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Twin Spindles with Individual Machining Zones

Tongtai MT Series has twin spindles and two individual machining areas.  The turrets and spindles are designed parallel to each other.  This design makes parts that usually need two processes to be finished on one machine. The work area on the main foundation of the lathes has two individual working areas with separate bed structures to decrease the transfer of harmonic vibration, contributing to excellent machining accuracy and high quality surface finishes.  The compact design allows for a short cutting flow from start to finish, which enhances machining rigidity and heavy cutting ability.  
Ideal for small automotive parts that are typically made within 60 seconds, Tongtai MT lathes from Absolute Machine Tools is designed for precision turning, high production volume, automatic production, and insertion into mass-production lines.

High Speed Vertical Turning Lathe for Heavy-Duty Cutting

The TUE-100 Vertical Turning Lathe utilizes a field-tested design that capitalizes on the identical ram cross section to support the railhead for increased precision. Cutting performance is improved through the two types of bearings used to support both the radial and axial loads of the table, along with the high quality cast iron bed, specifically designed for efficient chip removal.
The TUE-100 vertical turning lathe from Toshiba showcases the highest rapid rate available in its class with feed rates up to 2,000 mm/min that reduce cycle times and increase productivity.

Single-Pass Taper Threading of Pipe

The Okuma LOC650 4-axis turning center used in the process applies tandem Seco multi-tooth, chaser-style threading inserts that are pushed through to direct cutting forces back into the machine. The stability and precision of the lathe, combined with the 4-axis design and this unique thread-cutting process, provides great results up to 7 in diameter in both accuracy and productivity. 
A LOC650 horizontal lathe from Okuma uses Thread Chaser inserts from Seco Tools to accurately thread oil coupling pipe in a cycle time of less than one minute.

Automated Multitasking Turning Center Cell

The AS-200 Lathe JobShop Cell loads through the door, not through the spindle, allowing automatic loading of stock larger than the bar capacity of the lathe. The Nakamura-Tome AS-200 High Performance Multitasking Turning Center offers a single spindle, single turret in a heavy duty and compact machine for exceptional value.  The standard AS-200  is well equipped with a powerful milling drive, together with a high-speed C-Axis and 82 mm stroke Y-Axis for accurate, finished parts.  
The Lathe JobShop Cell from Methods Machine Tools features the new Nakamura-Tome AS-200 High Performance Multitasking Turning Center that is ideal for job shops wanting to incorporate automation in their turning operations.

Multi-Tasking Turning Center for Heavy Cutting in Demanding Jobs

The L2100SY multi-tasking wedge type Y-axis CNC turning center from Hyundai WIA uses a latest-generation BMT top plate to increase tool performance and rigidity by securing each tool with four screws. Cutting is reinforced by all-axis box guideway design.
The L2100SY multi-tasking wedge type Y-axis CNC turning center from Hyundai WIA uses a high-precision spindle with elevated resistance to heat distortion for high accuracy in heavy duty cutting of demanding jobs.

Vertical Lathe Series for Automotive Parts

The unique Lathe Tool Load Detection System software on Hwacheon vertical CNC lathes constantly detects and diagnoses the tool load during machining to reduce tool wear and prevent damage and optimize tool life. The maximum turning diameter zone is designed to provide interference-free operations, providing same maximum diameter at full length even on larger parts.
Single spindle and twin spindle vertical CNC lathes from Hwacheon are ideal for reducing cutting times in the mass production of brake discs, brake drums, hubs, valves and other automotive parts. 

Multi-Purpose Vertical Turning Centers

Fives recently introduced the new Giddings & Lewis V Series vertical turning centers to more than 60 representatives and regional managers from across the country during a two-day training session. The Giddings & Lewis V Series is a versatile line for shops looking for a dependable, multi-purpose lathe with high metal removal rates and high precision. The 800 mm to 2,500 mm (31.5 in to 98.4 in) V Series lathes offer unmatched standard features and superior value.
A great value for job shops and OEMs alike, the new Giddings & Lewis V Series vertical turning centers from Fives is ideal for machining wide ranges of pumps, valves, gears, bearings, compressors, wheel hubs, jet engine housings and more.

Turning Centers Provide Competitive Edge

The new milling turret design on the Puma GT2100 series turning center has a bevel drive gear and air /oil cooling.  The BMT55P turret (Puma GT 2100M) tooling is strongly fixed to the turret with four bolts and keys to provide powerful machining performance with high efficiency, high rigidity, and a high precision internal drive system. Stable performance is guaranteed even after extensive milling work. Rotary tool speed is 5,000 rpm with a 7.5 hp rotary tool motor.
Compact, easy to operate Puma GT2100 series turning centers from Doosan are ideal for roughing, finishing, castings, grooving, threading, peck drilling and more.

Compact Multi-Tasking Turning Centers with Y-Axis

The affordable Lynx 220LSY Series Multi-Tasking Turning Centers with Y-axis greatly increases the number of parts that can be machined complete without using expensive custom rotary tool holders. The Y-axis enables the milling cutter to machine above or below centerline. 
With its Y-axis, the affordable and high speed Lynx 220LSY Series from Doosan can drill and tap off-center cross holes, mill flats, and rough and finish key-ways.

Turn Complex Parts Efficiently

The work area inside the SPRINT 20|5 automatic lathe has space for 23 tools arranged on two independent tool carriers. This allows parallel machining on the main and counter spindle. The main spindle has six pockets for front machining and six for radial turning operations. An additional four radial stations are also equipped for driven tools. There are three pockets on the first tool carrier for rear-sided machining on the counter spindle, with an additional four pockets on the second carrier. 
The Sprint 20|5 automatic lathe from DMG MORI is ideal for machining simple to medium complexity parts from bar for medical, automotive electronics, and fluid and hydraulic applications.