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Corporate Profile: Tapeswitch Corporation

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An overview of the company and its organization, products, services and capabilities.


Tapeswitch offers a complete product line of safety mats, including abrasion resistant (ControlMatTM)(top), high impact, aluminum plated (Diamond PlateTM)(second from top), anti-fatigue (Comfort ZoneTM)(second from bottom), molded (parallel plate) models, and puncture proof and impact resistant (ArmorMatTM)(bottom). These product lines can also be custom engineered in a variety of sizes, large areas, different shapes, long lengths, various colors, different edges, different lead point connectivity, curves and angles, and cutouts.
These safety systems from Omron STI, Tapeswitch, NoTrax and Pres-On maintain full visibility of and access to the work area while offering freedom, flexibility and reduced operator fatigue when compared with traditional guarding methods such as interlocked fences, pullback restraints or perimeter barriers.


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Safety Systems Safeguard Personnel and Machinery

Puncture proof and impact resistant ArmorMat safety switch mats are ideal for protecting assets and safeguarding areas, personnel, equipment, and machinery.(Click on image to enlarge it)
These engineered switch products from Tapeswitch connect to machinery to safeguard the manufacturing process in accordance with safety standards and protecting assets, areas, personnel, equipment, and machinery.