Machine Tool Repair and Rebuilds

How Borescopes Can Help Cut Machine Failure Costs

By using borescopes from PCE Instruments, manufacturers can identify changes indicative of a machine fault and take corrective action prior to critical machine failure.
Machine Tool Repair and Rebuilds: Articles

Survival of the Fittest

The rapidly evolving business climate for machine tool retrofitting is impacting production economics and creating retrofit business opportunities in large OEM production departments and job shop machine tool sectors alike.

The Art of the Machine Tool Rebuild

An advanced CNC retrofit package gives a new lease of life to hob sharpeners by doubling accuracy and immensely increases machine productivity.

Machine Tool Rebuilding Takes Center Stage

Since retrofits, rebuilds or remanufactures typically cost between one-third to two-thirds the price of a new machine, many shops are choosing this route to improve their uptime and availability. Here are some re-cent examples.

Tier 2 Automotive Supplier Retrofits Tailout Feeders for Coil Lines

COE Press Equipment retrofit the equipment to three coil lines feeding 500 ton progressive die presses for ARJ Manufacturing.

Next Generation Machine Condition Monitoring

The latest machine condition monitoring technologies for steel mill suppliers of flat sheet, coil and structural metals can be tailored to monitor critical equipment assets operating in a wide range of harsh functional environments, process parameter changes, variable and low-speed equipment, shock loads and frequent setups. For shops, there is also virus protection for machine tools.


Machine Tool Repair and Rebuilds: Industry News

Fairmont Supply Launches New E-Commerce Website

Users will find it easier to shop and buy specialty products for safety, general industrial, power and hand tools, maintenance operations and more.

Workshops for Warriors Secures Patent for Leveling Machines

Their device quickly levels equipment that is 1/8 in to 12 in off to prevent interference with machine performance.

Renold Gears Appoints New Sales Manager

Jeff Powell is now responsible for sales and support of customers in the U.S. and South America.


Machine Tool Repair and Rebuilds: Products

Servomotors and Drives

New AC servomotor and AC drive systems from HPB Motion Control include a Direct Drive Torque Motor, a permanent magnet Linear Servomotor, and an indexing Rotary Table.

Maximum Speed Without Sacrificing Torque

Direct drive motors from ETEL improve the performance of machining centers, milling/turning machines, rotary tables/milling heads, and multi-spindle and transfer machines.

Magnetic Field Sensor For Space Critical Applications

The flush mounting compact BMF 243 drop-in C-slot sensor for position detection from Balluff offers high performance reserves for cylinders with both weak as well as with strong magnets and offers high repeat accuracy and small hysteresis.