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Advanced, Spatter-Free Welding in Aluminum and Stainless Steel

To achieve high deposition rates, the Aristo® Mig 4004i Pulse delivers a welding current of 300 A and voltage of 32 V at a 100 percent duty cycle. At a 60 percent duty cycle, these figures rise to 400 A and 36 V. The machine operates from a 380 to 460V (+/-10 percent), three phase supply at 50/60Hz, and can be powered by a generator when there is no mains supply available.
The Aristo® Mig 4004i Pulse power source from ESAB is ideal for manufacturing trucks, buses, trailers, off-highway equipment, trains and railway rolling stock, wind turbine towers, structural steelwork, shipbuilding/offshore, and general industrial fabrication.

Centricut Consumables for ESAB PT-36 Torches

The patented SilverLine electrode features a hybrid copper / silver weld joint that delivers performance equal to a solid silver electrode for a fraction of the cost. Advanced cooling features reduce its operating temperature to maximize the hafnium pit depth and slow its wear rate to extend electrode life. CoolFlow technology improves cooling to help maintain the size and shape of the nozzle orifice for longer life. 
These new electrodes and nozzles replace the original XR consumables in the torch and are guaranteed to perform as well as the ESAB units.

MIG Push-Pull Welding System Packages

This synergic welding power offers features single-control setting of simple weld parameters, while at the same time offering access to advanced waveforms and processes developed to deliver enhanced appearance and heat input control on aluminum, including Pulse-on-Pulse® and Power Mode®.
The POWER MIG® 350MP Push-Pull System from Lincoln Electric is ideal for trailer manufacturing, and its One-Pak® package targets aluminum automotive collision repair and fabrication.

An Easier Way to Reduce Weld Fume and Smoke

The small size of the vacuum chamber on the Clean Air™ Fume Extraction Gun improves welding operator comfort and control by providing good joint access and visibility, while a 360 deg vacuum hose swivel on the rear of the handle improves flexibility and reduces wrist fatigue. A rubber over mold on handle adds to operator comfort and control.
The redesigned Clean Air Fume Extraction Gun from Bernard is ideal for almost any medium- to heavy-duty solid or flux-cored welding application.

Welding Wire Meets Manganese Exposure Limits

Coreweld C6 LF offers the same enhanced features of the standard Coreweld C6, with welder-friendly operating characteristics that include consistent arc stability, very low spatter, good bead shape and minimal clean-up in an easy-to-use wire. Its low diffusible hydrogen level helps avoid hydrogen-induced cold cracking in the welding of high strength steel.
Coreweld C6 LF low manganese emission metal-cored welding wire from ESAB is ideal for hand held or automated welding in automotive, civil construction, mobile and heavy equipment, shipbuilding, rail car manufacturing and general fabrication.

Reels Quickly Connect to Any Welder

A declutching arbor and non-sparking ratchet assembly prevents damage when reverse winding SWCR Series reels from Hannay.
Power or rewind SWCR Series reels from Hannay Reels are ideal for use with a single conductor electrode cable or grounding lead.

Smooth, Consistent Feeding Spool Gun for Aluminum MIG Welding

The Spoolmatic Pro features a new toolless threaded barrel design for easier barrel changeover or repositioning. The threaded quick-change 360 deg rotatable barrels are available in different bends and lengths to fit numerous applications and welding operator preferences.
The Spoolmatic Pro from Miller Electric is ideal for trailer manufacturing, ship and boat building, and general fabrication.

Quieter Diesel Welder/Generators Extend Run Time, Reduce Fuel Use

With a redesigned case that’s 7 in shorter and 80 lb lighter, the Trailblazer 325 Diesel (left) allows a work truck to carry more equipment and heavier payloads. The Bobcat 250 Diesel (right) with versatile AC and DC weld output is also well suited for mobile maintenance trucks. 
The innovative Trailblazer® 325 Diesel and Bobcat™ 250 Diesel from Miller Electric deliver multiprocess welding capabilities and smooth generator power on the jobsite.

Welding Hand Tools That Get the Job Done

Designed specifically for use with MIG welding guns, the Welper offers eight functions in a single pair of pliers.
The Radius Chipping Hammer, Welding Pliers and the Welper from Lincoln Electric aid welding operators in any situation.

Build Your Ultimate MIG Welding Gun

The BTB Platform MIG Gun consolidates three legacy industrial gun lines into a single MIG gun configuration, with options ranging from 200 amps to 600 amps, cable length between 8 ft and 25 ft, and wire sizes from 0.023 in (0.6 mm) to 1/8 in (3.2 mm).
The Best of the Best (BTB) Platform MIG Guns from Bernard can be configured with Centerfire, TOUGH LOCK or Quik Tip consumables.