Roger Michaud

Roger Michaud is the technical support manager for TRUMPF Inc., 111 Hyde Road, Farmington, CT 06032, 860-255-6000, Fax: 860-255-6424,,

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Augmented Reality Technology: The Future is Here!

Smart technologies and augmented reality are a growing part of the future of manufacturing. Shops must embrace this growing interaction between humans and computer systems in order to remain competitive in the future. Are you ready?

A Warm Welcome for New Equipment

How to prepare your shop for a smooth installation that gets your new machinery up and running efficiently and as quickly as possible so it can begin generating money for your company.

Keeping It Cool

Regardless of the machine tool or system, it is wise to invest time in preventative maintenance as prescribed by the manufacturer. With proper care, it is easy to keep machine tools functioning at their maximum performance level – saving shops time and money in the long run.

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