Indoor Air Quality

How HVLS Fans and Curtain Walls Improve Indoor Air Quality

The containment of dust and other air particulates generated by cutting, grinding and welding is one of the biggest quality and safety challenges in the metalworking industry. Problems caused by in-plant dust/particulates are a dangerous issue to ignore, so here are two cost effective ways to address them.
Indoor Air Quality: Articles

Ultrasonic Cleaning 101

The white paper "Get To Know Ultrasonic Cleaners” is a comprehensive guide that explains technical concepts using charts, video and photographs that give insight into how ultrasonic cleaning works, its effectiveness, and benefits. Included topics cover the ultrasonic process, transducers and generators, cleaning procedures and solutions, types of contaminants, design considerations, types of cleaning units, and more.
As the proven advantages of ultrasonic cleaning grow, especially for 3D printed parts, this white paper from Omegasonics becomes a valuable tool for shops wanting to understand the technology and how it works.

The Need to Scrub

Ideal for cutting, deburring, grinding and finishing applications on aluminum, titanium and magnesium, the Uni-Wash patented 5-stage scrub shown here is accomplished with a simple, powerful, 304 stainless steel scrub assembly that yields a dust collection efficiency of 95 percent down to 3 micron particles.
As the use of aluminum, titanium and other exotic materials increases in everything from aerospace components to golf clubs, metal fabrication processes are creating more combustible dust than ever before that must somehow be rendered inert.

Ignored No More

One example of wet dust collection technology is the Type N RotoClone that cleans the air by the combined action of centrifugal force and a thorough intermixing of water and dust-laden air. Its unique airfoil design impeller provides the complete scrubbing necessary to precipitate fine particles and maximize the cleaning effect of the energy used. The Type N combines high efficiency, low maintenance costs, low water usage and flexibility into a single rugged, well proven piece of equipment. (First view)
Here are the reasons why wet dust collectors are a safe and economical solution for manufacturing operations to use in preventing industrial dust explosions. 

Breakthrough in Industrial Air Recyling

DuroPure is the world’s first indoor air filtration system that completely recycles air without the need to exhaust contaminants to the outside environment.
Do you work with oversized work pieces? Space limitations? Material handling issues? Intermittent needs? Mobility? DuroPure from Duroair Technologies is an innovative, compliant solution to purify the shop air surrounding your employees.

Advanced Source Capture Technology Creates Larger Area for Weld Fume Capture

Advancements in source capture technology help to minimize operator interaction with the fume extraction arm and improve safety on long weldments by increasing the fume extraction area to a greater width and distance — up to  3 ft wide and 5 ft away. 
Employing source capture in the welding operation helps maintain compliance with regulations, avoid potential fines and create a safe and comfortable work environment. Because selecting the appropriate type of system for a given welding operation can be more difficult, here are some factors to consider in terms of cost, space requirements and the actual welding application.


Indoor Air Quality: Industry News

MacroAir Has New President

Barry Warner, MacroAir “We are a company built on innovation, family values and people who want to serve and support their customers. We are growing rapidly; our products are unequalled in the market and we expect great things to continue in our future. It is a privilege to assume the role of president at this exciting time in our history.”
Barry Warner will provide strategic leadership in operations management and growing their distributor network.

CLARCOR Industrial Air Launches New Website

The interactive website provides shops with industry applications and technical knowledge to innovative products and current regulatory information so they can learn more about the challenges they face and how similar issues were solved in other shops.
To interactive site combines products, solutions, industry knowledge and application insight into specific filtration needs.

Camfil APC Names Global EVP

Christian Debus brings a strong manufacturing leadership record  to his new role as executive vice president in charge of worldwide operations. He will be located at the Camfil APC parent office in Tuttlingen, Germany.
Christian Debus is their new executive vice president for worldwide operations.


Indoor Air Quality: Products

Revolutionary Air Filtration System

Intellivent General Ventilation Manual Clean (GVMC) Dust Collectors from IVEC Systems maximize energy efficiency for a wide array of industrial applications by providing clean air with the lowest overall cost of ownership. 
IVEC Systems launches its new line of Intellivent dust collectors, equipment that is powered by IVEC intelligent controls to provide clean air at the lowest overall cost of ownership.

Superior Indoor Air Quality

View S-4088: The OptiFlo RC cartridge collector from AAF features a quick seal hinged door for faster filter change outs and a patent pending active mandrel design that creates a winning balance of innovation and efficiency, resulting in lower operating costs, reduced maintenance and increased filtration performance.
AAF International introduces new REDFiltration dust collection solutions for a variety of applications, including the OptiFlo RC cartridge collector; the RotoClone DownVent wet dust collector; a portable and efficient Weld Fume Extractor; and the FabriPulse Fusion, the future of fabric filtration.

Cartridge Collector Reduces Maintenance and Lowers Operating Costs

The OptiFlo® RC cartridge collector from AAF creates a winning balance of innovation that results in lower operating costs, reduced maintenance and increased filtration performance. The new design features a quick seal door for faster filter change outs and a patent pending active mandrel design for improved pulse cleaning. 
The OptiFlo® RC cartridge collector from AAF is ideal for metalworking applications where it can be used for processes such as thermal spraying and metal grinding.