving the intricate features inherent in small turned medical parts, while its software includes thread analysis, compared radius, and chamfer tools to facilitate measurement of small features using simple programming techniques.

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