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Sciaky Launches New Website

The site features an expanded lineup of EBAM 3D printing systems with options for medium, large, and extra-large part applications.

Titanium Welding System

These complete welding workstations have an ergonomic design that provides great operator comfort while being fully equipped with everything needed, from a shaded sliding eye shield and internal lighting to a fast flow gas purge system and an insulated torch feedthrough.
This off-the-shelf 10/10 chamber welds titanium with minimal oxygen in the weld area, reaching 10 ppm in 10 minutes to save gas and money.

How Welding Positioners Are Helping to Save Venice

An SA 500 S positioner is used to tilt and rotate a 42 ton MOSE component. The SA 500 S is 18 ft long and weighs slightly more than the weldments it manipulates. The machine’s turntable surface is 9 ft diameter and is hydraulically tiltable up to 105 deg. The SA 500 S offers variable-speed rotation in either direction, allowing welders to position and manipulate the most challenging workpieces.
Silvestrini welding positioners are being used to fabricate massive weldments and hinges in an ingenious flood-defense barrier intended to protect the city.

French Shipyard Advances Welding Automation

STX France installed a PEMA Integrated One-sided Laser-Hybrid Welding and Milling Station with an extensive customized conveyor system for welding deck plates together. 

Perfection in Mobile TIG Welding

The handy AccuPocket 150/400 TIG weighs only 24 lb and offers two and four-step switchover for welding thin sheets.

Konecranes Machine Tool Service Acquires Advanced Metrology Equipment

KMTS can capture multiple data points required to correct for positioning and geometry errors in just one setup. Combining the diagnostic function with the expertise to take immediate corrective action saves time on emergency service callouts.  
The Radian laser tracker and four 6-D laser systems further advance their ability to serve the aeronautical and aviation industries.

Online Configurator for Clean Air Fume Extraction Guns

To allow welders to customize a Clean Air Fume Extraction Gun to fit their exact needs, Bernard now has an online configurator where users can choose the features that best suit their application.
Welders can use this tool to choose amperage, cable length, neck, contact tip, wire size, power pin and liner to customize a Clean Air Fume Extraction Gun to their exact needs.

Socket Weld Spacer Rings

SteelSpace uses a spring action that allows the spacer to stay in place even when the socket is sideways or upside-down. Because the spacer is a solid ring with a hollow center, viewing is not compromised during socket welding.
SteelSpace Socket Weld Spacer Rings are composed of Certified 316L stainless steel and provide the pre-measured 1/16 in minimum gap for socket welding contractions required by ANSI 31.1, Section III ASME, and U.S. Naval and Military Codes.

Weld Preparation and Repair

The In.Motion milling disc can be used with standard angle grinders and creates chips instead of dust, improving worker safety. These discs are particularly designed for use on non-ferrous materials, such as aluminum, titanium, copper and brass, and have been proven to be especially efficient on aluminum. 
The significantly higher material removal rate of this revolutionary double-sided milling disc reduces costs and eliminates the fine dust associated with grinding to improve worker safety.

Welding Helmets Provide Ideal Protection

The limited edition Lincoln Electric FFA 2450 Series Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet provides long hours of comfortable wear, thanks to its pivot-style headgear. It features perfect 1/1/1/1 optical clarity rating (EN329); the fastest switching speed in its class; up to 28 percent larger viewing area vs. competitive helmets; and a three-year warranty. 
Industrial Passive and Viking 2450 Series Auto-Darkening Welding helmets provide a wide range of functions, from basic protection to advanced technology, for fabricators at all operating levels.