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Producing High Hardness Tool Steels on a Hybrid Machine

The OPM250L Metal 3D Printer from Sodick can quickly print a variety of high hardness tool steels with a 99.99 percent density.

How Additive Multi-Tasking Resets the Bar in Advanced Machining

The new compact Mazak VC-500 AM HYBRID Multi-Tasking machine combines full 5-axis capability and additive technology to revolutionize product design, reduce time to market and cut research and development costs.

The Shape of Hybrid Machining

Shape technology uses 3D laser ablation for small integrated parts or to achieve defined textures in injection molding tools. The SAUER LASERTEC 45 Shape and the SAUER LASERTEC 65 3D hybrid machines from DMG MORI combine laser deposition welding and 5-axis milling.

Automatic Welding Helmet Increases Operator Comfort and Productivity

The Sentinel A50 automatic welding helmet from ESAB features Halo headgear and an ergonomic, low-profile design for improved weight distribution with five contact points.

How to Improve Jobsite Productivity and Safety

Easy to setup, the heavy duty 4-Pack Rack from Lincoln Electric reduces jobsite cable clutter by accommodating up to four Flextec 350X welders.

Affordable 3D Metal Printing for Small Shops

The ORLAS CREATOR metal additive manufacturing machine from O.R. Lasertechnology is ideal for small and medium shops competing in the jewelry, dentistry and medical sectors, as well as for smaller engineering firms and laboratories.

Metal 3D Printing

This innovative process technology continues to disrupt the business of metalworking and advance metal fabrication to the new levels of competitive advantage in design freedom and manufacturing complexity. Here is some of the latest 3D printing equipment, automation, software and other advances in metal additive manufacturing.

A Revolutionary Metal 3D Printing Technology Suite

Agile Metal Technology software from Sculpteo deeply analyzes design compatibility for metal AM, fixes problems, automates complex modeling procedures, finds “best fit” processes and techniques, and predicts and recommends how to optimize design elements, including lattices, supports and post-processing workflows.

Quick and Flexible 3D Printing of Complex Metal Parts

A perfect fit for job shops, medical or dental applications, or for research and development work, the TruPrint 1000 laser metal fusion printer from TRUMPF can generate complex parts that are a maximum of 100 mm diameter and 100 mm tall.

Next Generation High Power Metal 3D Printing

The advanced SLM 280 2.0 metal 3D printer from SLM Solutions optimizes laser power through improved gas flow management that efficiently removes soot generated by the lasers in the build chamber so that the optics are not disrupted.