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HFT Wins Welding Supplier Award

HFT has been awarded  ‘Best New Welding Product Supplier' presented to them by AWD at a gala dinner, held at the Hilton Metropole Birmingham UK.
They are chosen ‘Best New Welding Product Supplier' by AWD.

Light Curtain Systems Provide Efficient Safety Solutions

New technologies designed for lean manufacturing practices


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Machine Guarding Systems for Robotic Welding Cells and More

Booth W-1348: Strong, reliable and extremely versatile Machine Guarding barriers from WireCrafters are an economical way to effectively protect personnel from dangers posed by automated equipment. Their crimped and woven wire mesh construction is resilient, resists dings, retains its shape and appearance, and allows easy integration of access doors or material-handling openings with system controls.
Machine Guarding Systems from WireCrafters are strong, reliable, and versatile physical barriers that easily integrate access doors or openings for material handling with system controls.

Guard Rails for Impact Protection

Wilgard XT Guard Rail from Wildeck is manufactured in the U.S. and features strong, durable construction that can withstand an impact from a 13,000 lb load traveling at 4 mph. (the highest impact rating available for a 10 ft rail section).
The new Wilgard XT, MT and LT guard rail systems from Wildeck allow shops to choose the level of impact protection they may need for different areas in their facility.