Powerful Reversible Drill for Tapping, Reaming, Honing, Drilling and More

The durable CP1114R drill from Chicago Pneumatic aligns the operator’s wrist and tool for best force transmission, comfort when using, and low tool runout for perfectly aligned drilling and tapping.

Chicago Pneumatic Tool Company, LLC (Rock Hill, SC) has launched their first reversible drill range for industrial markets that is expected to set a new high standard in terms of performance and price. The CP1114R drill is ideal for various tapping, reaming, honing, drilling and mixing applications in metalworking and foundries, and industrial maintenance. These next generation drills have exceptional durability and can run for 800 hours before maintenance. As a result, they provide a long service life that enables users to reduce their maintenance schedule and associated costs significantly. The drills feature high quality Jacobs industrial chucks for accurate drilling. The motor is designed well in line with the chuck and drill bit so that the tool is precise and gives low level runout (lower than 0.10 mm), the value of which is measured from the chuck at only 25 mm for perfectly aligned drilling and tapping.

There are four models in the range that deliver speeds from 500 rpm up to 4,000 rpm for drilling different materials and hole sizes. These drills are powerful and efficient, delivering 0.54 hp (400 W) and include a triple full-caged planetary gear for durable speed reduction and torque transmission, as well as double front bearing for minimized runout and durability. As such, they are robust and durable, providing excellent performance yet with a lightweight aluminum body. The drills provide a high level of ergonomics through an Ergo Wing design that aligns the operator’s wrist and tool for best force transmission and comfort when using. Versatile, with an easy to operate forward-and-reverse switch and durable trigger, these drills include a robust side handle on 500 rpm and 900 rpm versions that preserve operators’ wrists from torque effects and make them safe to use.

Chicago Pneumatic Tool Company, LLC, 1800 Overview Drive, Rock Hill, SC 29730, 803-817-7460, Fax: 803-817-7468,



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