How to Prevent Lift Operation by Untrained or Unauthorized Personnel

The Safety LiftLok System for vertical reciprocating conveyors from Wildeck includes passcode-protected digital keypad or key switch options to prevent lift operation by unauthorized personnel.

Material handling equipment and safety products manufacturer Wildeck, Inc. (Waukesha, WI) has introduced a new LiftLok™ VRC safety system to prevent lift operation by untrained or unauthorized personnel. A basic key switch or a more feature-rich 10-key pushbutton digital keypad can be added to any Wildeck mechanical or hydraulically-operated VRC (vertical reciprocating conveyor). Two keys are provided with the basic LiftLok keyed system, while authorized lift operators can enter a unique four-digit user/passcode or swipe their pre-programmed proximity credentials tag (key fob) on the LiftLok digital keypad to enable lift operation.

“Safety remains a top concern in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and distribution centers nationwide and we are pleased to offer this easy-to-use VRC operator control device,” said Hubert Schlegel, the director of marketing at Wildeck. “This affordable key switch or keypad system will ensure that only properly trained personnel can operate a material lift in their facility. Besides main floor call/send control box installation, this safety device can be included with call/send VRC control stations at every level.”

To simplify VRC installation with the feature-rich LiftLok keypad system, two administrative level programming codes are included for use by the installer. Once installed, authorized lift operators can be assigned a secure four-digit user passcode to activate the call/send control station and operate the lift. Although access to the lift is typically assigned to only a few authorized personnel, up to 500 user passcodes can be programmed into the keypad system. This ensures maximum user flexibility and long service life, since old user passcodes can be retired/deactivated and new codes assigned as responsibilities or personnel change.

  • LiftLok™ system keeps unauthorized personnel from operating the VRC
  • 10-Digit Keypad System or Key Switch available
  • Administrative level programming codes simplify installation
  • Up to 500 user passcodes available for maximum operator assignment flexibility
  • Proximity Credentials Tag (Key Fob) speeds access for authorized personnel
  • Weather-resistant control cabinet for outdoor VRC installations

Wildeck, Inc., 405 Commerce Street, Waukesha, WI 53186, 262-549-4000,,,



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