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Heavy Duty Moveable Frame Press for Straightening Applications

The PMM 200MD Movable Frame Press from Dake is ideal for assembly work and straightening applications.

Heat Resistant Covers Protect Weld Purging System in Hot Temperatures

Tube and Pipe Weld Purging Systems from HFT pay for themselves in the first weld, saving vast amounts of purging time and inert gas costs.

Cost Effective Robotic Automation for the Small Shop

The lightweight, powerful, high-speed 6-axis Racer3 articulated robot from Comau features a payload of 3 kg and reach of 630 mm that can be mounted on benches, walls, ceilings or inclined supports.

Micro Engraving Tools Provide Burr-Free Surface Finish

BIG KAISER's series of new micro engraving cutters are appropriate for work in most materials ranging from alloyed and unalloyed steels to thermosetting plastics, and even titanium.

Automated Thickness Measurement of Semiconductor Wafers

ACU-THIK from Acu-Gage is an automated thickness measurement tool incorporating dual contact probes for high accuracy inspection of semiconductor wafer diameters of 100 mm to 400 mm and beyond.

Economical Recovery of Materials Removed from Carbide Grinding Processes

Used most commonly for all types of carbide grinding, HydroFlow Centrifuge Filter systems from Eriez, are also an ideal choice for tool and cutter grinding, glass and ceramic grinding, honing and microfinishing oil, vibratory finishing and wire drawing.

Machine Guarding Systems for Robotic Welding Cells and More

Machine Guarding Systems from WireCrafters are strong, reliable, and versatile physical barriers that easily integrate access doors or openings for material handling with system controls.

Mobile Tool and Die Cabinets for 5S and Lean Manufacturing

As one of the strongest tooling cabinets available, the FM-16828 Rolling Tool and Die Cabinet from Strong Hold Products features a one-piece 12 ga body with locking swivel casters and a push handle for mobility.