Automated Turret Punch Press Loading

FS Tower Series cell stocker systems from Murata Machinery provide a compact design, quieter system operation, multiple-stack operation to cater non-standard parts and the latest technology FMS-dedicated controller.

Murata Machinery USA Inc. (Charlotte, NC) offers automated turret punch press loading and unloading systems that can double the production of a stand-alone machine and also provide lights out, unattended operation during breaks, shift changes, lunch and after hours, as well as more consistent production to improve job estimates and costs. With more than 200 installations worldwide, FS Series cell loaders are popular for their compact design, quieter system operation, multiple-stack operation to cater non-standard parts and the latest technology FMS-dedicated controller. The raw material and finished product tables are loaded and unloaded at the front of the system by a fork truck or overhead crane. Same-side loading and unloading also frees up the operator side for maintenance and manual operation.

FS Tower Series cell stocker systems handle full-size blank sheets and finished parts. These systems are a compact solution for storage of worksheet and finished parts and enable unmanned operation over extended periods for a variety of production schedules with minimum worksheet loading and unloading operation time. FS Series cell stockers are available in two models with six or eight shelves.

FG Series servo-controlled loading and sorting cell loader systems bring sheet metal automation to new levels of flexibility with an axis drive, programmable parts stacking patterns and an integrated FANUC-based FMS control system. These loaders produce micro-jointless parts by removing finished parts that have been processed by punch press or laser cut, then neatly sorting and stacking them on the finished parts pallet. The systems loader arms are expandable to suit different sizes of sheets and parts sizes, and vacuum pads can be added to pick up very large parts. FG Series cell loaders make unloading fully automatic and reliable parts handling extremely stable. Multi-pads on the loader arm efficiently pick-up finished parts, including small, hole-intensive, non-ferrous and differently shaped parts. They also enable programmable, flexible stacking patterns according to each user’s production requirements. Loading, unloading and skeleton stations located on the right side of the punch press give these systems an extremely compact floor plan design. Worksheets can also be loaded and unloaded manually from the left side of the punch press.

The FG Tower Series provides more flexible full-sheet operation that can be left unattended longer, complete with blank and finished part storage. Material and part exchanges can be completed while the system is running by using the stocker elevator. Material pallets can be scheduled for finished parts after they are emptied and, if a material pallet empties before the job is complete, the system will continue to the next scheduled job. All drawers are available for material or finished parts.

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