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Lucifer Furnaces Supplies Hammond with High Temp Box Furnace

Hammond selected a Honeywell UDC 3500 temperature controller with enhanced set point programming, fast scanning and onboard diagnostics, as well as an Overtemperature Safety System for automatic furnace shutdown in the event of a high temperature excursion, an add-on recommended for unattended furnace operation.  
Hammond will use the Model 3027-K12 furnace for the development of PZT powders that serve the battery, ceramics and glass industries. 

Welding Product Showcase

With its defined heat input, microMIG from SKS Welding Systems reduces distortion significantly: with MAG processes, it is higher by 35 percent to 50 percent.
A technical catalog of welding technologies that can increase welder productivity, reduce operating costs and improve part quality.

Robotic Integration

Robots enhance the productivity of machine shops and the large departments alike, because they can be programmed to do a lot or a little. The key is to keep them busy – and the CNC can help you think ahead in that mode.
CNC allows the full and scalable integration of a robot into any machining operation, allowing shops and large production departments alike to do so much more.

Updated QUICK-STEP System to Result in Uniform Finishes with Every Usage

Walter Quick-Step in action
Walter Surface Technologies significantly upgraded its QUICK-STEP Line of Surface Finishing and Polishing Products for 2014

Back to Basics: How Air Gaging Works

Air gaging technology is continually improving as computer technology continues to evolve.  These systems can range from simple desktop readouts to full SPC computers with contour scanning capabilities.  As manufacturing requirements continue to become more complex, air gaging technology evolves to meet the demand.  For these reasons, air gaging will remain a viable measuring solution for generations to come.
Air gaging technology has its roots back over 70 years and is today a viable and highly reliable method for many applications in industries where a high volume of parts is produced or where the precision of hard-to-access dimensions makes other measuring techniques impossible.

Maintenance Product Showcase

The FANUC 30i/31i/32i-MODEL B CNC offers innovative CNC predictive and preventative maintenance tools for motors and fans that allow a shop maintenance staff to pre-plan servicing of a machine during scheduled downtime rather than when a machine has failed. 
Some of the latest maintenance tools, equipment and software that will improve the backbone of any metal fabrication shop.

Safety Profiles

Detailed information about specific companies, their products, and product applications.

Conveyor Technology for Material Handling Builders, System Integrators, Users

Siemens brings a full complement of solutions and services with its value proposition to the 
North American conveyor sector of the material handling industry.  
Siemens Industry offers an integrated drive system with Siemens motion control and drives products, along with communication protocols, that spans the range of drives, motors, gear motors and automation technology, plus machine safety, power supply and circuit protection.
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