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Affordable Automated Cross‐Cutting System for Non‐Ferrous Metal

The new TigerSaw 2000 from TigerStop provides an adjustable cutting envelope that can accommodate various saw blade sizes from 350 mm to 500 mm, pneumatic clamping for handling delicate material, an air over oil for improved cut quality, and a patent-pending lube misting system which follows the blade delivering lubrication at the cut point for increased blade life. 
The fully automated TigerSaw 2000 cross‐cutting saw system from TigerStop is ideal for cutting aluminum extrusions, solid and hollow tube and pipe, and pack sawing.

New Cutting Edge Geometry for Stainless Steels

The chamfer and thread relief geometry of the XTOP tap reduces the torques generated during chamfering operations and at the reversal point. In deep blind hole threads up to 3xD, chips can be optimally guided and sheared off without any problems in reverse motion, even with problem materials. (Photo courtesy of WEXO) (first view)
These special tools have been developed for increasing process reliability when machining problematic materials with higher ductility.

Transform the Shop Floor

Booth S-938: The new generation Easy-Form press brake from LVD Strippit will all be on display at the show.
LVD Strippit features the latest, bending, laser cutting and punching machines with the CADMAN suite offline software.

Ink Marker For Metal Dries Fast, No Special Cleaning

Booth N-24002: The no-smear DURA-INK WashAway jobsite marker from LA-CO Industries/Markal is engineered with a special ink formula that is bright and highly visible and dries fast, but can be removed from all non-porous surfaces with water or detergent. It removes completely without traces of ghosting or residue and will not interfere with top-coat primers, paints, or powder coating.
LA-CO Industries/Markal will showcase their DURA-INK WashAway high-visibility, no-smear jobsite marker that can be washed away from work surfaces.

Tool Storage And Transport

Booth C-1338: The CNC Series of carts, toolholder, carriers and drawer inserts from Kennedy Manufacturing offer shops the desired customization, safety, security, and organization needed to connect all the various stages of tool storage, transport and use.
Kennedy Manufacturing showcase their new CNC Series of carts, toolholder, carriers and drawer inserts.

Advanced CAM Software for Punching Operations

Booth S-2279: Version 18 Expert CAM and nesting software from JETCAM features an advanced interface, high performance nesting engine and its flagship Automatic Sheet Processing function for punching machines, all accomplished with reduced mouse movement by the programmer during day-to-day operations.
JETCAM-NestONE Solutions showcases their Version 18 Expert CAM and nesting software.

New High Efficiency Fiber Laser

Booth S-3114: The new fiber laser cutting system from JMT comes with powerful but easy to use Lantek CAD/CAM software and integrates an automated material handling system to simplify workflow for the user. A Precitec Procutter head with a double enclosure protects the optical lenses from contaminants to improve performance, reduce maintenance and extend the lifetime of the laser.
JMT introduces a new fiber laser with an integrated automated material handling system to simplify workflow.

Next Generation Sheet Handling Technologies

Booth S-2112: Weighing 60 percent less than traditional models, the Sheet Seeker permanent magnetic sheet fanner from IMI uses a patented sliding mechanism that allows a powerful rare earth magnetic circuit to index down automatically and remove 30 ga sheets to 3/16 in plate or blanks from the stack.
Industrial Magnetics offers the new Sheet Seeker permanent magnetic sheet fanner and advanced Transporter magnetic technology.

New Plasma, Laser, Waterjet Cutting Systems

Booth S-3340: Ideal for cutting and gouging in out-of-the-way locations, the new Freedom 38 PPA from Hypertherm is a completely autonomous, all-in-one unit that combines a powerful 125 amp plasma system with a generator and air compressor for cutting in areas without access to electricity.
Hypertherm unveils a system that significantly reduce waterjet operating costs and simplified CNC and robotic cutting processes.

Automated Precision Beveled Holes in Vessels

Booth S-1999: The Vessel Cutting Machine from HGG Profiling Equipment cuts precision beveled holes in pressure vessel tank heads, shells, nozzles and reinforcing pads, as well as hillside holes, by using a specially designed rotating table that positions the vessel part under the cutting area and a laser scanner system that measures the slope and adjusts the torch height to insure a proper bevel and root opening. (view one)
The Vessel Cutting Machine from HGG cuts precision beveled holes in pressure vessel tank heads, shells, nozzles and reinforcing pads, and hillside holes.