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Portable Welding & Cutting Just Got More Portable

Weighing only 18 lb, the MiniArc 161LTS is an extremely portable, 115V or 230V, single-phase machine that provides outstanding results for GTAW (TIG) and Stick welding, and is able to use cellulosic 6010 electrodes with ease. 
The lightweight, highly portable MiniArc161LTS power source for GTAW/Stick welding and PowerCut® 400 manual plasma cutting system systems from ESAB are ideal for transport on or offsite as the job demands.

Flux-Cored Wire Offers Low Hydrogen (H4) Weld Deposits, Superior “As-Welded” and PWHT Properties

FabCO 712M wire features a fast-freezing, easily removable slag that makes it suitable for all-position welding and minimizes interpass and post-weld cleaning. It also provides a tensile strength of 83 ksi in the as-welded condition and 80 ksi after PWHT.
FabCO 712M gas-shielded flux-cored wire from Hobart Brothers is ideal for offshore drilling rig applications and jack-up rig fabrication.

Efficiently Remove Burrs from Sheared, Plasma, Laser Cut Edges

Cutter depth on the Turbo-Burr is adjustable from light burr removal up to 1/16 in chamfers at speeds to 10 ft per minute.
The Turbo-Burr from Heck Industries weighs only 3 lb and uses a standard carbide burr to remove burrs on very thin materials up to large blocks.

Durable Tool Storage Cabinets Improve Productivity

The drawers in "L" cabinets have a 100 lb capacity and boast 100 percent extension. The sliding system comes with a lifetime warranty. "L" cabinets can also be mobile by adding casters to the bottom and the 6 in models have a 900 lb capacity per caster.
"L" line cabinets from Rousseau Metal are ideal for tool crib, quality inspection, maintenance and many other shop applications. 

Fully Automatic High-Speed Carbide Circular Saw

The P230B features a 750 mm diameter blade with a 3.8 mm blade thickness to minimize material loss. The blades can be either carbide tipped or ceramic (cermet).
The new P230B from Marvel Manufacturing is ideal for high production machine and features a 9 in maximum capacity on rounds and a 6.3 in maximum capacity on squares.

New Line of Ironworkers Increase Productivity

Workstations on each ironworker include either a 20 or 26 mm punch and matching die and standard punching tools, steel solid round and square bar shears, angle iron shears, flatbar shears and  rectangle notchers. Many special options are available, including V-notcher tooling, press brake, punching at notcher and more. 
Along with adjustable piston stroke distance, central lubrication systems, electrical back gauges, working lights and five individual workstations each machine, these seven new ironworkers from Marvel Manufacturing offer punching and shearing tonnage ranging from 50-192.

Servomotors and Drives

HPB Motion Control will exhibit a Direct Drive motor (Torque Motor) and other servomotors and drives.
New AC servomotor and AC drive systems from HPB Motion Control include a Direct Drive Torque Motor, a permanent magnet Linear Servomotor, and an indexing Rotary Table.

Advanced DNC for Multiple CNC Machine Tools

FactoryWiz DNC can be used to transfer data to machines acting as FTP Clients, FTP Servers, or Microsoft SMB servers. Lite “web client” stations can be deployed on the vast majority of operating systems with a web browser.
FactoryWiz DNC from Refresh Your Memory provides full simultaneous communication and full machine event/monitoring on every machine tool, with powerful remote-request and email capabilities from the machine control panel, mobile devices and more.

Bridge the Gap: Plan to Manufacturing Execution

Factory Track helps to simplify inventory management, automate data collection, eliminate errors and inventory write-offs, collect labor time and attendance, provide payroll applications, automate production schedule execution, dispatch operations and automate work center operations.
Built for the Cloud, Factory Track from Infor provides manufacturers with a comprehensive, easy to customize way to increase their operational efficiency and improve visibility across the warehouse and the shop floor.

Industrial Connectors

The brochure details the many enhancements made to Mencom product lines over the years.
A new 12-page brochure from Mencom contains detailed information on their latest industrial connectors.
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