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An Application Guide for Scissor Lifts

To select an appropriate scissor lift for a specific application, here is the basic information that must be considered, including capacity, the nature of the load, the means of loading and unloading, the travel and lowered height, the platform size, speed requirements, power and duty cycle requirements, and more.

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Durable Tool Storage Cabinets Improve Productivity

The drawers in "L" cabinets have a 100 lb capacity and boast 100 percent extension. The sliding system comes with a lifetime warranty. "L" cabinets can also be mobile by adding casters to the bottom and the 6 in models have a 900 lb capacity per caster.
"L" line cabinets from Rousseau Metal are ideal for tool crib, quality inspection, maintenance and many other shop applications. 

Innovative Workspace and Storage Solutions

The durable and ergonomic Arlink® 8000 All-Purpose Workbench offers flexible reconfiguration of bench length, worksurface depth and benchtop height for demanding industrial environments.
Arlink® 8000 Modular Workstations from Lista are available with a supplied conveyor system or easily integrate with an existing conveyor on the shop floor.

IMTS 2014: Industrial Automation North America

Booth E-4746: A compact, self-contained Touch Robot from Force Robots performing delicate airfoil machining. The system requires only 120 VAC and shop air to operate. It consists of a 4-axis material removal arm and a 2-axis part positioner mounted to a 1.2 m x .8 m portable work table. Dividing the system's six degrees of freedom between the two coordinated mechanisms preserves the deft touch of the tool arm while permitting manipulation of heavy castings up to 0.4 m long. 
Here is the place to find solutions for factory, process, and building automation.
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