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Machines and Automation to Make What Matters

One of the demonstrations planned by Makino is an automated 5-axis aerospace production cell featuring an a61nx-5E with a pallet pool system to help manage processing speed by keeping work flowing across the spindle quickly and efficiently.
This year at IMTS 2014, Makino will perform live cutting demonstrations on 20 machines, along with information-rich presentations that showcase the precision, speed, quality, productivity and competitiveness needed to Make What Matters.

How to Model Machining and Sheet Metal Fabrication Costs

MTI Costimator cost estimating and quoting software is designed for manufacturers of all sizes including single-man job shops, large contract manufacturers, precision machining and fabrication shops, as well as full-service OEMs. (Photo courtesy of Ganesh Machinery)
Costimator® V12.1 from MTI Systems can estimate machining, fabrication and part assembly processes so shops can quickly quantify the impact of changes to product design, materials, geographic locations, manufacturing processes, volume requirements and more.

Waterjet Cutting at a Fraction of the Cost

The Emerald Series allows operators to load material into the cutting area from all four sides. The system is also capable of indexing sheets of unlimited length in all directions – a feature no other low cost waterjet offers.
Featuring greater accessibility, the Emerald Series waterjet from WARDJet is a high quality, low cost waterjet system that is capable of indexing sheets of unlimited length in all directions.

Powerful Turret Punch Presses

Both the Motorum M3048TG (shown here) and M3058TG are available in either Wiedemann or Spring Style tooling. The powerful ram drive delivers 33 tons of heavy-duty punching force at 510 hits per minute with servomotor drive mechanisms that only use energy while punching.
M3048TG and M3058TG turret presses from Murata Machinery incorporate servo-driven ram drives that deliver 33 tons of heavy-duty punching force at 510 hits per minute.

Powerful Lasers are Ideal for Plastic or Thin Gauge Metal Welding

The TruDiode 301 supplies 300 watts of laser power to the work piece. Wavelength range is between 920 Nm to 970 Nm with CW or modulated CW up to 3kHz.
TruDiode 151 and TruDiode 301 lasers from TRUMPF are more powerful and efficient, yet smaller than previous TruDiode lasers, producing wavelengths that range between 920 Nm to 970 Nm.

Information on Tool Steel Characteristics and Heat Treatment Options

The 16 Tool Steel Literature brochure also details the heat treating processes (including both heating and cooling of the material) to further manipulate the tool steels to achieve a desired result. A thorough breakdown of common tool steels is also provided so that readers can easily pick which steel would work best for their intended application.
Available in print or online, this detailed, new 6-page, full-color brochure from Dayton Progress examines the various properties and benefits of some common tool steels.

Two Compartment Universal Oven

Inside each of the two heating zones of the Model No. 978, 6.6 kW per zone are installed in Nichrome wire elements to heat the oven chamber while a 600 cfm, 1/2 hp recirculating blower provides front-to-rear universal airflow to the workload.
Featuring four insulated walls and an aluminized steel exterior with a 2B finish stainless steel interior, the No. 978 universal oven from Grieve is perfect for any machine shop operation.

Advanced CAD/CAM Nesting Software for Automated Cutting

ProNest 2015 includes a simplified and intuitive user interface; tabs to quickly navigate between, insert, or reorder nests; and more standard features like OneClick™, a powerful production module that automates various job tasks, and Custom Remnants™, a tool for users to enter the dimensions of an irregular plate or remnant and then complete a nest.
Featuring an automatic nesting process and the ability to export nests to a DXF file without installing a special DXF Polyline setup or changing machines, ProNest 2015 from Hypertherm contains more embedded cut process expertise in the NC code than any other software.

Wet-Blast System Raises the Bar in Manufacturing

The compact Vaqua Komet automated wet 
blasting system has two adjustable-speed 
spindles and a roof-mounted linear actuator to enable programmable 
vertical motion of four slurry blasting guns.
The Vaqua Komet twin-spindle wet blasting system from Guyson has an automated cabinet with a large safety-glass window equipped with an interior wiper and water spray to view blast cleaning and surface preparation operations for inspection, adjustment and maintenance.

Affordable Magnetic Drill Optimizes Power-to-Weight Ratio

Weighing only 22 lb, the Slugger® JHM Short Slugger Portable Magnetic Drill has a gravity-fed coolant bottle that can be easily removed and the lightest, lowest profile of any drill model in its class, making it ideal for use in overhead and upside down drilling.
Priced at $699, the “Short Slugger” from FEIN Power Tools weighs only 22 lb and stands at 11 in with a 430 W motor that is ideal for repetitive drilling in close quarters or as a first-time user’s magnetic drill.