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Cutting Edge Inspection Software for Cutting Tools

The PG1000 REACTION software from Euro-Tech performs complex custom image analysis by finding patterns and shapes and overlooking excessive glare from too much directed light, shadows, irregular or broken shapes.

Advanced Performance End Milling of Tough Materials

The 3412 Series Fantom 2.0 end mill from Fullerton Tool is Ideal for machining steels, stainless steels, super alloys and titanium with enhanced edge strength that cuts heavier chip loads and produces superior part finishes.

Spindle Vibration Monitoring and Wireless Machine Tool Leveling

GTI Predictive Technology features their monitoring tools that include systems for balancing, thermography, wireless machine tool leveling and ultrasound from a single iPad platform.

Robust and Versatile Vises for Aggressive 5-Axis High Precision Machining

Kurt showcases their MaxLock HP Series self-centering vises, DTR DoveLock dovetail 5-axis vises, and DX6 CrossOver vises that are ideal for aggressive 5-axis high precision production machining.

Long Life Carbide Tipped Band Saw Blade for General Purpose Cutting

The VERSA PRO carbide blades from LENOX use a proprietary carbide tip with increased toughness that retains a sharp cutting edge and HONEX technology that pre-hones the cutting edge to minimize chipping, help eliminate the break-in process, and deliver long blade life across a variety of cutting applications.

Roughness and Optical Shaft Measurement, Wireless Capabilities

Mahr Federal features the MarSurf PS 10 Roughness Measuring Unit and the MarShaft SCOPE 250 plus, along with their extensive wireless data transmission capability.

VMC Reduces Machining Time for Complex Production Parts

The DA300 vertical machining center from Makino comes standardly equipped with a 20,000 rpm HSK-A63 spindle, delivering the speed and flexibility to tackle high speed, highly productive machining of various workpiece materials, including aluminum, die-cast, steel and titanium.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

Pro Ultrasonics provides a variety of ultrasonic cleaning equipment, from small table top to large, multi-stage custom units that can save shops time and money on their cleaning process while also going green.

Cutting Tool Reconditioning, Industrial Vending, Tool Boxes and Foam Inserts

US Tool reconditions dull, dirty drills and cutting tools and returns the tools to users, sized and packaged with bar-coded labels in reusable boxes, cleaned, sharpened and ready to perform like new.

High Performance Strategies for 2.5D Through 5-Axis Milling, Drilling, Mill-Turn and Specialty Applications

The hyperMILL MAXX Machining CAM software from OPEN MIND Technologies features high performance strategies for finishing that applies conical barrel cutters to large planar, ruled or general surfaces; five-axis roughing for engine casings and radial components, such as in tire mold segments; and drilling that uses 5-axis helical motion to open pockets with good chip removal by using standard endmills.