Material Handling

Overcoming Obstacles with 3D Vision Technologies

Quickly grabbing and orienting a random part from a bin has never been an easy task for a robot. So it often falls to humans to find and process parts – until now.
Below-the-Hook Equipment

Air Powered Vacuum Lifting with 180 Degree Flip

This air powered vacuum lifter with 180 deg flip from Anver enables one person to seamlessly lift, tilt, and flip over long, bulky loads and is ideal for inspecting common sheet metal and heavy plate panels.

The Truth About Electric Lift Trucks

Though electric lift trucks are not suitable for every application, economic and environmental changes are advancing their opportunities. This review of those changes analyzes the impact they might have when considering an electric lift truck for your shop.
General Lifts

An Application Guide for Scissor Lifts

To select an appropriate scissor lift for a specific application, here is the basic information that must be considered, including capacity, the nature of the load, the means of loading and unloading, the travel and lowered height, the platform size, speed requirements, power and duty cycle requirements, and more.
Other Material Handling Equipment

Reduce the Risk

The Smart Factory reduces insurance costs and increases productivity and profitability by investing in new systems with advanced technology to protect both workers and equipment. Here are some of the latest advances in protective equipment, safety automation and services, and more that can help make your shop become a safer workplace.
Robotics / Automation

Gaining a Competitive Position

Integrating material positioners into their operations enables this manufacturer of HVAC products to deliver quick job turnarounds at lower costs.
Material Handling: Products

Augmented Reality and Extra Layers of Touch and Feel

Pioneering cobots from Universal Robots, working in tandem with the operator, can now integrate interactive augmented reality into labor intensive tasks and improve jobs that are prone to human error.

ProMat | Automate 2017

At McCormick Place in Chicago from April 3-6, these two co-located events will showcase the full spectrum of innovative material handling and automation technologies. Only held once every two years, you don’t want to miss the opportunities on display to help you stay ahead of your competition. This special snapshot of the show provides technical reviews of some of the equipment and technology that will be exhibited to help you navigate the show floor and manage your time while you’re there.

Gold Standard “Drive-Through” Dock Application

The RHV-4100 Vertical-Storing Hydraulic Dock Leveler, the Eclipse NH vertical leveler and the Dok-Lok SHR 5000 locking system from Rite-Hite optimize dock safety, cargo security and cold chain integrity.