Tools, actions and systems used to retain and upkeep, repair, overhaul and restore any mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and pneumatic machinery or other devices to a state in which they can perform their required routine functions to a desired specification without becoming out of order, breaking down or failing.  

Take a Virtual Tour of Gilman Precision

Take a ‘walk’ around their shop, learn about their machines and in-house capabilities.
Compressed Air

The Cost, Common Culprits, Detection and Repair of Compressed Air System Leaks

An ongoing leak detection audit and repair program will quickly pay for itself through energy savings (and may even be subsidized by local utility incentive programs). Equally important, you will likely see benefits from reduced downtime and better running production equipment. All of these contribute to a stronger bottom line.
Computerized Maintenance Management Systems

The Maintenance Platform of the Future

For shops that have operated the same way for 50 years and don't really know where to start a predictive maintenance program or where to focus PDM for competitive advantages in the future, Tom Hoenig of GTI Spindle Technology shares some critical insights into starting up and sustaining an effective system using the latest technology and devices.

Clean Grinding Oils Increase Quality, Decrease Cost

This modular micro-filtration system with Vomat FA-series high-performance filter technology is a critical part of any metal processing operation.
Hand Tools

What You Must Know About Preventive Robotic MIG Gun Maintenance

The robotic MIG gun and its consumables are frequently overlooked components in the system, but this maintenance primer from Tregaskiss shows that they are relatively easy to maintain and, by doing so, can positively contribute to the efficiency of the entire welding operation.
Indoor Air Quality

It Only Takes a Spark

Sparks may be unavoidable in your operations, but fires are not. Effective spark arrestance and fire suppressant technologies can dramatically reduce your potential fire risks. Here’s how.
Industrial Cleaning/Waste Removal


Even though a machine tool spindle is a high-precision machine component, more often than not it is handled carelessly, forced to perform well beyond design limitations, or otherwise abused to the breaking point. Ed Zitney of SKF Machine Tool Services shows how proper care and maintenance can make all the difference in both its operation and longevity in service.
Lubricants, Coolants, Metalworking Fluids

Let the Good Parts Roll

Through less downtime replacing fluid, less wear and fewer tool replacements, this breakthrough fluid formulation helps machines produce more parts and generate higher revenue over the life of the equipment.
Machine Tool Repair and Rebuilds

Survival of the Fittest

The rapidly evolving business climate for machine tool retrofitting is impacting production economics and creating retrofit business opportunities in large OEM production departments and job shop machine tool sectors alike.

Rethinking Power Transmission

A new grid is being assembled to transmit power as well as information through the air, without wires. Chris Mims of WSJ examines how this could unlock an age of wonders.
Spindle Repair and Rebuilds

Early Detection of Spindle Problems

Installed in the spindle of the machine tool, the Spindle Assessment Kit from SKF USA validates vibration, thermal behavior, running accuracy, natural frequency and other performance indicators.
Maintenance: Products

Maintenance Showcase

A 10 ton S Series Koolant Kooler chiller from Dimplex Thermal Solutions is ideal for protecting resistance welding systems, laser cutting systems, EDM operations, machine tools and spindles, induction heating systems and more by removing heat from the process fluid, transferring the heat to ambient air or water, and returning cool fluid to the process to begin the cycle again.
Here are some of the latest industrial chillers, cleaners for metal finishing, software, fine filtration and dust collectors to help your shop become more competitive.

Powerful Filtration Technology for Grinding Applications

By easily integrating into any shop’s specific production processes and requirements, Vomat filtration systems from Oelheld can easily be configured to provide for stand-alone or plant-wide applications. 
Vomat systems from Oelheld ensure energy-efficient full flow filtration that separates clean and dirty oil 100 percent when grinding micro to large diameter tools.

Optimize Machining/Grinding Cycles

The PowerReader from GTI Predictive Technology allows a shop to optimize machine cycles in coarse feed rate, grind rate, medium feed rate and dwell time between parts. (first view)
The PowerReader from GTI Predictive Technology allows a shop to add more cycles to their existing machining work flow to make the most out of it, increasing output, saving time and money.