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More Productivity, Less Power

Punching on the E6x punch press. The type of work which Dale Sheetmetal does lends itself to punching. It has made bespoke panels with 130,000 holes, while white laminated steel and coated aluminium are not suitable for laser cutting as it can damage the surface or make the coating difficult to remove. The shop does mix processes where appropriate, with both punching and laser cutting being performed on one part where this is faster.
For this family-run sheet metal fabricator, moving to Ex-Series servo-electric punch presses solved its power consumption problems and improved productivity at a stroke. 

How to Improve Robotic Welding Production

Understanding the fixed costs and the variable costs in each step of the process is an important step for increasing throughput in robotic welding. Once these have been identified and measured as key cost drivers, that information can be used to decide where to focus attention for improvement efforts to get the biggest impact. 
Here are four key strategies that will help welding managers, particularly those new to the job, keep their shops competitive by increasing their production while keeping costs low and quality on par.

Another Look at Aerospace Machining

The tooling area of an EMAG PO 900 BF for the machining of blisks using Precise Electro-Chemical Machining (PECM) technology.
Competitors in this demanding hotbed of manufacturing are being pushed to find new ways of producing more complex parts. Here are some systems that can help them meet their needs.

High Feed Milling Cutter Reduces Cycle Times

MSX High Speed Milling Cutter achieves high feed rates of up to .055 IPT for significantly reduced cycle times.
The MSX mill from Sumitomo is ideal for ramping and helical applications using general steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and cast iron.

Replacing Tactile Probing with Laser Scanners

A close-up of one of the XC65Dx-LS laser scanners being used on a continuous wrist CW43 interface. Incorporating three lasers in a cross pattern, the XC65Dx-LS captures full 3D details of features and surfaces in a single scan.
This technical assessment explains how the new inspection methods for diagnostic measurement of sheet metal components and body-in-white assemblies at this Turkish automotive manufacturer involves cross scanners being used on coordinate measuring machines.

Revisiting Preventive Maintenance

An iPad can do preventive maintenance checklists, photo documentation, video documentation, inspection checklists, integrated reports with multiple technologies on the same report, training videos, complete user manuals, maintenance procedures, work orders with part lists and specifications, and whatever else you can think of.
Here are six top tactics that will help your shop save money by preventing machine failure.

Safety As Sustainability

A job shop or steel mill with a reputation of being unsafe may struggle to find local labor and be forced to settle for less desirable job candidates. And it may not be an actual injury, but the perception of injury that triggers damage to a shop or mill’s reputation.
The broader view of business sustainability explores ways to reduce the carbon footprint, use resources more efficiently, and use less resources overall. But most important, it stops wasting precious time, money, and resources on processes that can hurt workers.

Durable Tool Storage Cabinets Improve Productivity

The drawers in "L" cabinets have a 100 lb capacity and boast 100 percent extension. The sliding system comes with a lifetime warranty. "L" cabinets can also be mobile by adding casters to the bottom and the 6 in models have a 900 lb capacity per caster.
"L" line cabinets from Rousseau Metal are ideal for tool crib, quality inspection, maintenance and many other shop applications. 
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