Machine Safeguarding

Safeguarding the Shop: Piping Job Shops for Oxy-fuel Efficiency, Safety and Performance

Ensuring optimal oxy-fuel operations safety and performance is dependent on proper equipment selection and adherence to sound practices.
Machine Safeguarding: Articles

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Machine Safeguarding: Industry News

Rockford Systems Hires New VP of Marketing

Carrie Halle, Rockford SystemsHer major function and focus is to spearhead and support strategic sales and marketing activities, and implement programs that will present a unified brand identify for the company.
Carrie Halle is now responsible for strategic marketing and brand management.

Rockford Systems Names New VP of Sales

Matt Brenner is responsible for continuing sales growth in the company.

Rockford Systems Appoints New CEO

Joe Nitiss will lead their growth through new products and services for machine safeguarding.


Machine Safeguarding: Products

Machine Safety for Pneumatics

The 48-page guide covers topics such as international directives and standards, hazards vs. risks, risk assessment, estimating performance level, implementing safety functions, diagnostic coverage, common causes of failure (CCF) and sharing of AVENTICS expertise and sample circuits in areas such as fieldbus, air preparation and safety valves, plus locking and braking of equipment. 
This machine safety brochure from AVENTICS explains directives and standards for safety-related pneumatics through product applications and circuit diagrams.

Curtains for Machine Guarding

Booth S-2117: Strong stainless steel mesh safety curtains from North American Safety Products can be added to any REAR-GUARD product to maintain flow-through ventilation and visibility for monitoring operations while capturing flying debris and preventing hands, fingers and other objects from entering the guarded area.
Expandable REAR-GUARD perimeter guarding from North American Safety Products provides ideal barriers for welding and machine tool operations.

Machine Guarding Systems for Welding Cells

Strong, reliable and extremely versatile MachineGuard barriers from WireCrafters are an effective and economical way to protect personnel and machinery from the dangers posed by automated equipment. These barriers, which are always on duty, unaffected by power outages or electrical problems, allow easy integration of access doors or material-handling openings with system controls.
WireCrafters offers their Machine Guarding Systems for robotic welding cells and around machinery where employee safety and protecting critical equipment is key.