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How to Use Dust Collection to Comply with OSHA’s Beryllium Standard

Job shops and other metalworking facilities affected by this standard must comply with most of the requirements by March 12, 2018 – they have less than two years to provide any required change rooms and showers and three years to implement engineering controls. Here’s why dust, mist and fume collectors are the best strategy to protect workers from the devastating pulmonary diseases associated with beryllium exposure.
Indoor Air Quality: Articles

Millennials in Manufacturing: Recruiting, Retention and the Factory Environment

If you work in a manufacturing environment, chances are when you come to work you see lots of grey hair. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, more than half of skilled manufacturing workers are now 55 and older – and getting closer to retirement every day.

A Look Ahead: Five Air Quality Trends to Watch in 2017 and Beyond

Modern air quality systems are smarter, more efficient and more effective than ever before. If you’re looking into a new air quality system, be sure to consider these future-focused trends.

Keeping the Green in Green Energy Manufacturing

How clean are your manufacturing processes to build clean energy components? Here are some steps that go a long way towards improving the health and safety of workers in the clean energy industry and reducing the environmental impacts of manufacturing clean energy components.

How Clean is Clean Enough? Evaluating Air Quality

Is your shop clean enough to fabricate components for medical devices? A proper diagnosis is necessary to solving an OSHA or FDA particulate problem. But before installing an air quality remedy, it helps to know your current particulate levels, exposure profile and airflow patterns. Let’s take a closer look at this evaluation process.

A Sticky Situation: Four Mistakes in Oil Mist Extraction

Coolants and lubricating fluids are essential to metalworking operations. But if they are allowed to accumulate in the air, they can become a significant health and safety hazard. What can you do to minimize your risks?


Indoor Air Quality: Industry News

JPW Industries Acquired by Gamut Capital Management

As part of this deal, the JPW name, management and all warehouse, parts support, customer service and technical service operations will stay in place.

MacroAir Partners with Don Schumacher Racing

DSR is installing large AirVolution-D line ceiling fans throughout their 145,000 sq ft headquarters and will carry a MacroAir logo on seven entries for the remainder of the 2017 racing season.

Camfil Names Group EVP

Alain Bérard is now the group executive vice president in charge of their Air Pollution Control global business unit.


Indoor Air Quality: Products

Clear the Air

Here are some of the latest advances in indoor air quality that can promote employee safety and comfort, increase shop productivity, and reduce operating expenses.

Ambient Dust Collection Gets Easier

The ductless, ceiling-mounted Vista360 dust collector from RoboVent is an ambient system that uses multiple collectors to create circular air patterns in the facility that continually pull contaminated air into the filtration unit and push clean, filtered air back into the shop.

Automated Climate Control System for Large Diameter Fans

The AirEffect climate control system from MacroAir measures temperature and humidity at two points, calculates the heat index and identifies the best operating speed and direction for each fan.

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