November-December 2012


High Speed Cutting Process Optimization: How to Cut Even Faster

3D laser cutting with a multi-axis machine. New functions such as gas purging while positioning, piercing on the fly, controlling machine dynamics, additional fast axes in tool direction and automatic adoption of the laser power to the actual cutting speed in the tool center point help reduce the time required for the machine to process the part, outside of the time when the laser is actually cutting.
New functions have helped to reduce the cycle times required for 3D laser cutting, outside of the time when the laser is actually cutting. But even with these new technologies, applying the established best practices and tricks can often reduce those times even more.

How to Avoid Messing Up Your Marketing

John GrahamGraham Communications"Stories sell because they engage. It’s engagement that missing from most marketing. The quality of customer contact is the true measure of a company’s marketing. No company gets a pass when it makes a marketing mistake."(Click on photo to enlarge it)
There is no place to hide: In today's world, all of your marketing, advertising, social media and public relations messages are fully exposed and claims are challenged. John Graham of Graham Communications examines six ways to avoid embarrassing and harmful marketing actions that can menace your company.

What Happened?

Most manufacturers use repetitive ‘whys’ to solve operational process problems, but revert to a ‘what happened?’ mentality when investigating a safety issue. Understanding the factors that contributed to a process breakdown is essential to problem solving.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
During the chaos that often follows a workplace injury, poor incident investigation can often leave us scratching our heads. To improve incident investigation, Phil La Duke of Rockford Greene International explains how to address the five most alarmingly common mistakes that people make under the pressure of the moment.

Using 95/5 Shielding Gas During Low-Alloy Filler Rod Conformance Testing

The addition of oxygen to argon shielding gas lowers the spray transition current in the gas metal arc welding process, which allows spray arc transfer at lower average output currents than argon/CO2 mixtures.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
In filler metal qualification tests where argon/oxygen shielding gas mixtures are used, Regis Geisler of Lincoln Electric explains why and how to leave some wiggle room in contracts to make adjustments as the situation warrants, instead of stipulating how welding will take place with a particular blend.

A Look Back, A Look Ahead

The aisles were filled at IMTS this year, a good sign for the future of the industry. Shops from around the world came to Chicago. All of these activities point to more shops buying more multi-axis machine tools than ever before, which, in turn, opens more application possibilities in the CNC world.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
Randy Pearson of Siemens Industry reflects on IMTS 2012, one of the best shows he’s ever attended (and he doesn’t exaggerate) . . . and how it points to the future for CNC and its use at your shop.

The Comeback Player of the Year: Manufacturing

Anne GoyerChemical Coaters Association International"We must end the uncertainty over taxes. On December 31, 2012, 101 tax deductions and credits will expire or will have already expired, costing manufacturers billions in tax increases. Manufacturers need certainty regarding taxation policy so that companies can plan their investments in labor and capital. If manufacturers aren’t certain what their effective tax rate will be three months from now, how can we expect them to grow?"(Click on photo to enlarge it)
Anne Goyer of the Chemical Coaters Association International explains why now is the time to sustain the momentum.

Spindle Repair: The New Way to Save Money

The humid atmosphere created in many machines, especially closed-type ones, further contributes to contamination. When the spindle is operating, its temperature is hot, and when the spindle is stopped it begins to cool, causing a “chimney effect” to occur that wants to suck in all the warm humid air into the spindle and bearings. (first view)
If a spindle on one of your machines fails tomorrow, what’s your backup plan? Can you afford to wait several weeks to receive a new spindle? Spindle repair is another option that many companies are now considering.
Metal Forming & Fabricating

Heat Treating Business Gains Competitive Edge with Polymer Quenchants

Brothers TJ (left) and Jacob Dolhun operate Complete Heat Treating, a companion manufacturer to Wisconsin Steel Industries, both in the Milwaukee area. Complete uses open fire furnaces and quench tanks to process large steel castings and forgings, metal fabrications and some aluminum parts.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
One job that took two weeks at Complete Heat Treating due to reworks is now done in two days by using a polymer quenchant from Tenaxol with anti-foaming agent and greater concentration consistency.

Advanced Laser Cutting Systems

The 3015 eX 2D laser system from Mitsubishi can be equipped with a 6 kW resonator. It uses an eco mode to cut running costs by up to 90 percent during standby. Carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by around 30 percent compared to competitor machines. The new compact design provides a small footprint without reducing table size.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
New systems from MC Machinery Systems Inc./Mitsubishi include the revolutionary 3015 NX-F Fiber Laser with a fiber laser oscillator, a Z-axis linear drive, head preset auto-focus processing, a 64-bit NC with 15 in touch screen NC-panel and more.

Portable Marking for Flats & Rounds

With either a 60 mm x 25 mm marking window or 120 mm x 25 mm marking window, the cast aluminum body and handle make these portable dot peen markers ideal for use in rugged shop environments.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
Versatility moves beyond standard column-mounted systems with the hand-held electromagnetic dot peen marking technology from SIC Marking that is ideal for marking flat and round work pieces such as plate, pipe and fabricated vessels with heavy weight.

Custom Modular Hydraulic Presses

The ram on a hydraulic press built by Beckwood Press can use gib and post guidance or a different guidance method to account for the vast majority of potential customer applications.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
Hydraulic presses built by Beckwood Press are ideal for compression molding, heated platen, forming, drawing, powder compacting and those requiring off-center loading.

Direct Drive Servo Former Presses

A DSF-C1-1500 Direct Drive Servo Former general purpose gap frame press from AIDA-America features infinitely programmable stroke profiles, high torque/low rpm servo motors, the ECO servo press power management system and advanced servo press controls including manual step feed.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
80 ton through 3,000 ton Direct Drive Servo Former servo presses from AIDA-America are available in large size transfer and tandem lines, high precision and fine blanking, mid-size progressive die and transfer, general purpose gap frame and straightside styles.

Custom Hydraulic Press Applications

A custom triple action hydraulic draw press from Greenerd Press. Greenerd presses range from gap frame and straight-side to die-spotting and forging presses with capabilities to 40,000 tons and bed sizes exceeding 240 in (6,100 mm.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
Greenerd Press builds hydraulic presses to specific user applications and press requirements, ranging from gap frame and straight-side to die-spotting and forging presses.

Cut-to-Length Lines

COE Press Equipment will display Cut-to-Length line capabilities for producing blanks in-house.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
CTL lines from COE Press Equipment can process coil from 18 in to 72 in wide, .020 in to .375 in material thickness, and 6,000 lb to 60,000 lb coil weights in cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, galvanized, stainless, and aluminum.

Automatic Punching of Flat Bar, Angle and Channel

The fully automatic Sunrise ANC CNC Punching System punches flat bar, angle and channel webs.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
The Sunrise ANC Punching System from Trilogy Machinery uses a fully automatic single-axis CNC in-feed system to combine an ironworker or punching machine with capacity up to 220 tons to punch flat bar, angle and channel web lengths up to a 20 ft.

Automatic Vertical Bandsaw

The VT120HA-60-TS automatic vertical bandsaw from HE&M Saw uses advanced flat panel touch screen controls. The saw has a cutting capacity of 18 in x 24 in H at 90 deg, 16 in H at 45 deg (left miter)/14.75 in H at 45 deg (right miter) and 10 in H at 60 deg (left miter)/9 in H at 60 deg (right miter). The saw uses a 1¼ in blade with an arm cant of 4 deg powered by a 7.5 hp motor and a 5 hp hydraulic system.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
This new system from HE&M Saw miters to 60 deg and features a flat panel touch screen that controls saw data, including total motor hours, hydraulic pump hours, system parameters, time of day and up to 999 individual jobs.

Ironworkers with Electric Stroke Control

The 50-ton 50514CM ironworker from Scotchman now has an optional electric stroke control with a remote electric foot pedal.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
50-ton 50514CM and 5014TM ironworkers from Scotchman now come with a 50-ton Electric Stroke Control with a Remote Electric Foot Pedal option for more accuracy and consistent repeatability.

Top Ten Things to Teach Novice Welders

There is more to teaching a novice welder than just showing him or her how to set the power source or hold the gun or torch at the correct angle. It is important to instill good habits early on in the training process and provide the knowledge to address everything from maintenance to materials.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
Training must go beyond creating quality welds. This primer from Bernard, Hobart Brothers, Miller Electric and Tregaskiss shows why instilling good habits early on is important to ensure that these individuals are prepared to contribute positively to the overall welding operation and gain the confidence they need to become increasingly proficient.

Pipe Welding Solutions

The Piper Plus is a self contained, digitally controlled, mechanized pipe welding system that produces high deposition rates with excellent weld quality to reduce pipe welding costs. Increased duty cycle and arc-on time provide significant improvements in productivity. All welding parameters, including voltage, wire feed speed, current, travel and oscillation are programmable and digitally controlled.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
Bug-O Systems answers many medium-to-large diameter pipe welding challenges with The Piper Plus, a self contained, digitally controlled, mechanized pipe welding system that produces high deposition rates with excellent weld quality to reduce pipe welding costs.

Robotic 3D Cutting Combined with Welding

By using precision tool changers robotic systems from Wolf can switch between arc welding, plasma cutting, oxyfuel bevel cutting, pre-heating and other processes.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
Flexible systems from Wolf Robotics switch between arc welding, plasma cutting, oxyfuel bevel cutting, pre-heating, etc. using precision tool changers to automate complex parts that once required multiple robots or systems.
Metal Cutting

Horizontal Machining Takes Center Stage

The NHX4000 is ideal for machining workpieces up to 24.8 in x 35.4 in with a loading capacity up to 880 lb.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
The NHX4000 from DMG/Mori Seiki is a heavy-duty horizontal machining center that is ideal for machining workpieces of up to 24.8 in x 35.4 in with a loading capacity up to 880 lb.

Statistically Capable Machining

In a manufacturing age of limited resources and rising costs, machining decisions made on probabilities, as opposed to limits, can offer a significant benefit. By implementing modern statistical process control, this primer from Makino shows how machinists can ultimately improve quality and reliability, and reduce operating costs.
Tooling & Workholding

Boiler Tube Membrane and Overlay Removal

The Membrane and Overlay Removal Head from ESCO Tool is simple to use and  priced from $325. Its golf tee-shaped inserts tap into place and are removed the same way, and the head also holds a beveling blade.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
The Membrane and Overlay Removal Head from ESCO Tool uses proprietary long-life inserts shaped like golf tees, rather than screws, to remove boiler tube membrane and overlay plus bevel all at the same time, with minimum vibration and reduced heat.

All-in-One Hole Sheet Metal Hole Cutting Packages

The RotaCut Sheet Metal Hole Cutter Master Kit from Hougen includes cutters from ¼ in to ¾ in and sizes from 6 mm to 20 mm that can be used in hand-held electric drills with 3/8 in chucks and in drill presses.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
RotaCut Sheet Metal Hole Cutter Master Kits from Hougen Manufacturing have 16 different sizes of cutters for drilling holes in materials up to ¼ in thick for metal fabrication, maintenance and electrical applications, spot weld removal, plug holes for welding, and production environments.
Measurement & Inspection

Enhanced Portable CMM Laser Measurement

The Leica AT401 Absolute Tracker from Hexagon is ideal for inspection and tool building for oversized components. The ultra-portable 3D laser tracker enables high-speed measurements for complex applications, such as large-scale inspections, component adjustments, alignments and the building of jigs and fixtures.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
Portable 3D laser tracker measuring arms from Hexagon Metrology are ideal for inspection and tool building of oversized components in the aerospace, rail and heavy transportation, nuclear, solar and wind energy, and related industries.

Magnetic Filter Puts a Brake on Fines

Small precision holes in the opening of brake fitting are drilled with a .015 in bit with extremely fast cycle times.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
This magnetic separator Magnetic Products removes fines from a drilling operation and automatically feeds the fluids back into the integrated reservoir tank for fewer messy, oily pools around machinery, improved coolant recovery and reduced fluid replacement costs.
Environmental Health & Safety

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