OPEN MIND and SoftInWay Collaborate on Turbomachinery Manufacturing

They will provide a complete CAD/CAM system for design, development and production of gas turbine parts and more.

OPEN MIND Technologies AG (Wessling, Germany) and SoftInWay Inc. (Burlington, MA) have announced a cooperation agreement to provide a complete solution for the design, development and manufacturing of gas turbine components and other types of turbomachinery. Both companies are known for their best-in-class software platforms that provide component developers with the needed productivity tools to accelerate the product development and production process while maintaining a high level of accuracy.

The AxSTREAM® Software Platform from SoftInWay provides an integrated and streamlined approach to turbomachinery design. This software consists of a number of different modules to perform preliminary design, mean line and streamline analysis, CFD and FEA, blade profiling, and rotor dynamics, bearings analysis, and rotor design for compressors, pumps and turbines. These tools are used to produce optimal components, considering speed, power, range, and life. The interactive and user-friendly design process enables these conditions to be achieved efficiently and reliably.

hyperMILL® is a modular complete CAM solution from OPEN MIND for 2.5D, 3D, 5-axis, HSC/HPC and mill-turning processes, as well as special applications and highly efficient automation solutions. This CAM software provides technology-leading geometry analysis and tool path calculations that can be used in the specialized routines designed for efficient programming and machining of turbomachinery components on 5-axis milling or mill-turn machines. The embedded multi-blade and single-blade turbomachinery logic is applied to more broad-based milling, drilling and turning applications and allows an all-in-one CAM system for turbomachinery developers. Robust CNC post-processors are also provided to assure strong communication to machine tool controllers.

This partnership between SoftInWay and OPEN MIND brings product, services, sales and technical teams together for a complete software solution. Users can work with each company to obtain tools, training and services from these industry experts. Both companies are well represented with direct employees and authorized resellers in America, Europe and Asia, and they look forward to collaborating together to contribute towards the advancement of the turbomachinery industry.,