Fullerton Tool Partners with Haimer

Fullerton end mills are now offered to the U.S. market with the Haimer Safe-Lock System.

U.S. cutting tool manufacturer Fullerton Tool Company Inc. (Saginaw, MI) and Haimer USA (Villa Park, IL), a market leader in tool holding technology, recently signed a U.S. licensing agreement where Fullerton Tool now offers their end mills to the U.S. market with the unique Haimer Safe-Lock™System for cutting tools and tool holders that combines high precision shrink fit clamping with a positive form locking mechanism to prevent round cutting tools from being rotated or completely pulled out from tool holders during heavy machining. The combination of a symmetrical locking tool design with high concentricity and excellent balance results in a vibration-free machining process for more efficient metal removal rates that are superior to that of conventional milling chucks or Weldon side-lock tool holders.

Fullerton Tool has been manufacturing solid carbide cutting tools for 75 years and is recognized as a leader in precision tooling used in virtually all industries, including the medical, aerospace, automotive, and mold and die sectors. Their design innovations led to cutting tools that increased machining precision while reducing vibrations for greater speeds and increased metal removal rates (MRR). However, the increased MRR can lead to a potential pull-out of the cutting tool during aggressive machining due to higher helix angles and increased cutting forces. This fact has led the Fullerton team to look for a system that enables full realization for their tools potential cutting speeds. Their research, along with customer feedback, led them to partner with Safe-Lock system technology.

“We are very happy to have formed a partnership with this American market leader in the cutting tool industry,” said Brendt Holden, the president of Haimer USA. “Their precision tooling is well suited for our system. I fully believe their users will welcome the added security and inherent balance and precision of a system that will allow them to increase their shop’s productivity.”

“This recent collaboration is yet another example of putting the user first. Not only are we excited to partner with them, but they also share a similar history of being an innovative, family-owned, customer-focused manufacturer. As a Safe-Lock provider, we will continue to improve profits at the spindle for users,” added Patrick Curry, the president of Fullerton Tool. “Combining their innovative tool holding technology with our groundbreaking advanced performance solid carbide tooling will impact manufacturers significantly who are looking to improve their metal removal rates and quality of the parts they produce.”

Since its launch in 2007, the Safe-Lock System has developed very successfully and excited many international users. Last year alone, the growth was four times higher compared to previous years. This boom can be attributed to recognizing that the productivity increases resulting from the pull out protection is not restricted to typical aerospace applications, but the cost and time savings can also be used in any typical milling application.,