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Omron Chief Expands Executive Roles

Nigel Blakeway "The key to our future success in the Americas, where the Industrial Automation business can grow to 50 percent of corporate revenue, is our drive to diversify our customer base, support regional differences in product, and application of expertise in local machinery design conventions."
Omron chairman and chief executive Nigel Blakeway adds the role of chief executive officer of Omron Electronics to guide sales activity in the Americas, the region of steadiest growth for the flagship industrial automation business unit that contributes 38 percent in annual sales. 


Presence Sensing Devices: Products

SICK Safety Laser Scanner Receives Red Dot Award

The microScan3 safety laser scanner provides reliable protection for hazardous areas. Its innovative safeHDDM scan technology combines a compact design and a wide sensing range in one device. Even in dusty environments and with ambient light, it is extremely reliable. Thanks to standardized interfaces, its smart connectivity saves costs during cabling. Using the Safety Designer software, the microScan3 can be intuitively configured and is convenient to commission. It also indicates its operational status clearly via the multicolored display.
This international accolade recognizes the outstanding product design quality of the scanner.

Fail-Safe: Making Automated Metal Fabrication and Welding Safer

These innovative electronic safety components and mechanical interlock switches from ABB Jokab Safety make automated metal fabrication and welding operations safer while maintaining optimal productivity.

Safety Systems Safeguard Personnel and Machinery

These engineered switch products from Tapeswitch connect to machinery to safeguard the manufacturing process in accordance with safety standards and protecting assets, areas, personnel, equipment, and machinery.