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How to Model Machining and Sheet Metal Fabrication Costs

MTI Costimator cost estimating and quoting software is designed for manufacturers of all sizes including single-man job shops, large contract manufacturers, precision machining and fabrication shops, as well as full-service OEMs. (Photo courtesy of Ganesh Machinery)
Costimator® V12.1 from MTI Systems can estimate machining, fabrication and part assembly processes so shops can quickly quantify the impact of changes to product design, materials, geographic locations, manufacturing processes, volume requirements and more.

Pipeline Welding & Fabrication

The consistent and repeatable weld quality of new orbital welding systems reduces weld defects to achieve high productivity rates, and meets the harsh demands of environmental conditions to reduce field serviceability and downtime. (photo courtesy of Lincoln Electric) 
As the need for specialty steel pipe grows, higher steel grades and bigger wall thicknesses are introducing new challenges to pipe welding and fabrication shops. Here are some of the latest advances in welding equipment and fabrication tools that can help these shops gain and maintain a competitive advantage.

Affordable Magnetic Drill Optimizes Power-to-Weight Ratio

Weighing only 22 lb, the Slugger® JHM Short Slugger Portable Magnetic Drill has a gravity-fed coolant bottle that can be easily removed and the lightest, lowest profile of any drill model in its class, making it ideal for use in overhead and upside down drilling.
Priced at $699, the “Short Slugger” from FEIN Power Tools weighs only 22 lb and stands at 11 in with a 430 W motor that is ideal for repetitive drilling in close quarters or as a first-time user’s magnetic drill.

Information on Tool Steel Characteristics and Heat Treatment Options

The 16 Tool Steel Literature brochure also details the heat treating processes (including both heating and cooling of the material) to further manipulate the tool steels to achieve a desired result. A thorough breakdown of common tool steels is also provided so that readers can easily pick which steel would work best for their intended application.
Available in print or online, this detailed, new 6-page, full-color brochure from Dayton Progress examines the various properties and benefits of some common tool steels.

High-Tech Skilled Craftsmanship Honors Our Nation’s Finest

The sculpture was produced in two sizes. Both patterned after the SLA model developed by 3-Dimensional Services.
As part of the Desert Snow Training Program, 3-Dimensional Services teamed with Applications 3D and employed its rapid prototyping expertise to honor outstanding law enforcement officers. 

Advanced Safety Upgrade for Stainless Steel Rolling Mill

An ABB AC500-S safety PLC is being used by Sandvik to add state-of-the-art safety to a stainless steel rolling mill at its Sandviken plant. The system provides independent control of six separate safety zones so that parts of the machine can remain operational while an operator gains safe access to some other zone – where safety is assured by disabling power. 
A new PLC and touchscreen operator panels create a networked control architecture of six safety zones, so that parts of a precision strip steel line can remain operational while an operator gains safe access to other zones under disabled power.

New Fall Protection Harnesses, Self-Retracting Lanyards and Shock Absorbing Lanyards

Defy™ Self-Retracting Lanyards have a sturdy, yet lightweight housing unit that doesn’t drag behind a worker or obstruct their movement. 
These high quality, user friendly products from Rigid Lifelines offer engineered fall protection at a cost effective price.

Conveyor Technology for Material Handling Builders, System Integrators, Users

Siemens brings a full complement of solutions and services with its value proposition to the 
North American conveyor sector of the material handling industry.  
Siemens Industry offers an integrated drive system with Siemens motion control and drives products, along with communication protocols, that spans the range of drives, motors, gear motors and automation technology, plus machine safety, power supply and circuit protection.
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