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The Toyotetsu America metal stamping plant in Kentucky saves $700,000 annually from 330 welding stations that utilize a new closed-system air filtration system from Clean Air America that reduces heating and air conditioning costs.


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Miniature Model Demonstrates Dust Collector Capabilities

The dollhouse-sized dust collector is a remarkably faithful replica of the real Farr Gold Series® dust and fume collector, both visually and functionally
Camfil Air Pollution Control's miniature model provides a compact way to transport, display and demonstrate the shop capabilities of the Farr Gold Series® dust and fume collector.

Revolutionary Respirator Improves Worker Compliance

The intuitive design of the strap allows users to fine-tune the fit for optimal comfort, regardless of the respirator’s position on the face and cheeks. This variable positioning for any face size is made possible by PeakFit’s internal cushion. Made with soft, closed-cell foam, the cushion conforms to the user’s face, creating a close but comfortable seal.
The PeakFit® N95 from Gateway Safety is a NIOSH-approved N95 air-purifying respirator with special comfort options that mean shop workers are more likely wear the respirator and keep it on.

Next Generation Dust Monitor

The CEL-712 Microdust Pro monitor, a small, rugged, hand-held instrument that measures concentrations of inhalable powders in real-time for display on its high-contrast color LCD.
The CEL-712 Microdust Pro from Casella CEL sets a higher standard for accuracy and ease-of-use when performing continuous evaluation of risk exposure inside fast-changing job shop environments.