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Quickly Restrict Access to Hazardous Areas

Aisle-Guard costs a small fraction of a lawsuit or paid leave expense for an injured employee, meaning every safety, building and facility manager should have it available and ready at a moments notice.
The Aisle-Guard safety barricade from North American Safety Products also prevents passage underneath, even at full expansion.

Set and Forget” Welding Helmet

The exclusive Adaptive Shade Autopilot automatically adjusts the e684 ADF to the appropriate shade level as one welds. Its third sensor helps the e684 immediately detect changes in arc intensity and adjusts accordingly. This allows welder to stay focused on what really matters: striking the perfect arc.
With fully automated shade level protection, Adaptive Shade Autopilot ADF technology automatically adjusts the shade level on this helmet to the welder's parameters in full high definition viewing.

Cantilever Clamps Solve Common Welding Problem

This K010R Kant-Twist Cantilever Clamp has a 1 in maximum jaw capacity,	1/2 in open throat depth,	1-3/4 in open width, 2-1/8 in overall length, 1/2 in closed throat depth, 350 lb maximum clamp force,and weights 0.13 lb.
Ideal for spot welding, the Kant-Twist Cantilever Clamp eliminates material twisting or walking off-center that happens with standard C-clamps.

Titanium Welding System

These complete welding workstations have an ergonomic design that provides great operator comfort while being fully equipped with everything needed, from a shaded sliding eye shield and internal lighting to a fast flow gas purge system and an insulated torch feedthrough.
This off-the-shelf 10/10 chamber welds titanium with minimal oxygen in the weld area, reaching 10 ppm in 10 minutes to save gas and money.

Gas Metal Arc Welding Advanced Courseware

Updated training materials on aluminum welding, process introduction, equipment set-up, operation and shutdown, V-groove and butt joint welds in various joint configurations and positions with spray transfer and pulsed spray transfer, and more.

Perfection in Mobile TIG Welding

The handy AccuPocket 150/400 TIG weighs only 24 lb and offers two and four-step switchover for welding thin sheets.

Powerhouse Welding for Heavy Fabrication

The TPS 600i is ideal for mechanized and robot-assisted welding in heavy steel construction that requires a single-wire process and extremely high deposition rate.

Welding Helmet Clears View of Weld Puddle, Reduced Eye Strain

The auto-darkening Aristo Tech HD is ideal for greater weld clarity and increased definition of the weld pool, especially when welding for long periods.

Online Configurator for Clean Air Fume Extraction Guns

To allow welders to customize a Clean Air Fume Extraction Gun to fit their exact needs, Bernard now has an online configurator where users can choose the features that best suit their application.
Welders can use this tool to choose amperage, cable length, neck, contact tip, wire size, power pin and liner to customize a Clean Air Fume Extraction Gun to their exact needs.

Socket Weld Spacer Rings

SteelSpace uses a spring action that allows the spacer to stay in place even when the socket is sideways or upside-down. Because the spacer is a solid ring with a hollow center, viewing is not compromised during socket welding.
SteelSpace Socket Weld Spacer Rings are composed of Certified 316L stainless steel and provide the pre-measured 1/16 in minimum gap for socket welding contractions required by ANSI 31.1, Section III ASME, and U.S. Naval and Military Codes.