Environmental Health & Safety

Electronic and non-electronic machine guarding systems related to the operation of metal forming and fabricating machinery, welding systems and metal cutting equipment. Also personal protective equipment (PPE), air handling systems, scrap and waste disposal systems, reporting systems and other devices and techniques used for OSHA and EPA regulatory compliance.

Using AI in Smart Robotic Palletizing Operations

Yaskawa Motoman robots peform logistics that were not practical or could not previously provide a suitable ROI for part induction, bin picking, kitting, and random and unstructured depalletizing.
Body Protection

Hidden Danger: Laundered Shop Towels

Millions of workers may be exposed to potentially harmful metals by using laundered shop towels that retain measurable levels of metals after commercial laundering.
Dust Filtration Systems

Media Mist Collection for Metalworking

The SHM SmogHog Media Mist Collector from CLARCOR Industrial Air uses a three-stage filtration process that progressively reduces the mist concentration, resulting in greater than 99 percent particle removal efficiency.
Eye and Face Protection

How to Identify Safe and Effective Emergency Eyewash — and the Hidden Dangers to Avoid

While the FDA states that ophthalmic drug products should be sterile, ANSI does not require that emergency eyewash solution or its delivery mechanism be sterile. Yet the dangers of administering non-sterile eyewash can have profoundly negative impacts on injured individuals, as well as their employers.
Head Protection

Zero Injuries: How Safety and Productivity Find Common Ground

TO meet the ANSI 87.1 regulation for shops regarding PPE compliance around eye, face and head protection, here are some ways on to ensure there is no compromise of workplace safety or productivity in eliminating PPE gaps in safety.
Hearing Protection

Hearing Conservation: Fit Testing for Heavy Fabrication

Fit testing advances hearing protection at the steel mill: even the best earplugs won’t work — if they’re not properly worn.
Machine Safeguarding

Safeguarding the Shop: Piping Job Shops for Oxy-fuel Efficiency, Safety and Performance

Ensuring optimal oxy-fuel operations safety and performance is dependent on proper equipment selection and adherence to sound practices.
Regulatory Compliance

The Brave New World of Obamacare

In the midst of a U.S. manufacturing renaissance, the disastrous rollout of Obamacare could put a crimp on manufacturers – particularly small shops. Of the nearly 11,000 pages (and counting) of new regulations imposed by this new law, no one really understands the full impact that lies ahead, what new regulations will be added, or how other arcane portions of the law will be changed in the future. Here is a general review of what we do know so far. 
Environmental Health & Safety: Products

Guard Rails for Impact Protection

Wilgard XT Guard Rail from Wildeck is manufactured in the U.S. and features strong, durable construction that can withstand an impact from a 13,000 lb load traveling at 4 mph. (the highest impact rating available for a 10 ft rail section).
The new Wilgard XT, MT and LT guard rail systems from Wildeck allow shops to choose the level of impact protection they may need for different areas in their facility.

High Efficiency Dust Collector for Metal Grinding

Ideal for metal grinding applications, highly efficient Whirl Wet Dust Collectors from Tri-Mer combine exceptionally can be installed virtually anywhere inside a plant without explosion suppression. Energy generated inside the unit does not allow the system to clog under any operating conditions, eliminating agglomeration and sticky residues that plug baghouses.
Ideal for metal grinding applications, Whirl Wet Dust Collectors from Tri-Mer combine exceptionally high efficiencies with the ability to install virtually anywhere in a plant environment without explosion suppression. 

Curtains for Machine Guarding

Booth S-2117: Strong stainless steel mesh safety curtains from North American Safety Products can be added to any REAR-GUARD product to maintain flow-through ventilation and visibility for monitoring operations while capturing flying debris and preventing hands, fingers and other objects from entering the guarded area.
Expandable REAR-GUARD perimeter guarding from North American Safety Products provides ideal barriers for welding and machine tool operations.