Machine Safeguarding

Safeguarding the Shop: Piping Job Shops for Oxy-fuel Efficiency, Safety and Performance

Ensuring optimal oxy-fuel operations safety and performance is dependent on proper equipment selection and adherence to sound practices.
Machine Safeguarding: Articles

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Machine Safeguarding: Industry News

SICK Hires Safety Applications Specialist

Chris Soranno will be involved in designing machine safety systems, performing safeguarding assessments and implementing risk reduction techniques.
Chris Soranno will perform risk assessments, review safety applications and recommend safety solutions.

Machine Safety Management wins ASSE Award

The Award for Innovation in Occupational Safety Management recognizes their software solution for machine safety.

Omron Welcomes New President

Robert (Robb) M. Black, Omron Automation and Safety “I am very excited to be joining a company with such a rich history of innovation and passion for serving the needs of society, and I look forward to leading us to the next level. We are already well positioned as an automation leader, and we continue to forge deeper customer relationships in markets where automation makes a significant, sustainable impact such as digital, automotive and packaging, among others.”
Robert M. Black takes over their Automation and Safety business in the Americas.


Machine Safeguarding: Products

Safeguarding the Shop

ABB Jokab Safety provides complete protection solutions, from individual safety components to safety PLC controlled custom processes to complete machine safety systems that protect machine operators, staff and equipment while meeting standards and regulations. (second view)
A review of some of the latest machine safeguarding devices and related shop safety systems designed for protection of both employees and equipment in the workplace.

Open Gate Alarm System Reduces Accidents

The EdgeAlert alarm is easy to operate and can be installed on new or existing swing gates, slide gates, tilt gates or scissor gates.  It includes a 120 VAC plug-in power supply and can also be powered by four long-life alkaline “D” cell batteries.  A Single-Pole, Single-Throw 30V, 2A, 60W Relay Output is provided to connect to other alarms or safety controls.  A dual-channel processor system is self-monitoring and will display a “fault” signal if a sensor or wiring problem is detected.   
This patent-pending safety device from Wildeck helps reduce accidents and OSHA violations by warning workers when elevated mezzanine platform gates are inadvertently left open.

Programmable Control Unit Bridges Gap Between Safety Relays and PLCs For Machine Tools

The  Programmable  Control Unit from Tapeswitch Corporation is a versatile and cost effective solution to bridge the gap in between traditional safety relays and PLC systems.