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Programmable Control Unit Bridges Gap Between Safety Relays and PLCs For Machine Tools

This PCU/1 main control unit is modular and can accept a total of 14 expansion modules, creating a  system that can have up to 128 inputs, 16 dual channel safety outputs, and 16 status outputs to handle your machine safety configurations, devices, and networks. There is also an integrated PCU/1 main unit with PCUEU/1 expansion unit for  additional multiple safety  fail–safe  devices. 
The  Programmable  Control Unit from Tapeswitch Corporation is a versatile and cost effective solution to bridge the gap in between traditional safety relays and PLC systems.

Danray’s Steel Lathe Chuck Shields are OSHA and ANSI Compliant

These heavy-duty 12-gauge steel lathe chuck shields provide a safeguard between individuals and point-of-operation or rotating hazards and protect individuals from flying chips, sparks, coolant, lubricant, and other particles.
Danray Products offers 52 in and 62 in steel lathe chuck shields for lathes or similar machines.