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MQL Systems for Shops that are Tired of Dealing with Coolant

Ideal for the near-dry machining of steel, stainless, titanium, Inconel, tungsten and more, the compact, highly durable and modular Miquel pump from DropsA can be retrofitted to a machine tool’s existing coolant piping and mixed and matched with a compensation valve, independent solenoid control or both to optimize MQL for wide range of lubrication requirements.

Innovative Robotic Roll Forming System

The 3D Rollforming Center from data M Sheet Metal Solutions uses an integrated hexapod robot to produce high strength steel or aluminum alloy profile sections that vary in height and width, a COPRA ProfileScan Desktop measurement device for quality control of profiles, and COPRA FEA RF design and simulation software to validate the roll forming process.

Cutting, Cleaning and Recycling Expertise

SC Industrial will have on display the DoALL Continental Series DC-280NC Column Band Saw Machine along with the small, easy to install Klean King oil skimming device. Also on display will be the SC Green Recycling Program, an effortless way to repurpose used or damaged cutting tools.

Additive Manufacturing Simulation, Verification and Optimization Software

Powered by the same NC code that drives the hybrid CNC machine, simulation in the new Additive Manufacturing capability of VERICUT 8.1 from CGTech verifies laser function, detects collisions between the machine and additive part, checks accurate laser cladding and material deposition, and finds errors, voids, and misplaced material.

How to Increase Productivity, OEE, and Profits Without Buying New Machines

Software and hardware systems from Shop Floor Automations can help shops increase productivity, OEE, and profits without buying new machines or downsizing their workforce in order to afford upgrades.

Multi-Purpose Clamping for High Speed Drilling, Reaming and Finishing

Perfect for high speed drills, reamers and finishing end mills with a diameter up to Ø 1 in, the high precision multi-purpose Mega New Baby Chuck from BIG KAISER provides .00004 in runout accuracy and guarantees one micron runout at the collet nose. Its thrust ball bearings eliminate distortion of the collet during tightening and its patented design prevents the ball bearings from moving at high speed.

MOPA Laser Source Provides More Options for Marking Metals

Using MOPA fiber laser technology, the SpeedMarker galvo laser marking system from Trotec can be adjusted to mark with shorter pulses that produce clearer, lighter markings with higher contrast and less burning and foaming ability to mark (natural anodized) aluminum in black, and produce faster, corrosion-free annealing marking of different colors on steel.

Advances in Precision Marking and Machining

ARCH will showcase their Beamer Laser Systems M-Series Enclosure that provides everything needed to easily mark a product quick and safely. The ULTRA-DEX Chatter-Free Boring Bar and KEO Cutters Center Drills will also be on display.

CT-Based Coordinate Measuring Machines

The METROTOM CT-based coordinate measuring machine from Zeiss is ideal for flexibly measuring and inspecting a wide range of applications regarding the dimensional size and material density in one X-ray scan, including hybrid parts made from different materials such as plastic, ceramics or composite materials, as well as magnesium, aluminum and steel.

Cost Effective Quality Inspection Software

The Quality Inspection Suite from Verisurf Software combines application modules that are configured into an efficient quality inspection and reporting system.

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