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Breakthrough in Industrial Air Recyling

Do you work with oversized work pieces? Space limitations? Material handling issues? Intermittent needs? Mobility? DuroPure from Duroair Technologies is an innovative, compliant solution to purify the shop air surrounding your employees.
Indoor Air Quality: Articles

Advanced Source Capture Technology Creates Larger Area for Weld Fume Capture

Advancements in source capture technology help to minimize operator interaction with the fume extraction arm and improve safety on long weldments by increasing the fume extraction area to a greater width and distance — up to  3 ft wide and 5 ft away. 
Employing source capture in the welding operation helps maintain compliance with regulations, avoid potential fines and create a safe and comfortable work environment. Because selecting the appropriate type of system for a given welding operation can be more difficult, here are some factors to consider in terms of cost, space requirements and the actual welding application.

Back to Basics: Welding Fume Safety

In the majority of welding processes the filler metal is the main source of fume creation. The base metal is less significant unless it contains volatile elements or coatings that aren’t removed before welding. 
Though the potential health problems from welding fume exposure can be significant, there are many and varied ways to reduce that risk to almost zero. 

How to Choose a Dust and Fume Collector

The best control systems monitor the collector’s performance continuously including the blower and the filter differential pressure; have built-in diagnostic features; and track maintenance history to help maintenance and engineering staff create a safer environment and maximize a collector’s performance.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
Because it can be difficult to properly evaluate the capabilities of a dust collection system, RoboVent recommends five things you should know to avoid getting burned when buying industrial ventilation equipment.


Edward Zitney, Jr.SKF Machine Tool Services “A typical vertical machining center features a main housing to fit the spindle cartridge. This housing should be scrutinized regularly for signs of trouble. The inner diameter should be clean without signs of scoring or serious wear and the faces should not exhibit damage, nicks, or dings. Also, the main housing to the machine should always be properly aligned; otherwise, spindle problems attributed to misalignment could develop.”
Even though a machine tool spindle is a high-precision machine component, more often than not it is handled carelessly, forced to perform well beyond design limitations, or otherwise abused to the breaking point. Ed Zitney of SKF Machine Tool Services shows how proper care and maintenance can make all the difference in both its operation and longevity in service.


Indoor Air Quality: Industry News

Camfil APC Adds to Sales Management

John Dauber, who joined the company in 1998 and most recently headed up the U.S./Canada sales team, is taking on the role of Handte product manager for the Americas.
John Dauber, Matt Caulfield, Rick Kreczmer and Greg Schreier have been promoted.

New VP at Camfil APC

Thomas (Tomm) Frungillo, the new vice president of Camfil APC Americas, has more than 20 years of experience in the dust collection and air filtration industries.
Tomm Frungillo assumes responsibility for U.S. manufacturing and sales in North and South America.

Senior Management Change at Camfil APC

Alan O'Connell has been appointed as the global EVP of Camfil APC.
Alan O’Connell has been appointed the executive vice president in charge of worldwide operations.


Indoor Air Quality: Products

Indoor Air Quality

Farr Gold Series® cartridge dust and fume collectors from Camfil Air Pollution Control offer improved filter access door hardware and an improved filter clamping system. 
A shop with good quality air is a more productive and healthy workplace. Here is some equipment that can help ensure your shop has cleaner air.

New Welding Fume Extraction Technology

The KEMPER CleanAir Tower provides effective protection from fine dust. The purified air remains in the room.
KEMPER offers shops unprecendented weld fume extraction technology in the SmartMaster or MaxiFil Clean mobile devices and the CleanAirTower air-cleaner.

Downdraft Table System Reduces Operation and Maintenance Costs

The DT-3000V2 helps reduce operating and maintenance costs with its Vibra-Pulse® filter cleaning system.
The DT-3000V2 from Airflow Systems provides high-efficiency collection of powder, dust, fumes, smoke, and other contaminants while protecting shop personnel and property.