Machine Safeguarding

Reduce the Risk

The Smart Factory reduces insurance costs and increases productivity and profitability by investing in new systems with advanced technology to protect both workers and equipment. Here are some of the latest advances in protective equipment, safety automation and services, and more that can help make your shop become a safer workplace.
Machine Safeguarding: Articles

Safeguarding the Shop: Piping Job Shops for Oxy-fuel Efficiency, Safety and Performance

Ensuring optimal oxy-fuel operations safety and performance is dependent on proper equipment selection and adherence to sound practices.


Machine Safeguarding: Industry News

The Human Capital of Machine Safety

Rockford Systems underscores the human element of machine safety while improving the bottom line by increasing compliance, reducing risk, lowering costs and improving productivity.

Rockford Systems Joins National Safety Council

They want to better educate manufacturers to the dangers of unguarded machinery and help to curb serious injuries and reduce lost productivity.

Rockford Systems Becomes Supplier Member of RIA

Machine guarding plays an increasing role in protecting operators of robotic welding, assembly, CNC and metal cutting equipment.


Machine Safeguarding: Products

Hollow-Shaft Encoders Provide Functional Machine Safety

Ideal for quick machine shut-off in dangerous situations, ECN/EQN/ERN 400 connection encoders from Heidenhain use a new shaft coupling for mechanical fault exclusion when connecting to the user’s machine shaft.

Retractable Barriers Offer Full Protection, Flexible Access

The GuardRite Retractable Barrier System from Rite-Hite is ideal for wide loading, flatbed and finger docks, and protecting sensitive internal equipment installations and pedestrian areas from forklift impact in steel and automotive industry applications.

Automated Barrier Panel for Robotic Welding Cells

An alternative to light curtains or area scanners, the Vertiguard Automated Barrier Panel from Rite-Hite Machine Guarding is ideal for small interaction points with single or double robotic cells, part assembly, and conveyor openings.