Next Generation OEE: Better Information = Better Shop Floor Control

Too often management invests in wiring machines to a central server for uptime and downtime reporting on the machines. These systems are relatively inexpensive and produce colorful dash boards, but may not reveal the reason for the downtime. Knowing the “who, what, why” is more important than just the “where and when.”  
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The Maintenance Platform of the Future

Here is an iPad Vibration Analyzer being used in a shop in Honduras. Tablet devices and smartphones are clearly marked to be a maintenance platform of the future.
For shops that have operated the same way for 50 years and don't really know where to start a predictive maintenance program or where to focus PDM for competitive advantages in the future, Tom Hoenig of GTI Spindle Technology shares some critical insights into starting up and sustaining an effective system using the latest technology and devices.

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Rotomation Selects CADENAS PARTsolutions to Provide Digital 3D Part Content

Rotomation is upgrading their online part catalog with CADENAS eCATALOGsolutions technology to provide more than 150 native and neutral CAD and graphic formats 150 native and neutral including all major design applications.(Click on photo to enlarge it)
Rotomation's improved user interface streamlines the specification process for design engineers.

New Managing Director at TDM Systems

"I am looking
forward to the new challenge at TDM Systems. One of my goals is to simplify the management of tool data and plant resources. TDM users should not search; they should find. No matter if they need digital data for NC programming, 3D simulation or on the shop floor, everything must be accessible with a few clicks."
-Peter Schneck, managing director, TDM Systems GmbH
Peter Schneck takes the lead at TDM Systems GmbH as an experienced software professional and tool data specialist.


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Connectivity from the Sensor Level to the Business Intelligence Level

In addition to its own factory automation products and technologies, Mitsubishi Electric Automation now offers connections to complementary products from other vendors through the e-F@ctory Alliance Program to increase productivity from the simple device level to the business system level.
The e-F@ctory Alliance Program from Mitsubishi Electric Automation is a third-party referencing program with other automation hardware and software vendors that allows customers to select solutions that best solve their automation challenges. 

FACTIVITY Software Now Offered in Korean

To fulfill their needs, programmers at FACTIVITY changed many of the attributes associated with its shop floor data collection and workforce management interfaces to enable the system to serve additional target languages.
FACTIVITY announced the Korean translation of its Manufacturing Execution System collection software. 

Equipment Monitoring System Readings Made Easy with iPad App

Users can pull up past vibration spectrums, view trend charts, print and email reports, and view a total plant report. 
GTI Predictive Technology recently announced the immediate availability of its Equipment Monitoring System.