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Walter Surface Technologies Honored as Top Supplier

Accepting the award for Walter Surface Technologies was Pablo Rivero, the company's general manager for Mexico.
Grainger awards the company as “Best Supplier with the Greatest Commitment."

Common CNC Grinding Mistakes

Because a dull wheel generates more heat and more grinding forces, neither of which are good for productivity or quality, it is more productive to have a finer grit wheel with sharp abrasive grains.
Proper grinding process parameters can eliminate a lot of the “black art” of CNC grinding. One critical variable is the grinding wheel being used and the dressing of the grinding wheel.

Over a Barrel

Honing dramatically improves bore diameter size uniformity and accuracy, surface finish and roundness throughout the length of the barrel.
Surface finish is the one feature of a rifle barrel that cannot be controlled in hammer forging. Now, custom rifle barrel makers are learning a trick from the makers of hammer forged barrels on how to overcome surface imperfections.

Under the Radar

For inline inspection, Laser Radar devices are mounted to 6-axis robot arms that are located on each side of the production line. They automatically reposition the devices to inspect areas that are hidden from the line of sight of a single device location. 
With a need to focus on monitoring process quality during the manufacturing process, this laser radar system provides a unique alternative to the shortcomings of the traditional inspection methods.

Building Objects of Desire

After the frame is finished, it moves into the fully automated second section where 86 robots (82 made by Comau) perform welding, part handling, riveting, Tucker stud installation, folding the flanges of the metal sheets and more. 
With articulated robots and advanced software applications that can simulate every stage of production, Maserati leverages innovative robotic solutions from Comau to build the Quattroporte and Ghibli, two of the most prestigious models of luxury, sporty lines and aggressive engines.

Miro Tool Invests in Laser Technology

The eX Series 2D CO2 laser cutting system that Miro purchased meets the needs of the most demanding and diversified shops by combining easy operation, high-speed lens movement, upgradable automation and a patented resonator design that delivers the highest cutting power per watt available.
The purchase of a Mitsubishi eX Series 2D CO2 laser cutting system increases their fabrication capabilities.

Lend Us Your Ears

Metal fabrication presents a stunning variety of hearing hazards, as punching, cutting, casting, stamping and forming machinery, equipment and tools of all varieties assault the ears with all sorts of constant, intermittent, and impact noise. In such a dynamic environment, with people and machines constantly on the move, it’s critical that workers maintain situational awareness to operate safely. 
When mobile workers in lean shops move into and out of noise-hazardous areas, they can’t simply wear maximum protection at all times to block out every hazardous noise. Here are some tips on selecting the right protector for any situation that can solve these problems.

Proper Storage and Handling of Bearings

“Proper Bearing Handling and Storage with SKF Bearings” provides guidelines on how to get the most out of bearings before they are even installed. 
Motion Industries explains how to get the most out of your bearings before they are even installed.

Machine Tool Orders Slow Down

Spending in January dropped almost 33 percent from the month before, when tax incentives drove year-end sales.

Indoor Air Quality

Farr Gold Series® cartridge dust and fume collectors from Camfil Air Pollution Control offer improved filter access door hardware and an improved filter clamping system. 
A shop with good quality air is a more productive and healthy workplace. Here is some equipment that can help ensure your shop has cleaner air.