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Even though a machine tool spindle is a high-precision machine component, more often than not it is handled carelessly, forced to perform well beyond design limitations, or otherwise abused to the breaking point. Ed Zitney of SKF Machine Tool Services shows how proper care and maintenance can make all the difference in both its operation and longevity in service.
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New Online Communications System for CIMCOOL Distributors

CIMCOOL distributors will now have secure access to easy order submission and pricing, personalized order status history and convenient tracking, informative marketing materials, distributor education and news, and up-to-date MSDS and PIF documents.
The system is specifically designed to eliminate the need to request information directly from the company so that distributors can take a more active role in the order management process to reduce errors and increase efficiency.

In Memoriam: Former Owner and President of Unist

Remembering the former owner and president of Unist, Wally Boelkins.

Allor Manufacturing Becomes Distributor for Royal Purple Lubrication in Steel Industry

This partnership distributes proven, super-premium lubricants to the steel industry to provide lower energy costs, reduced down time, improved reliability and increased efficiencies in all areas of the mills.

Bob McKee to Retire from CIMCOOL®, Jack Teat to Assume Presidency

Bob McKee, outgoing president of CIMCOOL
McKee will work closely with his successor, Jack Teat, to assure a seamless leadership transition for this global, legacy business.

Industrial Innovations Relocates to Larger Facility

The 20,000 sq ft new facility accommodates the recent acquisition of Advance Products Corporation’s Automation division, which significantly expands the company’s business.


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Coolants, Lubricants, Metalworking Fluids

Some of the newest metalworking fluids provide up to four to five times longer sump life, up to 40 percent improved tool life, increased productivity, excellent rancidity control and greatly reduced concentrate usage that is operator friendly. (photo courtesy of CIMCOOL)
Take a look at some of the coolant, lubricant, and metalworking fluid technology being used by shops to increase their metalworking productivity, keep their machine tools clean, and reduce their cost of operations.

Cost-Effective Analysis Of Wear Metals In Oils

The GENESIS system swiftly, accurately, and cost-effectively assesses component wear trends by analyzing lubricating oils for the presence of metals and contaminants that may accelerate wear. This early detection allows users to prevent equipment failures and helps optimize maintenance programs.
SPECTRO Analytical Instruments has introduced a condition monitoring system, based on its SPECTRO GENESIS inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer (ICP-OES), that sets new price, performance and productivity standards for condition monitoring laboratories and oil blenders.

Nano-Ceramic Grease Extends Maintenance Intervals, Provides Greater Friction Resistance than Traditional PTFE Greases

DAYLube provides unparalleled friction reduction and wear resistance, making it ideal for a wide range of industrial applications such as the protection of bearings, bushings cables, cams, chains, conveyors, gears, lifters, machine parts, robotics, slides, wear plates and more.
DayLube high performance nano-ceramic grease from Dayton Progress maintains its original viscosity and adhesion even after 100,000 production strokes – significantly extending service intervals for all types of production equipment.