Digital Work Instructions for Lean Manufacturing

Visual Knowledge Share is a multilingual and digital work instruction application that helps shops increase quality, profitability, and productivity and get the most out of their factory by displaying standardized, advanced work instructions while monitoring factory performance.

In Booth 5445, Visual Knowledge Share (VKS; Chateauguay QC) is a multilingual and digital work instruction application that helps shops of any size in any industry increase quality, profitability, and productivity. Trusted in over 30 countries, the application displays advanced work instructions while monitoring factory performance, providing real-time data for more traceability. The application is interactive, intuitive, and easy to use. A shop can standardize their work methods by digitally documenting their best practices to get the most out of their factory. VKS offers many advantages, including:

  • Save time with visual, clear, and precise work instructions.
  • Experiencing a high turnover rate? Save your best practices within VKS and give your most experienced employees the opportunity to partake in the process of standardizing their knowledge. They’ll gain more flexibility and you gain the peace of mind, as the knowledge is now secured in your VKS system.
  • Dramatically reduce defects with visual and interactive instructions that help operators hit the target the first time.
  • Build SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) within the application and get KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), SPC (Statistical Process Control), and all the data you need right away. Make informed decisions with real-time data.
  • Give your clients the traceability information they need to make sure the job was well done.
  • Looking for simplicity with a ready-to-use and secured SaaS (Software as a Service), or for a solution you can install on your own servers? Whether you need this system on our highly secured cloud or on your own IT installations, we can provide the application in the format that better suits your needs.
  • VKS is also a way to reach your environmental goals by providing a paperless solution. All your documentation is a fingertip away on any modern device such as your tablet or a computer. You still have the option to print your instructions or to save them as PDFs.

Visual Knowledge Share, 1241 Cascades Street, Chateauguay QC J6J 4Z2, Canada, 855-201-4656 ext. 2712,,



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