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Honeywell Safety Video Wins Award

Scott Maiocchi and the team of advertising agency (add)ventures, which created the video that has become the centerpiece of a marketing and sales campaign targeting distributors and safety managers.
The Uvex Turboshield video used a slow motion technique with editing that emphasizes the intensity of industrial environments.

Waterjet Cutting at a Fraction of the Cost

The Emerald Series allows operators to load material into the cutting area from all four sides. The system is also capable of indexing sheets of unlimited length in all directions – a feature no other low cost waterjet offers.
Featuring greater accessibility, the Emerald Series waterjet from WARDJet is a high quality, low cost waterjet system that is capable of indexing sheets of unlimited length in all directions.

Powerful Turret Punch Presses

Both the Motorum M3048TG (shown here) and M3058TG are available in either Wiedemann or Spring Style tooling. The powerful ram drive delivers 33 tons of heavy-duty punching force at 510 hits per minute with servomotor drive mechanisms that only use energy while punching.
M3048TG and M3058TG turret presses from Murata Machinery incorporate servo-driven ram drives that deliver 33 tons of heavy-duty punching force at 510 hits per minute.

Hobart Campaign Celebrates Partnership with U.S. Navy

The campaign, “It’s the tie that binds,” showcases the Marine Group Boat Works partnership with the U.S. Navy to celebrate creating some of the most distinctive and instrumental things that impact the world.

Wet-Blast System Raises the Bar in Manufacturing

The compact Vaqua Komet automated wet 
blasting system has two adjustable-speed 
spindles and a roof-mounted linear actuator to enable programmable 
vertical motion of four slurry blasting guns.
The Vaqua Komet twin-spindle wet blasting system from Guyson has an automated cabinet with a large safety-glass window equipped with an interior wiper and water spray to view blast cleaning and surface preparation operations for inspection, adjustment and maintenance.

Small Diameter Tubing for HVAC

The coil designs of the heating and air conditioning industry have evolved with the conversion to smaller diameter tubing; moving from 3/8 in and 5/16 in to 7 mm and now 5 mm as manufacturers continue to experiment in order to reduce manufacturing and raw material costs, as well as improve performance and efficiency.  
Evolving with the conversion to smaller diameter tubing, Burr Oak Tools has worked with the HVAC industry to create a press design with tube processing and fin handling capabilities needed to achieve a more-cost efficient air conditioner.

Unmatched Laser Tube Cutter

The new Sigma Femtosecond Laser Tube cutting system provides unrivaled edge quality for both metals and plastics, making it ideal for medical device applications, including a wide range of diameter tubes and stents. 
Ideal for manufacturing medical devices and a wide range of diameter tubes and stents, the Sigma Femtosecond Laser Tube cutting system from Miyachi America provides exceptional edge quality when processing both metals and plastics.

Revolutionary Downhole Casing and Pipe Cutting System

Three layers of casing, cut at 300 ft deep, recovered after overcoring. (Photo courtesy Centura Oil Inc.)
Designed especially for oil, gas and mining applications, the CenJet 90® cutting system developed by Centura Oil uses Jet Edge equipment to cut up to 300 ft under the surface at any angle: horizontal, vertical and even overhead. 

The Ultimate Bending Experience

The powerful yet easy to operate ByVision Bending control uses a full 22 in HD touch screen to display realistic 3D part animations and software driven menu selections. Bending profiles can be either imported or drawn directly on the touch screen and then automatically converted to a bending program with proper bending sequences and tool selections.
Xpert and Xcite press brakes from Bystronic use ByVision Bending control to offer shops a quick and easy way to radically improve their efficiency and productivity.

New Software Makes Fabrication of Pressure Vessels, Spools and Nozzles Easier

HGG ProShell Software complements chuck-style HGG Pressure Vessel Machines that combine plasma and oxyfuel processes for 3D steel-profile cutting capability, eliminating the need for laying out lines on shells, grinding a bevel, as well as additional welding after the holes are cut to provide a perfect fit-up.
With HGG ProShell Software from HGG Profiling Equipment, shops can easily import part program files from CAD/CAM design systems, design product profiles and profiling information, view 3D profiles and efficiently divide them into available raw materials for nesting.