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An Ideal Alternative to Wiping Dies

Dayton Lamina's self-contained Posi-Bend rotary bender provides consistent metal forming without wasting material on tests and re-grinding.
Dayton Lamina's Posi-Bend self-contained rotary bender cams the material without undesired distortion, sliding, or marring.

Efficiency Dashboards for SPC Cloud Users

Synergy 1000 Cloud from Zontec includes enhancements that further the accessibility to real-time data collection, charting, monitoring, analysis, communication and reporting.

A Fully Automated Pipe Cutting Shop in a Single Machine

For steel construction piping, the TCL is ideal for building cranes, trusses, stadiums, bridges, theme parks, expo centers, airport structures, and shopping malls. For process piping, it is ideal for spools, manifolds, pipelines, headers, lobster backs, boilers, and nozzles.
The 3D Tube Cutting Line from HGG maximizes automated productivity by eliminating operator interference with a new “press and play” technology.

Largest Orbital Wrapping Packaging Machine Unveiled

TAB Industries employees just before they deliver the company's largest machine ever. Although this custom Wrapper Tornado stands more than 11 ft tall, they delivered the wrapping machine fully assembled and ready to plug in and operate.
The custom built TAB Wrapper Tornado features a wrapping ring that spans 115 in diameter to secure palletized loads as large as 8 ft tall by 50 in wide.

Weldable Rust Preventative Fluid

The chemical makeup of RP6 Weldable Rust Preventative Fluid increases productivity, as well as time and cost savings. After applying there is no need to grind, shot blast or chemically clean the joint prior to welding. Ready-to-use, it can be dipped, sprayed or brushed onto ferrous metals from 55 gal drums and 5 gal pails.
RP6 from Lincoln Electric provides up to six months of indoor corrosion protection by preventing rust on ferrous metals while not adversely impacting the welding process.

Super Precise Robotic Grit Blaster

Designed for cellular manufacturing, the expanded RXS-400 Rotary-Index Twin Spindle machine utilizes a Fanuc M710 Robot that carries a bank of eight Guyson Model 900 guns mounted in a custom designed heavy duty cabinet with powered sliding door. The robot suit is custom designed to accommodate the ultimate in abrasion protection and freedom of movement, reducing the possibility of robot faults due to the suit binding on the arm. (first view)
This robotic grit blaster uses an RXS-400 Rotary-Index Twin Spindle machine from Guyson for its operating platform.

Compact Burnishing Tools for Swiss-Type Machines

These compact burnishing tools from Monaghan are ideal for applications where the machine working envelope is limited, such as in most Swiss-type turning centers,
small CNC turning centers and when burnishing parts in sub-spindles where
the machine working envelope is reduced.
Monaghan Tooling offers Swiss ID Burnishing Tools by Elliott Tool Technologies that are ideal for accurate sizing, low micro-finishing and surface hardening of ID holes down to 4 mm.

Industrial Brushes, Polishing Compounds and Buffs

The new, redesigned, easy-to-use catalog includes surface treatment solutions and high-quality finishing tools for hundreds of industrial and commercial applications, such as metal finishing, honing and surface polishing. There are instructions on how to find specific products by categories, which include type of brush, brush description, fill material, trim materials, product specifications, part numbers and more.
Osborn introduces a new catalog of surface treatment solutions and high-quality finishing tools.

Modular Workcell for Robotic Welding of Large Workpieces

Ideal for manufacturers of heavy transportation, agriculture and construction equipment, the modular ArcWorld 2000 workcell scales easily from a single-station layout with a reduced floorspace footprint to a two-robot dual station configuration that makes it easily adaptable to changing production demands.
The powerful, flexible, pre-engineered ArcWorld 2000 workcell from Yaskawa Motoman is perfect for low to medium volume shops with a medium to high mix of parts.

Laser Optics for Etching Metal

CO2 laser optics from Laser Research Optics feature coatings with < 0.2 percent total absorption values to keep them cooler. The silicon turning mirrors have an enhanced DBMR coating to provide up to 99.6 percent reflectivity. They are available off-the-shelf with 24-hour delivery, and priced according to configuration and quantity.
CO2 laser optics from Laser Research Optics promote sharper cuts with fewer passes and are optimized for 10.6 microns.