Material Handling

Gaining a Competitive Position

Integrating material positioners into their operations enables this manufacturer of HVAC products to deliver quick job turnarounds at lower costs.
Below-the-Hook Equipment

Air Powered Vacuum Lifting with 180 Degree Flip

This air powered vacuum lifter with 180 deg flip from Anver enables one person to seamlessly lift, tilt, and flip over long, bulky loads and is ideal for inspecting common sheet metal and heavy plate panels.

The Truth About Electric Lift Trucks

Though electric lift trucks are not suitable for every application, economic and environmental changes are advancing their opportunities. This review of those changes analyzes the impact they might have when considering an electric lift truck for your shop.
General Lifts

An Application Guide for Scissor Lifts

To select an appropriate scissor lift for a specific application, here is the basic information that must be considered, including capacity, the nature of the load, the means of loading and unloading, the travel and lowered height, the platform size, speed requirements, power and duty cycle requirements, and more.
Material Handling: Products

Mobile Tool and Die Cabinets for 5S and Lean Manufacturing

Booth W-2171: The FM-16828 Rolling Tool and Die Cabinet from Strong Hold Products uses locking swivel casters and a push handle for ideal mobility in 5S and lean manufacturing operations. Its 12 ga construction and one-piece body design make it one of the strongest tooling cabinets available. Its three slide-out tooling trays can hold 400 lb each and the door utilizes a 3-point locking mechanism that is securable with a padlock.
As one of the strongest tooling cabinets available, the FM-16828 Rolling Tool and Die Cabinet from Strong Hold Products features a one-piece 12 ga body with locking swivel casters and a push handle for mobility.

Suction Cups for Handling Oily Sheet Metal

Combining the properties of polyurethane with those of rubber, six new friction cups from Piab display exceptional elastic memory and press oil resistance to keep their shape and remain in good working order. The Bellows Flat Friction Thin cups grip extremely thin sheets down to 0.6 mm to 0.8 mm without the risk of denting the delicate surface. The Deep Concave Friction cups provide maximum hold on parts with a concave or convex surface and are ideal for flat metal sheets turned into curved body parts.
Bellows Flat Friction Thin cups and Deep Concave Friction cups from Piab create opportunities for more cost-effective and productive press shop operations by increasing the strokes per minute in stamping, cutting, bending, and punching machines.

Handle Sheet Metal with Care

For ease of use, uncomplicated handling, sturdy construction, high reliability performance, and vast customization capabilities, FIPALIFT Expert tube lifters from FIPA eliminate laborious, accident-prone, and economically inefficient manual handling processes in harsh production environments, even for heavy or awkwardly shaped sheets that require two or more people or expensive robotic lifting equipment. 
FIPALIFT vacuum tube lifters from FIPA allow a single person to safely lift, transport, and precisely position up to 639 lb of structured, smooth, oily, dry, non-magnetic, and even hot sheet metal with minimal physical exertion and without the risk of dents, scratches, or exposure to paint-impairing substances.