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Corporate Profile: Tapeswitch Corporation

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An overview of the company and its organization, products, services and capabilities.


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Advanced Machine Guarding and Power Isolation

The AIE is a double key, stainless steel, access interlock with power safe electrical switch for isolation or switching of low current.
Trapped key interlocks for power isolation from Tapeswitch are configured for machine guarding and lock-out on hinged and sliding doors, gates and fences.

Fail-Safe: Making Automated Metal Fabrication and Welding Safer

Eden is a non-contact safety sensor used on interlocked gates and hatches for non-magnetic, non-contact closure safety that has built in diagnostics and quick disconnect.  The maximum sensing distance is 15 mm ± 2 mm. Up to 30 Eden sensors can be connected in series to achieve the same safety level in the safety circuit. It is also possible to connect safety light beams and E-stops in the same safety circuit.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
These innovative electronic safety components and mechanical interlock switches from ABB Jokab Safety make automated metal fabrication and welding operations safer while maintaining optimal productivity.


This brave new world of integrated machine safeguards can make your operations more safe ? and more competitive.