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CAD/CAM Increases Milling Efficiency in Roughing and Extends Tool Life

Tebis Version 4.0 Release 2 CAD/CAM software is well suited for roughing and deep-cavity milling. In roughing, the depth of cut and the best utilization of cutting data ensure fast and cost-effective manufacturing while keeping tool costs low.
Version 4.0 Release 2 CAD/CAM software from Tebis, is especially well-suited to the rough machining of deep cavities and is effective for hard material machining as well.

Gas Shield for Welding Titanium Prevents Oxidation

HFT's Weld Trailing Shields. These lightweight devices simply attach to all standard manual or automatic TIG/GTAW and Plasma/PAW welding torches and will at least double the area being shielded as well as allowing access to tiny spaces. (view one)
Huntingdon Fusion Techniques has developed Weld Trailing Shields that ensure the weld remains under an argon gas shield until the metal has cooled below its oxidation temperature.

Tool-Less Revolution in Thick Turret Punching

In the Ultra QCT quick change, tool-less thick turret punching system, the punch is keyed at the perimeter of the tool, not the center, providing superior angularity control. The shoulder of the punch remains securely guided by the guide when punching. Only one punch driver is needed for rounds or shapes.
The Ultra QCT system from Mate Precision Tooling features a simple, intuitive tool-less punch retention mechanism for easier, faster setups by simply flipping the latch to remove and snap the new insert into place.

Instant 3D Measurement of Parts

The VR-3000 Series from Keyence allows an instant, non-contact 3D scan of a wide area, which has been difficult to achieve with conventional methods. It can easily measure rough surfaces, flatness, warpness, and planarity.

Accurate, Economical Sawing of Structural Steels, High-Tensile Strength Solids and More

The HBE-663A has a large cutting capacity of 26.0 in for round stock and 28.0 in x 26.0 in for flat stock. It utilizes a 28 ft 8 in x 2.0 x .063 in saw blade with a standard speed range from 33 sfm to 360 sfm. The saw offers a single stroke feed length of 21.2 in with an optional  118 in feeding unit available. The large diameter inclined cast iron band wheels decrease blade twist from wheel to guide, reducing bending fatigue in the saw blade, providing exceptional blade life. The saw also features induction hardened contact surfaces on its band wheels and all vice jaws, which reduces wear.
Ideal for both steel service centers and job shops, the new heavy-duty HBE-663A high-production, hydraulic horizontal bandsaw from Behringer provides accurate, versatile and economical cutting in all materials, including structural steels and high-tensile strength solids.

Affordable Regulators for Acetylene, Oxygen, LP and Inert Gas Operations

Victor G Series regulators are available for acetylene, oxygen, LP and inert gas. Common benefits include a color combination on the gauge face that provides clarity for reading the needle position, as well as scale and red tick marks to indicated actual service pressure. A high-strength alloy bonnet provides three times the yield strength of the previous brass bonnet. The ergonomic shape of the knob makes it easier to set pressure, especially with a gloved hand, while color-coding aids with gas identification.
Victor G150, GT350 and GRF400 regulators from ESAB use a color combination on the gauge face that provides clarity for reading the needle position, with scale and red tick marks to indicate actual service pressure.

Steel Milling Grade Overcomes Challenging Machining Conditions

When repeated shoulder milling is required, the combination of GC1130 with CoroMill 490 provides a suitably light cutting action and smooth profile that can efficiently reduce the need for a finishing operation.  Also available for the CoroMill 390, this grade is best when multiple component features are required. Bringing an added dimension of security and predictability to machining in challenging conditions, the assortment includes many different types of tools and a wide selection of corner radii. Applications such as shoulder milling, linear and helical ramping, turn-milling, deep shoulder milling, edging and pocketing can be performed.
The GC1130 insert from Sandvik Coromant uses Zertivo technology to provide a clean and intact edge that delivers high metal removal rates and performance levels in both wet and dry machining operations.

PCD Inserts for Drilling in CFRP Used in Aircraft

Polycrystalline Diamond T-A Drill inserts feature a replaceable tip design, allowing users to replace only the tip of the tool when it has worn out, unlike competing products that require the entire tool to be removed and replaced. This saves costs for users in the long run by reducing the cost of replacement tools. The inserts feature the standard T-A Drill insert with PCD wafers installed at the insert’s cutting edge.
Polycrystalline Diamond T-A Drill inserts from Allied Machine can withstand strong and highly abrasive materials like CFRP-titanium stacks, aluminum, titanium, copper, magnesium, fiberglass, and chipboard used in the aerospace and automotive applications.

Swing Ear Sets Allow Easier Part Removal for Press Brake Operations

When using swing ears from Wilson Tool to bend boxes with four sides and return flanges, forcing the punch out of the box when making the final bend is no longer necessary because the ears simply swing out of the way.