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External and Internal Thread Inspection Systems

External and Internal Variables Inspection Systems from Johnson Gage are for NPT, NPTF, ANPT, and NGT Threads in accordance with the new ASME B1.20 Specification. Their new Indicating Systems are designed to replace L1 Thread Ring and Thread Plug Gages.
External and Internal Variables Inspection Systems from Johnson Gage are ideal for NPT, NPTF, ANPT, and NGT Threads that are in accordance with the new ASME B1.20 Specification.

Advanced Measurement Technologies

Booth E-5532: The compact, powerful AVR300 CNC general-purpose bench top video-based vision system from Starrett are ideal for quality assurance, inspection labs, manufacturing, assembly and research facilities. (first view)
These powerful, high precision CNC vision systems and optical comparators from Starrett increase inspection productivity, speed and accuracy, even on difficult to measure complex parts.

Multi-Purpose Fluid for Both Machining and Grinding

CIMPULSE 49MP from Milacrcon offers high performance without the use of traditional extreme pressure lubricants and is recommended for turning, drilling, milling, reaming, boring, tapping, and grinding of most metals.

Protect Employees Against Fine Dust During Cutting Processes

Kemper's PlasmaFil Compact system is available in six different versions - with an extraction performance from 2500 m³/h up to 11,000 m ³/h.
The Kemper PasmaFil Compact system's built-in filters not only clean the air effectively but at the same time ensure a longer service life. This means lower costs for possible filter changes and the operating costs remain predictable from the outset.

Compact, Flexible VMC for Job Shops or OEMs

The Bridgeport V710 from Hardinge. Ideal whether you are a job shop or OEM, designed with flexibility and throughput in mind. Quick with a small compact footprint yet rugged, developed for applications that require a rigid, fast and accurate set-up.
Hardinge introduces the Bridgeport V480 and V710, featuring fast rapid rates, high axis and spindle acceleration/deceleration, and a powerful Mitsubishi control packed with many standard features.

Diverse Metal Cutting Capabilities

To meet the most demanding machining challenges, the TALENT 51 MSY CNC Turning Center from Hardinge comes standard with live tooling, subspindle and Y-axis that allows for part-complete operations.

Flexible Shaft Machine Performs Wide Variety of Machining Operations

Suhner offers the Rotomax flex shaft power unit that functions as an angle grinder, straight grinder, drum polisher, belt sander, tube polisher or die grinder, simply by changing the hand piece.

Intelligent Vacuum Generation for Every Application

Piab's piCOMPACT23 all-in-one ejector platform is stackable; up to four units can share the same manifold and pneumatic connections, such as a common feed pressure and exhaust.

Flexible Machining Center Configures to Wide Range of Applications

Booth S-8129: The compact Hüller Hille NBH P 80 machining center from FFG allows flexible configuration for a wide range of applications, includes a pallet changer with an ergonomic 90 deg indexable setup station, and has a service-friendly drive unit mounted on top of the machine.
The compact Hüller Hille NBH P 80 from FFG has a choice of spindles, highly precise and dynamic rotary tables, and CNC controls that allow for flexible configuration. Its chain-type magazine has 60 locations that can be manually loaded during machine operation.

Space-Saving, Multi-Tasking HMC Reduces Cycle Times

Booth S-9148: The ultra-compact Mycenter-HX250iG HMC from Kitamura provides elevated high speed, high precision drilling, milling, boring, tapping, threading and turning light to heavy duty materials on a single machine.
The Mycenter-HX250iG from Kitamura Machinery uses ultra-high speed rapids for high efficiency and the ability to drill, mill, bore, tap, thread and turn light to heavy duty materials on a single machine.