Spindle Repair and Rebuilds

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Spindle Repair and Rebuilds: Articles

Early Detection of Spindle Problems

Installed in the spindle of the machine tool, the Spindle Assessment Kit from SKF USA validates vibration, thermal behavior, running accuracy, natural frequency and other performance indicators.

Ball Screw Repair and Rebuild for Machine Tools

SKF introduces repair and rebuild capabilities for ball screws with dedicated service channel and full technical support.

Spindle Repair: The New Way to Save Money

If a spindle on one of your machines fails tomorrow, what’s your backup plan? Can you afford to wait several weeks to receive a new spindle? Spindle repair is another option that many companies are now considering.

Tips to Extend Spindle Life

Ed Zitney, Jr. of SKF Machine Tool Services explores some of the proactive tricks of the trade that can go a long way toward contributing to the health of a spindle.


Even though a machine tool spindle is a high-precision machine component, more often than not it is handled carelessly, forced to perform well beyond design limitations, or otherwise abused to the breaking point. Ed Zitney of SKF Machine Tool Services shows how proper care and maintenance can make all the difference in both its operation and longevity in service.


Spindle Repair and Rebuilds: Industry News

Gilman Precision Hires Application Engineer

Don Hunkel will help customers with customized linear and rotary motion applications.

Fairmont Supply Launches New E-Commerce Website

Users will find it easier to shop and buy specialty products for safety, general industrial, power and hand tools, maintenance operations and more.

Gilman Precision Adds Business Development Specialist

Chris Schmid will foster customer relations in the Midwest U.S. and internationally.


Spindle Repair and Rebuilds: Products

Compact Belt-Driven Spindle Direct Couples with Any Motor

The smaller size of the highly versatile InTronix Spindle from Gilman Precision leaves a smaller footprint that reduces the overall size and weight of any given machine.

Shaft Alignment Tool with App

The Shaft Alignment Tool TKSA 51 from SKF uses a dedicated app downloaded from a tablet or phone to easily set up motors, drives, fans, gearboxes, pulleys, and couplings, regardless of operator experience.

Spindle Cable for Machine Tools Saves Space in the Shop

This single core cable design from igus is an alternative to thick servo cables with larger bend radii that go beyond the permissible space of the machine tool.