Beckwood Receives Award from Bechtel for Hydroforming

The Supply Chain Recognition Award honors their outstanding work at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Beckwood Corporation (St. Louis, MO), a leading manufacturer of custom hydraulic presses and automation systems and the Triform line of precision forming equipment, has been recognized by the Nuclear, Security & Environmental global business unit of Bechtel for their outstanding work at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). The Supply Chain Recognition Awards honor subcontractors and suppliers who supported Bechtel‘s work in nuclear power, environmental clean-up, defense, and nuclear security and operations projects during 2016.

“We could not accomplish what we do without our subcontractors and suppliers,” said Barbara Rusinko, the president of the Nuclear, Security & Environmental global business unit. “The work is challenging, highly technical, and is often first-of-a-kind.” Prior to installing a Triform model 20-10-10BD deep draw sheet hydroforming press, LLNL relied on a decades-old Cincinnati model 15-15-9 to research, develop, and make their hydroformed parts. Since upgrading to the Triform, LLNL has increased their forming capabilities, allowing for infinite possibilities. They are now able to form parts from a variety of materials including high-strength alloys, carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, precious metals, copper, and brass, each with varying thicknesses. This flexibility is instrumental for developing LLNL’s extensive range of parts.

Subcontractors and suppliers were evaluated on multiple factors, including overall performance, the ability to deliver quality services/supplies on time, the ability to work collaboratively to meet milestones, and meeting or exceeding project expectations in aspects of safety, construction performance, technical expertise, and environmental compliance. Nominations were reviewed and approved by Bechtel procurement and project managers. Final recommendations were approved by senior leadership. “We are honored to receive such a prestigious award from them,” said Josh Dixon, the director of sales and marketing at Beckwood. “Providing technologically-advanced machinery to our country’s National Labs, including Lawrence Livermore and Oak Ridge, has provided a lasting and positive impact on defense and sustainability initiatives.”



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