High Speed Inspection

Here are some of the newest measurement technologies that can help shops reduce their inspection cycle times before, during and between jobs to increase their productivity and add more capacity.

Rapid Metal Analysis Reduces Shop Downtime
Ideal for metal fabrication and machining of parts used in the aerospace, automotive, medical, military, scientific and general industrial sectors, the Watson XRF Handheld Metal Analyzer from Tribogenics performs reliable positive materials identification of metal alloys in seconds, with onboard calibration and cloud reporting of results.

Automatic 3-Axis CNC Measurement of Small Parts and Features
Ideal for fast, high precision measurement of very small parts and features, the QVI SparkMVP fully automatic 3-axis CNC dimensional measurement system from RAM Optical Instrumentation combines a compact, reliable measurement platform with a high resolution fixed-lens optics system and Measure-X software to configure the magnification and field-of-view size for optimal performance on each measuring application.

An Alternative to Custom Hard Gaging for Measuring Small Precision Parts
With a stable granite structure and an air bearing motion system, the rugged and industrialized QVI FlexPoint high accuracy flexible gaging system from Optical Gaging Products replaces uses a touch trigger or scanning probe sensors to measure small precision parts and eliminate the investment in custom hard gaging.

Fast 5-Axis Scanning on Linear Motor-Driven CMM
Ideal for measuring parts used in automotive, aerospace and medical applications, the Revolution LM linear motor-driven CMM from AIMS Metrology uses a Renishaw REVO 5-axis scanning system to scan five times faster than conventional touch probes with submicron accuracy.

Double Metal Sheet Detection for Metal Stamping
Ideal for automation applications in robotics, automated de-stackers, sheet feeders and in-fixture (poke-a-yoke) where sensing from only one side is possible, the DS600 Double Sheet Detection Control from Prime Controls detects metal thickness and prevents double sheets or improper thicknesses from entering machines.