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Outstanding Cylindrical and Face Grinding Accuracy

The spindle on the SGU32X100S Cylindrical Grinding Machine runs on precision bearings, assuring maximum spindle stability. It guarantees outstanding accuracy for external and internal diameter grinding and face grinding. 
The SGU32X100S Cylindrical Grinding Machine from Sy Machinery uses a stable and rigid spindle head, precision wheel head with special hydrostatic bearing and advanced automatic hydrostatical lubrication for extremely smooth movement, added feed accuracy and superior grinding accuracy.

Affordable Power-Stroke Honing for Small Shops

The SSH-1680 makes quick work of parts with keyways, splines and blind bores. An adjustable spindle allows the operator to eliminate mandrel runout, making it easy to achieve precision bore geometry. Multiple land and tandem bores are bridged with Sunnen’s long stones, maintaining alignment and consistent size without camber or washout. 
Ideal for multiple-land and tandem bores, heavy/odd shaped parts, keyed or splined bores, blind bores and thin-wall parts, the value-priced SSH-1680 honing system from Sunnen brings power-stroke efficiency to small shops for sizing complex bores up to 60 mm diameter and 250 mm length.

Automated Centerless Grinding for Medium to Large Production

The TGS-CL-6020 centerless grinder dependably handles a variety of industry-wide grinding applications in the roughest production environments. The machine is built to provide many years of uninterrupted service without high maintenance costs.
The TGS-CL-6020 centerless grinder from Total Grinding Solutions is ideal for medium to large-batch production with short setup times in the roughest production environments.

Modular Belt Grinding System for High Versatility

The Slugger GIC cylindrical grinding machine is designed for maximum loading and centerless grinding capability, ensuring reliable operation even in continuous manufacturing use. Connection to the GI belt grinding module is simple and fast.  It has a quick-release attachment for easy tool changes and a continuous, three-phase motor for uninterrupted service.  Variable pipe diameters and lengths up to 20 ft can be processed using the optional pipe guide.
The Slugger GI series of belt systems from FEIN are ideal for radius grinding, cylindrical grinding and flat grinding of thick and thin wall pipes, square tubes, flat materials and profiles.

First Roll Grinder for Cold Mill Rolls

The fully automated ultragrind 700 R roll grinding machine from Georg performs both conventional and CBN grinding. 
The fully automated ultragrind 700 R from Georg is ideal for both conventional and CBN grinding of parts with center lengths of 5,000 mm, grinding diameters of up to 700 mm and roll weights up to 10 tons. 

Tend Grinders with Vision Guided Robotics

The system is available with the FlexMT 20, which features an IRB 2600 robot with a 20 kg payload and a 1.65 m reach; or the FlexMT 60, which features an IRB 4600 robot with a 60 kg payload and a 2.05 m reach. The turnkey automation system comes complete with a robot controller inside its fully integrated control cabinet, providing easy and precise control of the robot, vision, conveyors and machine tool.  
This turnkey system from ABB Robotics increases grinder utilization by up to 60 percent over manual machine tending and can handle most any part.

Grinding of Complex Geometries

The Schütte 325linear cylindrical grinding system features extended X-Y paths plus two auxiliary slides. Optional robotic handling, wheel changing and tool magazines allow the same machine scalable automation in use. (first view)
The 325linear 5-axis CNC grinder from Schütte is ideal for processing micro tools, gun drills, hob cutters and complex geometries.

Grinders for Maximum Material Removal

Cleco Vertical Grinders provide efficient and constructive use of productivity while allowing for quick and easy configuration to a variety of user preferences and applications. Featuring a superior rugged design, these grinders can also withstand demanding environments while still ensuring the highest level of reliability.
Ideal for maximum material removal in heavy fabrication, shipbuilding, rail and foundry and infrastructure applications, 3 hp and 4 hp Vertical Grinders from Cleco Tool can withstand demanding environments.

Centerless Grinder Delivers Precise Arthroscopic Shaver Application

The Glebar GT-610 CNC can infeed grind the shape of the inner tube and maintain a ± 0.0002 in tolerance on the elliptical tip dimensions. It can grind three diameter features to within .0002 in, maintaining a TIR of 0.0001 in and producing a smooth 9 Ra surface finish on 304V stainless steel with a ± 0.001 in wall thickness. It can remove 0.012 in of stock for the majority of a part and 0.004 in off the tip geometry.
The advanced GT-610 CNC centerless grinder from Glebar makes the most precise inner and outer tubes for use by orthopedic surgeons.

Compact High Speed Automated Internal Grinding

Equipped with features that enhance the automation process, the GI-10NII CNC grinding machine is capable of simultaneous dressing and loading, fixed workhead construction, and greater X-axis travel to provide additional space for workpiece loading/unloading.
The extremely flexible GI-10NII from Okuma America is ideal for handling a variety of workpiece shapes in a simple data setting.