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Machines That Can Feel

Strain gauges are now being placed into the bottom of the grooves inside the machine tool components themselves, where stresses are highest and where stress gauges can make the most precise measurements. (Photo courtesy of Springside Industries)
Structural components of a machine tool now contain gauges that allow the machine itself to measure process stress and vibration. Here’s a review of this and other new developments in conditioning monitoring and predictive maintenance systems.

Watch What You Wear

Conqueror® MAG from Gateway Safety is bifocal safety eyewear that is ideal product for those who have trouble focusing on small things close up, such as blueprints and schematics, small parts, machine tool equipment settings, cutting tools and more.
Studies show that only 60 percent of the 20 million employees required to wear eye and face protection actually comply. The consequence to this is an increase in eye injuries and their associated human and economic costs. Here is some of the newest PPE available to address this lack of protection.

Powerful Lightweight Two-Speed Mag Drill

An LED light is built into the base of the magnet on the HMD905 portable magnetic drill that allows the operator to more efficiently and quickly line up the pilot with the holes center location in low light or no light conditions. 
The HMD905 portable magnetic drill from Hougen provides steel fabricators with a great power-to-weight ratio that offers more strength and torque in a small lightweight footprint.

End Mills Overcome Challenges of Machining Hardened Steels

Producing significant increases in tool life by changing corner geometries, a 50 deg helix angle, improved cutting edges and a more advanced AlTiNX coating to protect those cutting edges from heat generated in the cutting zone, even under extreme cutting conditions.
Omega M726 and M725 end mills from IMCO are ideal for machining hardened steels up to 58-62 HRC, running wet or dry.

Reduced Lead Time When Cutting Gear Profiles

InvoMilling software is very user friendly with excellent graphics, milling path generation and simulation functionality.
InvoMilling CAM software from Sandvik Coromant generates the CNC program to produce different gear profiles using CoroMill 161 and CoroMill 162 milling cutters.

Square Shoulder Mills for Heavy Cuts in Difficult Materials

R220.LN14 square shoulder mills provide four cutting edges with a 14 mm (0.551 in) cutting edge length to reduce cost per edge. 
R220.LN4 square shoulder mills from Seco Tools use four cutting edges to reduce costs and improve performance in demanding applications requiring large depth cuts.

Inserts Extend the Sweet Spot in Turning Difficult Materials

The Victory turning portfolio features Universal Roughing geometry for smooth chip forming and increased tool life.
Victory turning inserts from WIDIA deliver excellent chip flow for smooth machining, improved efficiency and extended tool life on difficult-to-machine materials in aerospace and medical applications.

Superior Milling of Difficult Materials

The Blaxx F5138 with ScrewFit (left) and bore-mounted (right) deliver superior performance and process reliability when shoulder milling or profiling.
The Blaxx F5138 helical flute cutter from Walter delivers superior performance and reliability in profiling and shoulder milling operations in steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metal, difficult to cut material, or cast iron.

Increase Metal Removal Rates in Steel and Cast Iron

The Double Octomill high feed face milling cutter is available in diameters from 80 mm to 160 mm and offers the most benefit in applications featuring large parts. All Double Octomill high feed cutters use a unique pocket design and ground slots on the inserts to achieve maximum precision.
The tools in the versatile Double Octomill  R220.48 face milling cutter from Seco Tools are divided into three different pitches that optimize productivity for different machines and materials.

Indexable Insert Cartridges Increase Face Milling Productivity

The FR751M cartridge provides added performance to BLAXX indexable inserts.
FR751M and FR752M cartridges for the F2010 face mill from Walter increase the flexibility of shoulder, helical and slitting mill operations.