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New Magnetic Drill Pilot Light

This feature shines light along the bottom of the cutting teeth and over the pilot tip which extends from the end of the cutter. By shining the light in this area, it allows the operator to easily see the pilot point and center punch of the hole. This increases operator productivity and hole location accuracy.
This LED light from Hougen lights the pilot point when drilling in low light, and in brighter conditions it counteracts shadows from the light.

How to Cut Your Energy Consumption in Half

GA Variable Speed Drive+ technology closely follows the air demand by automatically adjusting the motor speed to match the compressed air supply to the air demand. Combined with the iPM (Permanent Magnet) motor, this cuts the lifecycle cost of the compressor by an average of 37 percent. A more efficient fan motor saves specific energy requirements of up to 7 percent of the compressor power.
The compressor realizes a Free Air Delivery increase of up to 12 percent. 
This innovative compressed air system is a game changer that reduces energy consumption by a staggering 50 percent on average, compared to idling compressors. The GA 7-37 VSD+ compressor from Atlas Copco reduces energy consumption by a staggering 50 percent on average, compared to idling compressors.

High Accuracy Cylindrical Grinding for An Affordable Price

For precision, efficiency and productivity, the wheelhead features a highly rigid main body, a heat-treated nitride steel wheel spindle and a large ø 510 mm wheel. To maximize stability and load capacity, the wheelhead and table feed include wide, V-flat guiding surfaces. The high damping performance and equalization of lubricant provided by the oil film’s squeezing effect ensure long-term smooth and precise grinding. Non-concentric hydrodynamic bearings secure an optimal wedge angle. Bearings are ground to a high degree of precision with an exclusively developed grinder for bearings.
GAE Series CNC Angular Cylindrical Grinders from Shigiya are ideal for heavy grinding precision and, when combined with an angle head type wheelhead, perform face grinding with ease.

Tube and Pipe End Deburring in Three Seconds

Instead of filing by hand or using wire brushes on a buffing stand, the Turnamat is excellent for deburring aluminum, steel, stainless steel tube or pipe. Parts that could only be processed in several minutes can now be deburred in a matter of seconds with consistent results. 
Burrs can now be quickly and easily cleaned from the ends of unconventional configurations of steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metal pipes and tubes used for automotive parts. 

Connecting the Dots: Machining from Every Angle

The VCF850LSR is a vertical machining center that uses a traveling column with a tilting spindle B-axis head to process a wide range and large capacity of parts. It utilizes up to five axes simultaneously for machining multiple sides of a work piece all at once. The head can rotate 110 deg on either side of vertical, enabling this VMC to machine large and complex parts in a single setup, eliminating costly fixtures and downtime.
Integrating the communication between these advanced CNC machine tools can open a new competitive advantage in vertical, horizontal and universal machining operations. 

A Renewed Focus on Milling

The innovative hi.aeQ face milling cutter is ideal for counter-boring and milling operations and shoulder and face milling of cast iron. Its nickel-plated body and tangentially positioned, alternately standing/laying Q80 indexable inserts are fitted for a high number of cutting edges with high stability and low vibration. 
These advanced cutting tools bring new attention to boring, reaming, threading and milling different materials that range from 4140 steel to grey cast iron to aluminum 7075.

Anti-Fatigue Welding Mat

The Comfort Weld™ Anti-Fatigue Welding Mat is an ideal addition to your welding workspace. A safe and comfortable environment is essential for every welder. Formulated and constructed to be fire retardant and shed sparks, the Comfort Weld™ guards against the typical hazardous debris created when welding. 
The Comfort Weld™ Anti-Fatigue Welding Mat from Aleco guards against sparks and hot metal and enables welders to stand comfortably for long periods of time with no pain and fatigue.

Simplify and Optimize Hardfacing and Build-up Welding Applications

The Mavrix multi-process horizontal lathe is capable of sub arc, open arc and gas-shielded welding processes using a single torch. An onboard second torch is ready for quick changeover for ID bore welding down to 4 in ID.
This new line of horizontal and vertical welding lathes features PLC-based controls that are ideal for remanufacturing slab caster rolls, shell rolls, zinc pot rolls, mandrel bars and more.

Chatter Free High Speed Machining

The new Haimer Power Mill Portfolio, with cutting diameters available from 2 mm to 20 mm and up to 1 in, will be made available with 3, 4 and 5 cutting edges having multiple lengths of cut. Various cutting edge solutions will be offered, including a roughing geometry. (Photo courtesy of Haimer)
Power Mill Solid Carbide Endmills from Haimer use endmill geometries that are ideal for chatter free high end machining and extremely smooth surfaces for the best possible chip evacuation.

VisualCAM Now Compatible with SolidWorks

VisualCAM 2014 for SolidWorks from MecSoft is now certified to run inside the new release of SolidWorks 2015.