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Electrox Expands Sales Coverage

A western regional sales manager is appointed and two distributors will expand coverage in the southern U.S.

New Magnetic Drill Pilot Light

This feature shines light along the bottom of the cutting teeth and over the pilot tip which extends from the end of the cutter. By shining the light in this area, it allows the operator to easily see the pilot point and center punch of the hole. This increases operator productivity and hole location accuracy.
This LED light from Hougen lights the pilot point when drilling in low light, and in brighter conditions it counteracts shadows from the light.

Manufacturing Technology Orders Slow Down

The $417.8 million in business reflects a traditional lull, but 2014 still remains higher than last year.

Cutting Edge Technology for Cutting Tool Production

The Accu-tool offers a simple automatic screen calibration process and magnification capabilities from 20X - 470X zoom that meets any shop's cutting tool measuring needs. The specially designed software works seamlessly with the Windows operating system supplied with each machine.
These advanced laser cutting and inspection systems enable cutting tool manufacturers to achieve results that were formerly unattainable.

Internet 4.0 Innovations for Machine Tools

Using an integrated Beckhoff control computer, the 701S micromachining center from Willemin-Macodel delivers path accuracy better than 0.2 μm, low sensitivity to temperature fluctuations and very high precision and repeatability at a maximum speed of 80,000 rpm – without tool holders, which increases static and dynamic rigidity and results in very high balancing quality and a low radial runout (less than 1 μm at the tool tip).
Take a look at how PC-based control technology is turning visionary Industry 4.0 concepts into profitable "smart factories" through the use of Google Glass in automation, all-in-one robot and machine tool control, and standard OPC UA connectivity.

Tube and Pipe End Deburring in Three Seconds

Instead of filing by hand or using wire brushes on a buffing stand, the Turnamat is excellent for deburring aluminum, steel, stainless steel tube or pipe. Parts that could only be processed in several minutes can now be deburred in a matter of seconds with consistent results. 
Burrs can now be quickly and easily cleaned from the ends of unconventional configurations of steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metal pipes and tubes used for automotive parts. 

Connecting the Dots: Machining from Every Angle

The VCF850LSR is a vertical machining center that uses a traveling column with a tilting spindle B-axis head to process a wide range and large capacity of parts. It utilizes up to five axes simultaneously for machining multiple sides of a work piece all at once. The head can rotate 110 deg on either side of vertical, enabling this VMC to machine large and complex parts in a single setup, eliminating costly fixtures and downtime.
Integrating the communication between these advanced CNC machine tools can open a new competitive advantage in vertical, horizontal and universal machining operations. 

How to Gain Productivity in the Destructive Testing of Welds

During a 100 percent tear-down, destructive impact testing using pneumatic chipping hammers reveals the hardness and shock-load capability of the welds by quantifying the energy required to break it apart.
By cutting through boron steel and associated welds, the new class of impact hammers and chisels cuts tear down cycle times up to 75 percent and reduces repetitive stress injuries over 50 percent.

3D Printed Presidential Portrait on View

A system called the “mobile light stage” was used to record a digital model of the president and then create the 3D portrait.

How Surface Finishing Technology Can Help Improve Productivity and Reduce Operating Costs

This next generation of engineered surface conditioning and nonwoven abrasives products, including discs, belts and hand pads, can provide higher efficiency, and higher productivity, while eliminating additional steps, ensuring that projects are completed quickly, with reduced labor and energy requirements. 
Investing in better consumables in order to significantly cut time and manpower costs is smart business. Streamlined manufacturing that performs efficiently and effectively is the key to driving profits in both good times and in bad.