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Efficient Bar Machining of Complex Parts

The bar capacity of the main spindle on the SPRINT 20|5 is Ø 20 mm / 0.8 in. The counter spindle can be optionally equipped for shaft unloading of workpieces measuring Ø 20 x 600 mm / 0.8 x 23.6 in. The main spindle is also equipped with a C-axis for the machining of complex operations. The counter spindle is equipped with a C-axis when combined with the optional driven tools for rear-sided machining. 
The SPRINT 20|5 from DMG MORI is ideal for the high volume production of simple to medium complexity parts machined from bar.

Mill, Drill, Grind Aerospace Parts on One Machine

The unique two-axis Programmable Coolant Nozzle (PCN) handles variations in wheel diameter and changes in cutting direction while maintaining ideal coolant flushing conditions. It also allows for intermittent NC-controlled, electrically powered rotary dressing that trues the wheel to reestablish profile geometry on the cutting wheel. 
The flexible G7 Grinder 5-axis horizontal machining center from Makino grinds, drills and mills aerospace blades, vanes, turbine disks and other complex components.

TCI Precision Metals Reconfigures Shop Floor

TCI Precision Metals has effectively consolidated its 105,000 sq ft shop floor, freeing up 20,000 sq ft to be used for value-added operations, including sub- and final assembly.
The contract manufacturer now provides assembly space and resources close to full service machining, milling and grinding operations for OEMs wanting to reshore for efficiency.

New Website for Freedom Machine Tool

Users can build a custom CNC router quote to their specifications and receive an immediate online quote that is an executable purchase contract.

Bystronic Premiers 6 kW Fiber Laser

A cutting trial demonstrated how much faster the new Bysprint 6 kW fiber laser cutting system was when compared to a CO2 laser cutting system.
The raw speed of the BySprint Fiber 6 kW laser cutting machine promises to change the operating economics of sheet metal fabrication shops.

FABTECH 2014: Welding, Tube & Pipe Fabrication

Booth C-2454: When Velocity contact tips  from Tweco / Victor Technologies were tested in this heavy fabrication application using .045 in and 1/16 in gas shielded flux cored wire, 13 contact tips lasted for five months.
Here are some reviews of the weld fixturing and accessories, tube & pipe equipment and other systems being exhibited at this year's show.

FABTECH 2014: Welding

Booths C-2022, C-2044: The Weld Sequencer from Lincoln Electric allows users to pictorially explain where to add the welds step-by-step.
Here are some reviews of the welding equipment and other systems being exhibited at this year's show.

FABTECH 2014: Welding, Cutting Systems

Booth C-2466: The compact SGX automated cutting machine from ESAB is a rugged, high-performance system that carries up to three tool stations, including up to two oxy-fuel torches and one plasma station that can be equipped with m3-IGC Precision Plasma System for high-quality plasma cutting.
Here are some reviews of the welding equipment and cutting systems being exhibited at this year's show.

Fast Cutting, Long Lasting Portable Band Saw Blade

The Morse 811 portable saw blade is the fastest cutting, longest, and portable blade in the market today.
The Morse 811 portable band saw blade from M. K. Morse combines an aggressive tooth with a variable tooth pattern to reduce vibration and increase cutting speed.

Unitized Punch Tooling Applications

The new unitized tooling system combines standard Multicyl MC series, the HZ frame, and the HZ unit from Unipunch.
Multicyl combines the standard Multicyl MC series, the HZ frame, and the HZ unit from Unipunch to punch angles, tube edges, and hard to reach extrusions.