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Nick Peterson is a welding engineer and curriculum developer for Miller Electric Mfg., 1635 West Spencer Street, P.O. Box 1079, Appleton, WI 54912-1079, 920-734-9821, For more information, email Nick at

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Tips for Successful Aluminum MIG Welding Repairs

With its low melting point, the presence of an oxide layer on its surface, prone to burn-through with a difficult-to-control weld pool, aluminum can be somewhat tricky. Here are some insights that will provide you with the best course of action to take for making a repair.

Augmented Reality: Finding a Better Way to Screen and Train Welding Applicants

Shops can now create a welding lab experience without a lab by using new technology that simulates various welding processes and blends real-world and computer-generated images into an augmented reality environment for a realistic welding simulation that closely resembles live arc welding – and provides them with an objective means of measuring the skills of each applicant.

How Energy Incentives on New Welding Power Sources Benefit Your Bottom Line

Considering an upgrade to your welding equipment to increase profitability and cut operating costs? Here’s how you can also take advantage of the additional benefits that energy incentives provide for an even greater impact on your bottom line.

Labor Shortage? How to Develop Welding Talent In-House

To compete in a hotbed of industrial construction and maintenance projects that require significant manpower, this fabrication shop has figured out how to meet customer demands while building a steady skilled workforce at the same time.

Power Management Technology Eliminates Problems Caused by Dirty Power

Dirty power can impact weld quality in many ways. Here is one way to help avoid the problems caused by dirty power and improve productivity, efficiency and weld quality.

The Right Filter Makes a Difference in Weld Fume Management

Removing the fumes from the area is only the beginning of the process. How you filter the fume is just as critical to achieve successful results.

Using Welding Intelligence Designed for Pipe Fabrication

Pipe shops now use electronic dashboards to replace pieces of paper that once traveled with spool joints across the floor and through the weld testing process.

Gaining Welding Productivity in the Field

A look at how new technologies can help contractors boost their productivity and safety when Stick and TIG welding in the field. 

Dreams Can Come True

The story of Andrew Cardin, a passionate young welder who is focused on representing the U.S. at WorldSkills, represents the potential future of the welding industry.

How Induction Heating Minimizes Hydrogen in the Welding Process

Low-hydrogen welding practices require attention to detail. Induction heating offers a consistent and reliable heating option that can save time and money by heating jobs in only minutes that would typically require hours to heat.

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