CNC Hardware for High-End Machine Tools

Version 4.7 of Sinumerik Operate software from Siemens shortens program runtimes and simulates faster with quicker overall operation using more powerful CPUs and 15 in and 19 in “Blackline” panels in widescreen format for the Sinumerik 840D sl CNC.

In Booth 2012, Siemens Industry, Inc. (Elk Grove Village, IL) introduces version 4.7 of their Sinumerik Operate software with new, more powerful CPUs and 15 in and 19 in “Blackline” panels in widescreen format for the Sinumerik 840D sl CNC. The new 7×0.3B PN processors are Profinet-compatible NCUs (Numerical Control Units). The new processor technology, such as the NCU 730.3B PN, is up to 15 percent more powerful than previously used components. The result is shorter program runtimes, faster simulation and overall faster operation. The new technology, exemplified by the 720.3B PN and 730.3B PN NCUs, also consumes up to 50 percent less power, which results in the processors generating less heat.

The basic configurations of the 7×0.3B PN-CPUs for the Sinumerik 840D sl CNC already have 10 MB of buffered user memory as standard for part programs, plus a 2 GB working memory (DRAM). The part program memory can be expanded up to 22 MB, depending on the particular processor model. In most cases, automatic adaptation of the drivers enables integration of the new NCUs into existing machines and applications, without modifying the software. The new, long-term availability of this NCU processor technology offers a secure future for newly developed machines, both in their subsequent technology developments and in the long-term availability of spare part components.

The new 15 in and 19 in “Blackline” panels are widescreen format touch screen CNCs. They are mainly characterized by good legibility, simple operation and a long service life. The technical basis of the display is a capacitive sensor system that supports touch operation, even when gloves are worn by the operator. The panels are designed for degree of protection IP66 and are especially rugged. For example, the 15 in panel is approved for vibration accelerations up to 2 g. Both of these new devices have an integrated thin client unit (TCU) and are connected to the Sinumerik via Ethernet. These new NCUs and touch panels expand the Siemens range of CNC systems and products. By using the new hardware components, builders can increase both the performance and ease of operation on their machines.

Siemens Industry, Inc., Motion Control Business – Machine Tools, 390 Kent Avenue, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007, 847-640-1595, Fax: 847-437-0784,



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