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Complete 3D Analysis of Tools and Parts

Walter HELICHECK 3D non-contact CNC measuring machine from United Grinding combines a transmitted light camera and laser sensor to scan, then digitize cutting tools and production parts. It then creates 3D models of those tools and/or parts that users can save, process, analyze and measure.

Vision Optical Measuring Systems for Cylindrical Profile Measurements

Optical Gaging Products VICI MTL 1's high resolution camera is capable of resolving the intricate features inherent in small turned medical parts, while its software includes thread analysis, compared radius, and chamfer tools to facilitate measurement of small features using simple programming techniques.

Complete Part Inspection in a Single Measurement

The MarShaft SCOPE 600 plus 3D from Mahr Federal combines optical and touch sensors in the same unit to provide 3D functionality and complete inspection of the workpiece in a single measurement.

Automatically Measure Large Stampings, Sheet Metal Parts and More

The SNAP DM350 Large Area Digital Measuring System from RAM can identify and automatically measure parts placed anywhere within its expansive measuring range.

One-Button Automated Scanning of Complex Parts

The CyberGage360 from Laser Design has a range of potential applications for consumer electronics, medical, automotive, aerospace and other verticals, where high accuracy and high speed throughput are vital.

High Pressure Vises for Milling, Grinding, Toolroom and Production

The full line of Arnold high pressure vises from Dapra provide controllable power and dependable clamping and are manufactured to precision tolerances with accurate standards to ensure reliability and long life.

Accurately Measure Workholding Grip Force in Machine Shops

The Digital Grip Force Analyzer Software and Kit (PC Version) from Kitagawa North-Tech comes bundled as a complete kit, with rugged carrying case, super powerful Bluetooth dongle loaded with PC analyzer software, digital load meter, and the traditional handheld pendant for manual diagnostics, testing and measurement.

Modular Clamping System Reduces Setup Time, Increases Machine Utilization

The FCS Modular Clamping System (Breyl) from SST uses virtual design during the CAD/CAM stage of part production to project a grid on the workpiece that calculates the best way to attach the part for machining and chip evacuation.

Hybrid Machine Tools

The economies and production rates that are gained on metal parts produced by additive manufacturing processes can suffer when post-machining is required due to a sub-standard surface finish. That’s where these innovative machine tools come in: they combine additive and subtractive technologies to eliminate secondary operations. Here’s a closer look at how some of the newest systems do it.

Hybrid Printing with Common Center Line Integrity Between Nozzle and Tool

The Vertex 55X-H from Mitsui Seiki is ideal for producing super hard materials used in parts and diesel engines, and repair of high-pressure turbine and compressor blades, low pressure blades, blisks/IBRs and impellers for aerospace, power generation, oil and gas applications.