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Flexible Automation of Gear Deburring and Chamfering

CNC gear deburring machines from Koepfer America can be configured with brushes, discs, milling tools and to match the exact required application.

Safety Distance Validation of Presence Sensing Devices

Stop-Time Measurements performed by Rockford Systems can determine the stopping ability of industrial machinery by using OSHA or ANSI formulas to calculate the minimum safety distance required to install safety devices.

Maximum Safety for People and Machines

MSx-SV, -E und -C series exhaust valves from Festo combine their soft-start function and safety exhausting for greater machine availability and the fastest possible exhaust during an emergency stop in safety critical systems.

Integrated Human-Machine Safety

Ideal for safeguarding small to mid-sized shops, the integrated SafeLogic control from Bosch Rexroth controls the drives in manufacturing plants and complex machine tools through the Sercos automation network.

Make Blind Intersections and Corners Safer

The Safe-T-Signal intersection warning system from Rite-Hite uses unidirectional microwave sensors to differentiate, alert and direct approaching traffic in all directions in 4-way, 3-way or 2-way intersections.

Automatically Secure Loads to Pallets

To increase speed and improve efficiency in packaging and material handling, the fully automated Tornado Perfect Storm orbital wrapping system from TAB Industries wraps common pallet loads in 15 seconds with only a single operator.

Protect Workers from Back Injuries and the Digital Science of PPE

3M offers the V22 ErgoSkeleton and the FLx ErgoSkeleton from StrongArm Technologies that can significantly reduce the risk of injury due to improper lifting.

CAD-Based Metrology Software for Automatic Path Generation

QVI ZONE3 from Optical Gaging Products is next-generation metrology software that offers full 3D CAD-based programming in a multi-sensor measurement environment.

Automated, Repeatable Measurement of the Part Being Made

Integrated Verisurf 2017 measurement software from Verisurf Software supports and drives the portable zCAT direct computer control coordinate measuring machine from Fowler.

Robotic Inspection Made Easy

Metrolog X4 I-Robot version v7 from Metrologic controls both the measuring device and the robot directly, eliminating the need for several software packages and a complex integration to control a robotic cell.