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Software Automates Quality Inspection

Verisurf AUTOMATE is graphical object oriented sequencing and CMM probe path generation software that quickly and easily creates automated inspection plans, executes them and generates reports.
Verisurf X8 makes CMMs, portable CMMs, and 3D scanners more productive for automated inspection, guided assembly, and reverse engineering.

Super Fast Small Bore Cutting

The MiTM 19 toolholder range includes standard and conical styles with a toolholder shank diameter of 12 mm (.50 in) and a maximum tool overhang of 25.2 mm (1 in). All MiTM 19 toolholders are nickel coated for improved rust protection and a longer tool life and include through-tool coolant for improved chip evacuation and cooling at the cutting corner.
The Vardex MiTM 19 from Vargus uses an extensive array of single-flute tools to machine standard and conical applications.

High Speed Mill-Turn Multitasking of Complex Parts

The Puma SMX Series can machine parts up to 60 in long and 26 in diameter. The X1-axis travel is 24.8 in, Z1-axis travel is 62.4 in, and the Y-axis is 11.8 in. Rapid Traverse in X1, Z1 and Y is 50 / 50 / 36 m/min, respectively.
The Puma SMX 3100 S Mill-Turn Multitasking Machine from Doosan offers a rigid 90 deg vertical axis and forward positioned automatic tool changer for improved milling capabilities and enhanced operator ergonomics.

Part Marking Made Easy

One USB port enables downloading and uploading of programs, fonts, logos, firmware and software. A second USB port allows the ability to attach a keyboard if desired. Some of the features include embedded semi-automatic programming to facilitate useful prompting commands ranging from marking speed and force adjustments, date and time codes, to a choice of 2D code configurations.
ROBERT I. ROBOTICS makes part marking easy with the RMU standard controller for Microdot and Scribe series systems and the ECO easy to use station for basic marking requirements.

Broach Also Stamps Parts Inside Machine

The rotary broach uses multiple text letters that allow machinists to stamp or mark their part in a lathe or milling machine without removing the part from the machine. This rotary broaching system is usually used for making hexagon or square holes in precision machined products.
This rotary broach from Polygon Solutions is used to make hexagon or square holes and also stamp or mark the part in the lathe or milling machine without having to remove it. 

Adaptive Machining, Real Time Vibration Monitoring

ACM Adaptive Feed Rate Control reduces cycle time and protects the cutting process by monitoring the load and making real time adjustments to the programmed feed rate. ACM runs a test on the first work piece and "learns" the maximum spindle load for each operation. The user then sets an allowable override of the programmed feed rate, and from there ACM adjusts the feed rate for maximum efficiency based on the learned load value. When cutting conditions are lighter, feed rate is increased and cycle time reduced.
Software-based systems for adaptive machining, real time vibration monitoring and shop floor production management from Omative is now available to both shops and machine tool builders.

Advanced Welding Automation and CNC Cutting

The Swift Arc SL performs robotic welding of large parts at high production rates with a new tandem SAT process that uses twin welding wires running simultaneously through the cell’s robotic torch to deliver exceptionally high deposition rates. This high-productivity MIG welding process produces flat welds with good penetration and without undercut. Its low heat input results in less part deformation.
ESAB offers the Swift Arc SL side-load robotic cell with new tandem Swift Arc Transfer MIG welding and the Hydrocut LX combination waterjet and plasma cutting system.

5-Axis Machining Center for Complex Parts

The X, Y and Z axes on the 200/5AX Linear are driven by high-precision linear motors for high accel/decel feed rates with little to no backlash. The platten size is 7.9 in diameter with a capacity load of 33.1 lb. Travels are X-axis, 7.9 in, Y-axis, 13.4 in and Z-axis, 11.8 in. Rapid traverse rates on all axes are 1,968.5 ipm, with a cutting feedrate of 787 ipm.
The FM 200/5AX Linear from Doosan performs simultaneous 5-axis contouring on medical devices, automotive turbo chargers and other precision parts.

Compact CNC Turning Center for Unattended Machining

The Tongtai HS-22 includes a noteworthy design and construction features of the HS-22 include precision box ways and large servo motors that provide a rigid and compact structure resulting in accurate positioning.
The Tongtai HS-22 high speed, high precision slant bed turning center from Absolute Machine Tools uses a 14 pallet work stocker that can load/unload in 4.8 seconds.

Advanced Robotics, Automation for Manufacturing Cells

Designed for both small batch and high volume production, the FlexMT increases spindle utilization by up to 60 percent over manual machine tending. The system can handle most any size and type of part, and is compatible with a wide range of machine tools, including horizontal and vertical lathes, machining centers, 5-axis machines and grinders. 
ABB Robotics offers the new IRB1200 robot family, the FlexMT machine tending cell, and part handling with the higher payload FlexPicker delta robot for job shops of varying sizes serving different industry sectors.
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