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Ultralight Robotic Resistance Welding

Ideal for use on 80 kg capacity robot models and high density welding cells, FlexGun UL from Centerline Windsor is available in X, C and Pinch base designs that boast total gun weights under 155 lb.

Welding Helmet Merges Science Fiction/Fantasy Theme with 4C Lens Technology

The VIKING 3350 helmet from Lincoln Electric has steampunk-inspired graphics and one of the largest viewing areas in its class and the best optical clarity available with 4C Lens Technology.

High Productivity CAD/CAM Software

To optimize workflow, users of VERICUT V8 CAD/CAM software from CGTech can quickly access only the menu choices and functionality they need at the time with minimal mouse clicks.

Versatile Machine Monitoring Automates and Increases Machine Tool Productivity

The new DTect-IT monitoring system and other advanced technologies from Caron Engineering optimize the cutting process, reduce cycle time, allow unattended operation, provide machine process diagnostics and eliminate operator data entry errors.

Toolroom Lathe for Modeling and Prototypes

Ideal for modeling and prototype shops, TML-5C toolroom lathes from Babin Machine Tool feature a proven Hardinge HLV-H style dovetail bedpate and high precision direct drive spindle to 3,500 rpm, an English/Metric gearbox and optional 5 hp spindle.

Chamfer Blending of Holes Made Easy

By blending and radiusing sharp edges and removing microburrs on chamfered holes, the specialty Flex-Hone for Chamfer Blending tool from Brush Research Manufacturing eliminates stress risers caused by the chamfering operation.

Mill-Thread Tool for High Speed Aluminum Machining

Ideal for aerospace, automotive and other high precision applications, the solid carbide AMT from Carmex minimizes the tendency of aluminum to stick to the cutting tool edges to deliver high surface finish and good chip evacuation.

Next Generation Automation Platform Takes Welding to the Next Level

Ideal for demanding automation applications, the Auto-Continuum 350 and Auto-Continuum 500 MIG welding systems from Miller Electric feature an adaptive arc for less spatter and improved gap handling that increases travel speeds and provides high quality welds on a variety of base materials.

The Growing Need for Stainless Steel Filler Metals

The comprehensive stainless steel filler metals line from Hobart Brothers has expanded to include stick electrodes and metal-cored wires by adding options in solid wire and flux-cored wire.

Large Scale Three-Axis Positioner

The APS 70000 three-axis 70 ton heavy-duty positioner from Pemamek uses a wide movement area to effortlessly and safely position heavy duty workpieces up to 153,000 lb to an ergonomic rotating, tilting or lifting position for welding operations.