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How to Identify Safe and Effective Emergency Eyewash — and the Hidden Dangers to Avoid

While the FDA states that ophthalmic drug products should be sterile, ANSI does not require that emergency eyewash solution or its delivery mechanism be sterile. Yet the dangers of administering non-sterile eyewash can have profoundly negative impacts on injured individuals, as well as their employers.
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Zero Injuries: How Safety and Productivity Find Common Ground

Eye, face and head protection measures must be consistent and systematic to minimize safety gaps. Hardhat systems that allow for the quick insertion or release of a welding helmet or face shield, depending on the work task or process involved, without workers ever having to expose their eyes, face or head to danger by removing their hardhat.
TO meet the ANSI 87.1 regulation for shops regarding PPE compliance around eye, face and head protection, here are some ways on to ensure there is no compromise of workplace safety or productivity in eliminating PPE gaps in safety.


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Magid Wins Awards

They receive the ASSE Safety Attendee Choice, the ISHN Reader’s Choice, and the IEDA award from the Illinois Chamber of Commerce. 

Honeywell Safety Video Wins Award

Scott Maiocchi and the team of advertising agency (add)ventures, which created the video that has become the centerpiece of a marketing and sales campaign targeting distributors and safety managers.
The Uvex Turboshield video used a slow motion technique with editing that emphasizes the intensity of industrial environments.


Will You Survive the ‘Daily Grind’? How familiar are you with abrasive wheel grinders and their safe operation? Take this quiz from MANCOMM and find out.


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FABTECH 2016: Forming & Fabricating (Part Three)

Booth C-22105: The Delta Rotary Shear from Delta Steel Technologies retrofits into new or existing lines and cuts the plate, regardless of the thickness or yield, at maximum line speed.
Take a closer look at some of the metal forming and fabrication technologies that will be exhibited November 16-18 on the show floor in Las Vegas.

Splash Goggle/Face Shield Combo Does Not Fog

Booth C-52099: The Vader Combo from Brass Knuckle is a splash goggle with integral face shield that combines full-face impact and wetness protection with anti-fog properties.
The Vader Combo vented splash goggle with integral face shield from Brass Knuckle is ideal for jobs with extreme temperature fluctuations or wet, moist conditions.

Watch What You Wear

Conqueror® MAG from Gateway Safety is bifocal safety eyewear that is ideal product for those who have trouble focusing on small things close up, such as blueprints and schematics, small parts, machine tool equipment settings, cutting tools and more.
Studies show that only 60 percent of the 20 million employees required to wear eye and face protection actually comply. The consequence to this is an increase in eye injuries and their associated human and economic costs. Here is some of the newest PPE available to address this lack of protection.