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Electric Press Brake Efficiently Forms Parts at High Bending Speeds

In addition to the fast acting ram and higher bending force, the Dyna-Press 40/15 Plus from LVD Strippit, provides impressive production capabilities with extremely consistent repeatability and accuracy, as well as the flexibility to handle a broader range of parts through a precision four-axis back gauge.

Power Management Technology Eliminates Problems Caused by Dirty Power

Dirty power can impact weld quality in many ways. Here is one way to help avoid the problems caused by dirty power and improve productivity, efficiency and weld quality.

Complete Digital Factory Integration and the Industrial Internet of Things

A collaboration among Mazak, Memex and Cisco, utilizing the MTConnect standard, makes groundbreaking progress toward the total digital integration of factories, where access to real-time manufacturing data is used to improve overall productivity efficiency and responsiveness to customer and market changes.

Cut-Off Wheel for Fast and Cool Cutting of All Metals

Built with a 0.045 in cutting edge, VERSA-CUT from Rex-Cut, can be used in almost any cutting application and provide the cutting speed of a thin wheel while maintaining the longevity of thicker options.

Advanced Micro-Hardness Testing

The Wilson VH1102 and VH1202 introduced by Buehler offer a flexible, cost-efficient and reliable solution for Knoop and Vickers micro-hardness testing without any user intervention with high precision and repeatability within a minimum of time.

Portable Electric Dust Collector for Small Shops

Marco announces the release of the Dustmaster 6,000 CFM Electric Dust Collector, it features a reverse incline blade fan that is matched with a 15 horsepower Baldor electric motor.

Machine Safety for Pneumatics

AVENTICS machine safety brochure R499051208, covers topics such as: international directives and standards, hazards vs. risks, risk assessment, estimating performance level, implementing safety functions, diagnostic coverage and common causes of failure.

Suction Cups for Handling Oily Sheet Metal

Piab has expanded their DURAFLEX line of friction cups, the new range keeps every sheet safe, six new cups keep a tight hold on extra thin and shaped sheet metal at higher stroke rates.