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Pipe Saw Cuts Ductile Iron Pipe

The MILLHOG® APS-438 Air Powered Saw and steel WrapTrack® System, which produces square cuts with 1/8 in accuracy, is available from 6 in to 60 in diameter.
The MILLHOG APS-438 Air Powered Saw and steel WrapTrack System from ESCO is a rigid pipe cutting system suited for cutting stainless steels, Inconel®, and other highly alloyed pipe without leaving a heat affected zone.

FABTECH 2014: Welding, Tube & Pipe Fabrication

Booth C-2454: When Velocity contact tips  from Tweco / Victor Technologies were tested in this heavy fabrication application using .045 in and 1/16 in gas shielded flux cored wire, 13 contact tips lasted for five months.
Here are some reviews of the weld fixturing and accessories, tube & pipe equipment and other systems being exhibited at this year's show.

Efficient Bar Machining of Complex Parts

The bar capacity of the main spindle on the SPRINT 20|5 is Ø 20 mm / 0.8 in. The counter spindle can be optionally equipped for shaft unloading of workpieces measuring Ø 20 x 600 mm / 0.8 x 23.6 in. The main spindle is also equipped with a C-axis for the machining of complex operations. The counter spindle is equipped with a C-axis when combined with the optional driven tools for rear-sided machining. 
The SPRINT 20|5 from DMG MORI is ideal for the high volume production of simple to medium complexity parts machined from bar.

Chucks for Machining Oil/Gas Pipes

Pneumatic 6-jaw front-end LVE chucks can be configured to machine bent pipe; ES versions have rapid stroke and clamping stroke; other versions have retracting clamping arms for pre-centering the workpiece; still others have spring clamping and pneumatic release. 
Pneumatic 6-jaw front-end LVE chucks from RÖHM are ideal for machining the ends of especially large and long pipes used for extracting crude oil or natural gas.

Software Automates Quality Inspection

Verisurf AUTOMATE is graphical object oriented sequencing and CMM probe path generation software that quickly and easily creates automated inspection plans, executes them and generates reports.
Verisurf X8 makes CMMs, portable CMMs, and 3D scanners more productive for automated inspection, guided assembly, and reverse engineering.

Servo Gearheads for Demanding Automation Applications

The PLFN high precision planetary with EN ISO 9409 output is compact with high stiffness and comes in 5 sizes, 13 ratios, with torques up to 1800 Nm.
Planetary gearboxes and matching stepper motors from Neugart are ideal for automated machine tool systems and controlled-motion applications. 

Safety in the Digital Age: Regulating Worker Use of Distracting Devices

There are many good reasons for crafting policies for reducing distraction but, in the end, workers must exercise significant self-discipline in maintaining the appropriate levels of focus. As with any regulation, restrictions placed on distraction can have unintended consequences and may even lead to greater risk. 
The dangers of distraction while working have garnered a great deal of attention. Distraction increases the risk of injury, but taking the appropriate steps to reduce distraction are neither easy nor simple. Much thought must be given to the consequences, fairness, and practicality of any regulations aimed at reducing the risks associated with worker distraction.

Shop Vending of MRO Items

The VLM180 Vertical Lift Modules can reach a height of up to 40 ft with the option to ascend in 6 in increments, within the elevated racking systems. It lifts and stores parts, equipment and supplies up to 500 lb per tray. 
The TX750, AutoLocker FX and Vertical Lift Modules from AutoCrib deliver never-before-seen capabilities to store, track and manage MRO inventory.