Dust Filtration Systems

Media Mist Collection for Metalworking

The SHM SmogHog Media Mist Collector from CLARCOR Industrial Air uses a three-stage filtration process that progressively reduces the mist concentration, resulting in greater than 99 percent particle removal efficiency.
Dust Filtration Systems: Articles

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Dust Filtration Systems: Industry News


The Toyotetsu America metal stamping plant in Kentucky saves $700,000 annually from 330 welding stations that utilize a new closed-system air filtration system from Clean Air America that reduces heating and air conditioning costs.


Dust Filtration Systems: Products

High Efficiency Dust Collector for Metal Grinding

Ideal for metal grinding applications, Whirl Wet Dust Collectors from Tri-Mer combine exceptionally high efficiencies with the ability to install virtually anywhere in a plant environment without explosion suppression. 

Miniature Model Demonstrates Dust Collector Capabilities

Camfil Air Pollution Control's miniature model provides a compact way to transport, display and demonstrate the shop capabilities of the Farr Gold Series® dust and fume collector.

Revolutionary Respirator Improves Worker Compliance

The PeakFit® N95 from Gateway Safety is a NIOSH-approved N95 air-purifying respirator with special comfort options that mean shop workers are more likely wear the respirator and keep it on.

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