Tony Hufford

Tony Hufford is the category manager of welding & fabrication at Weiler Corporation, One Weiler Drive, Cresco, PA 18326-0149, 570-595-7495, Fax: 570-595-2002,

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Choosing Consumables for Manual Metal Cutting

Because resinoid bonded abrasive cutting wheels offer portability and affordability, they are popular for many hand-held metal cutting applications. Here are some things you must know about them and how they should be used to help extend their product life, benefit your operator safety, and improve your shop productivity and efficiency.

Best Practices for Surface Preparation and Cleaning in Pipeline Applications

Surface preparation and cleaning is just one part of the large process of oil and gas pipeline welding, but it’s a step that can have a significant impact on the productivity, quality and efficiency of the job. Proper preparation and cleaning in pipeline welding applications can help extend tool life, benefit operator safety and improve productivity and efficiency.

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