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Jack Burley is the vice president of sales and engineering at BIG KAISER Precision Tooling Inc., 2600 Huntington Boulevard, Hoffman Estates, IL 60192, 847-228-4011, Fax: 847-228-0881,,

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Tools, Holders and Runout: Uncover the Hidden Savings

Runout can be fickle, but finding a solution for it can pay significant dividends. Here are some insights into how much a little wobble can really increase your costs.

A Review of Vibration and Affordable Ways to Prevent It

While the latest machine tool technology may go a long way towards eliminating vibration and chatter, adding a new one may not be realistic. Luckily, there are less disruptive options that can make positive impacts on vibration without breaking the bank.

Machining Heat-Resistant Super Alloys? Hold On Tight

The chances of a tool slipping or pulling out in its holder during work is increasing as more shops opt for heat-resistant super alloys – stainless steel, Inconel, titanium and others – over aluminum. These metals are lightweight, strong and corrosive-resistant, but they are very difficult to machine. Here are some insights into tool wear in these applications that can help you select the proper holder for your work.

Fulfilling Modern Micromachining Demands on a Legacy Machine

Looking for a creative way to achieve the requested specifications for a potentially lucrative micromachining job without having to invest in a very expensive specialized machine tool? A spindle speeder may be your best – and only – way to secure the deal.

Is BIG-PLUS An International Standard?

Buyer Beware: This system has not been standardized by any governing body. If you purchase cheap dual contact tooling after being told by a supplier that it will work just as good as the original for half the price, you risk unsatisfactory performance and/or damage to very expensive spindles. Here’s why.

2014 Tooling & Workholding Outlook: Reduced Process Variability

Jack Burley of BIG Kaiser explains why tooling strategies should focus on ways to reduce downtime during production due to process variables, such as time to compensate for insert wear on a boring bar or changing a perishable tool such as a drill. Offline tool presetting and zero point clamping systems are a natural part of the methodoogy for keeping spindles rotating and machine tables moving as much as possible.

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