LANTMA Foundation Launches

They will offer grants to students enrolled in manufacturing training programs throughout Southern California.

Many American manufacturers complain of a lack of qualified candidates to fill job vacancies. These are good-paying, steady jobs that often lead to rewarding careers. Machinist training centers and community colleges are doing a fine job of training tomorrow’s workforce, but the costs associated with machinist training can be a hardship for some. The LANTMA Foundation (Los Angeles, CA) has recently been formed to provide financial assistance to students learning the skills needed to join America’s manufacturing workforce. The all-volunteer organization was started by three local business leaders to address the chronic shortage of qualified entry-level candidates for the manufacturing industry.

The foundation was established to assist those students who face financial difficulties while learning the trade, and will offer grants to students enrolled in training programs throughout Southern California. “Our goals include providing financial assistance for those learning the skills needed for a successful career in manufacturing,” says Mark Osterstock, the foundation president. Mike Kartsonis, the founder of Dynamic Fabrication, Inc., and Bob Mosey, the president of Moseys Precision Machinists, join Osterstock as inaugural board members guiding this initiative. All are active in the National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA; Cleveland, OH).

“I sincerely hope that other shop owners, and all those who benefit from local manufacturing, will contribute to the foundation,” urges Osterstock. “Their contributions help create tuition grants for students enrolled in manufacturing classes. These students are the future of American manufacturing.” The LANTMA Foundation is recognized by the State of California and the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 (c)(3) public charity.



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