Material Handling

Up for Grabs

Guest columnist Dean Dueck of Vidir explains how the rack and pinion drives, simplified controls architecture and ergonomic loading/unloading design of the latest generation of automated vertical lifts for sheet metal storage enable smaller shops to improve safety and minimize downtime.

The Truth About Electric Lift Trucks

Though electric lift trucks are not suitable for every application, economic and environmental changes are advancing their opportunities. This review of those changes analyzes the impact they might have when considering an electric lift truck for your shop.
General Lifts

An Application Guide for Scissor Lifts

To select an appropriate scissor lift for a specific application, here is the basic information that must be considered, including capacity, the nature of the load, the means of loading and unloading, the travel and lowered height, the platform size, speed requirements, power and duty cycle requirements, and more.
Material Handling: Products

Storage and Workspace Solutions for 5S Operations

The heavy duty 4 Drawer Bin Cabinet from Strong Hold Products is the perfect 5S solution for sorting multiple parts. The bin cabinet with drawers is perfect for storing large and small parts and items while maintaining workspace organization. One adjustable 14 ga shelve can hold up to 1,900 lb and four drawers are capable of storing 400 lb each. A total of 112 strong polypropylene bins can be removed for easy access to items, with 96 small bins on the doors and 16 larger bins inside the cabinet.
Ideal for 5S operations in lean manufacturing, this heavy duty, durable 12 ga steel equipment withstands the toughest environments while keeping shop valuables organized and protected.

Innovative Storage Function Breaks the Mold

With 16 drawers that include 100 lb soft close slides, and two that include a second set of slides to support 200 lb, the 46 in Steel Storage Chest and Cabinet from Milwaukee Tool can support a weight capacity of 1,800 lb. Every inch of the space is maximized with features such as a built-in power center for instant access to power and a pull-out work surface for using and storing a laptop or documents.
Built for extreme productivity, the 46 in Steel Storage Chest and Cabinet was designed by Milwaukee Tool with the function, durability and organization options that professional users need every day.

Revolutionary Battery-Operated Lifting Magnet

The BEELift uses a built-in degaussing feature for removing residual magnetism, as well as an option for a hand held wireless remote. The lifter comes in standard sizes of 500 lb, 1,000 lb, and 2,000 lb units.  
The BEELiFT from DocMagnet uses push button technology, anti-demag safety mechanism to prevent accidental release of the load, a lithium-ion battery, external battery charger, low battery alarm, tilt sensors, and an auto-on function for remote operation.