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Turning Center and Lathe Win Excellence Awards

The Tongtai iTD 2000 YBC CNC Turning Center and the You Ji VHL-1200ATC series of vertical turning lathes from Absolute Machine Tools received Taiwan Excellence Awards.

Reduce the Risk

The Smart Factory reduces insurance costs and increases productivity and profitability by investing in new systems with advanced technology to protect both workers and equipment. Here are some of the latest advances in protective equipment, safety automation and services, and more that can help make your shop become a safer workplace.

Flexible Automation of Gear Deburring and Chamfering

CNC gear deburring machines from Koepfer America can be configured with brushes, discs, milling tools and to match the exact required application.

Make Blind Intersections and Corners Safer

The Safe-T-Signal intersection warning system from Rite-Hite uses unidirectional microwave sensors to differentiate, alert and direct approaching traffic in all directions in 4-way, 3-way or 2-way intersections.

Automatically Secure Loads to Pallets

To increase speed and improve efficiency in packaging and material handling, the fully automated Tornado Perfect Storm orbital wrapping system from TAB Industries wraps common pallet loads in 15 seconds with only a single operator.

Protect Workers from Back Injuries and the Digital Science of PPE

3M offers the V22 ErgoSkeleton and the FLx ErgoSkeleton from StrongArm Technologies that can significantly reduce the risk of injury due to improper lifting.

UPM Launches New Website

The site incorporates their integration with Aerodyne Alloys, Vulcanium and Plus Ten Stainless.

How to Test Stamping Lubricants Without Interrupting Production

The IRMCO iTool lubricant testing process is a servo press run, data collection program that allows for frictional forces, part measurements and deformation temperatures to be compared from different lubricants and also on different substrates.

Integrated Digital Tooling Portal

Compatible with all mobile and desktop devices, My Pages from Seco Tools provides easy, round-the-clock access and transparency for every user in every part of the machining process, from the operator and programmer to purchasing.

Connecting Tools for The Internet of Things

CoroPlus from Sandvik Coromant is a platform of connected tools and software that can send and/or receive data to reduce data waste and improve manufacturing processes from pre- to post-machining.