Indoor Air Quality

Automating the Factory Environment

Imagine whole-plant environmental automation data feeding smart control systems in your shop that respond in real time and learn over time to anticipate and respond to the needs of the humans in your shop – perhaps even better than the humans can. It’s time to start thinking about your environmental systems in a whole new way – or maybe stop thinking about them at all. After all, they’ll soon be able to take care of themselves. 
Indoor Air Quality: Articles

It Only Takes a Spark

The dust and fumes produced by welding and metal cutting processes are often highly combustible. The particulate gathered in a typical dust collector, combined with the filter media itself, can form a perfect fuel source. 
Sparks may be unavoidable in your operations, but fires are not. Effective spark arrestance and fire suppressant technologies can dramatically reduce your potential fire risks. Here’s how.

Is Source Capture Enough? Looking at Ambient Options

Ambient systems clean the air for the entire facility and capture weld smoke that source capture methods may miss. 
You already have source capture systems in place for your welding operations. Do you also need an ambient air quality system? If your air isn’t as clean as it should be, you might want to consider it. 

Clean Air, Productivity and the Bottom Line

Poor indoor air quality saps worker productivity and makes it harder to recruit and retain good employees. Increasingly, work environment – including air quality – plays a large role in job decisions for skilled workers. Younger workers tend to be more educated about the potential impact of welding fumes and other contaminants on their health. They also want to work in environments that are pleasant and comfortable. As a result, fewer young workers are choosing manufacturing as an occupation. 
Poor concentration. High error rates. Absenteeism. Do your employees seem to have their heads in the clouds lately? 

How HVLS Fans and Curtain Walls Improve Indoor Air Quality

Flexible, easy-to-install fabric curtain walls effectively separate processing areas from clean/finishing areas. Curtain walls can easily be reconfigured to fit facility layout changes. They are less expensive to install than hard walls and create an enclosure seal just as or even more effective than a hard wall. Standalone, high-speed roll-up doors in the curtain wall allow efficient thoroughfare and minimize time the interior is open to the processing area.
The containment of dust and other air particulates generated by cutting, grinding and welding is one of the biggest quality and safety challenges in the metalworking industry. Problems caused by in-plant dust/particulates are a dangerous issue to ignore, so here are two cost effective ways to address them.

Ultrasonic Cleaning 101

The white paper "Get To Know Ultrasonic Cleaners” is a comprehensive guide that explains technical concepts using charts, video and photographs that give insight into how ultrasonic cleaning works, its effectiveness, and benefits. Included topics cover the ultrasonic process, transducers and generators, cleaning procedures and solutions, types of contaminants, design considerations, types of cleaning units, and more.
As the proven advantages of ultrasonic cleaning grow, especially for 3D printed parts, this white paper from Omegasonics becomes a valuable tool for shops wanting to understand the technology and how it works.


Indoor Air Quality: Industry News

Kemper Reports Increased Sales Profit

KEMPER equipment production in Vreden. Their highly efficient systems can filter ultra-fine dust particles and welding fumes from the air. They build extraction tables for cutting processes, along with occupational safety and air pollution control accessories for metal processing, 
The manufacturer of extraction and filter systems for metal processing reports double-digit increases in sales and revenue.

Camfil Launches New Dust Collection Website

The site showcases their dust, mist and fume collection equipment.

MacroAir Has New President

Barry Warner, MacroAir “We are a company built on innovation, family values and people who want to serve and support their customers. We are growing rapidly; our products are unequalled in the market and we expect great things to continue in our future. It is a privilege to assume the role of president at this exciting time in our history.”
Barry Warner will provide strategic leadership in operations management and growing their distributor network.


Indoor Air Quality: Products

Portable Electric Dust Collector for Small Shops

The Dustmaster 6,000 CFM Electric Dust Collector from Marco, with a two-piece design provides improved transport and gives flexibility on placement on small work sites.
Marco announces the release of the Dustmaster 6,000 CFM Electric Dust Collector, it features a reverse incline blade fan that is matched with a 15 horsepower Baldor electric motor.

Clean Air Gun Reduces Weld Fume and Smoke

Ideal for reducing weld fume and smoke in almost any medium- to heavy-duty solid or flux-cored welding application, the newly redesigned Clean Air Fume Extraction Gun from Bernard is lighter and smaller than many standard fume extraction guns. It uses an easy-to-slide nozzle shroud on the front of the gun that adjusts to one of four fixed positions to optimize weld fume capture, gas flow and weld access. The gun comes in 400 amp, 500 amp and 600 amp models with a 45 deg or 60 deg neck bend to maximize wire feeding. (view one)
Bernard’s redesigned Clean AirFume Extraction Gun has a crush- and snag-resistant vacuum hose that maximizes maneuverability and limits hang-ups on nearby equipment or fixtures.

Air Flow Amplifiers Extract Dust and Fumes with No Moving Parts

Air Flow Amplifiers from Vortec extract smoke and debris to enhance safety, ergonomics and productivity by taking ordinary compressed air and safely amplifying it up to 60-fold with no moving parts in un-ducted applications. With adjustable airflow and output, they can be tailored to the project at hand. With no electrical requirements, they are easily mounted, ducted and moved wherever there is compressed air, quietly operating to meet OSHA noise requirements.
Available in multiple sizes, Vortec Air Flow Amplifiers can easily adapt from extraction and ventilation of fumes and gases to blow-off applications, such as drying of parts, cooling of moldings, castings, and food products.